Marine Modelling, Models and Craft, Page Two.

  • Ship Model Building
  • Model Ships From Scratch
  • Model Shipwright, number 143
  • List of Working Drawings for Scale Ship Models
  • Model Marine Steam
  • Warships and Warship Modelling
  • The New Period Ship Handbook
  • Small Radio Control Boats
  • Radio Control in Model Boats
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    By Gene Johnson. 1961. Softback, 150mm x 230mm, 300 pages, Black & White Images, Line Drawings and plans. 0.53kg
    This is an enlarged edition of a work that has been accepted as the most complete exposition of model shipbuilding. The late Gene Johnson made this book unusual by its attention to minute and authentic detail. He supplied every needed diagram, more than a thousand, to supplement know-how, and covered all possible pitfalls.

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    By Scott Robertson. 2000. Softback, 210mm x 300mm, 149 pages, Black & White Images, Line Drawings and plans. 0.51kg
    The book starts by explaining hull lines and hull construction methods, then moves on to masts, yards, booms and gaffs, deck equipment and furniture, anchors, rigging and blocks, armament and simple sail making. Finally instruction is given to painting, mounting and displaying the models. The author's text is packed with useful hints and tips derived from his lifetime of modelling which, together with the large number of detailed drawings and photographs depicting many of the ship models in his collection, some showing useful close-ups on details and fittings, provides a very practical guide to the art and craft of model ship building.

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    By Number 143. 2008. Softback, 183mm x 242mm, 72 pages, Black & White Images, Line Drawings and plan.
    A quarterly journal, Model Shipwright is regarded as the world's leading ship modelling publication.

    Since its launch in 1972, this quarterly journal has been regarded as the world's leading ship modelling publication. The mixture of articles, reviews, news and comment from modelmakers worldwide provides the best and most detailed information available anywhere, and is enhanced with authentic plans, clear diagrams and many photographs. Articles explain how individual models are researched and constructed, problems addressed and solved along the way. The whole range of maritime vessel is covered, from regional craft to sailing warships to merchantmen and modern liners and battleships, and comprehensive ship histories are often included. Contributors construct a range of dioramas, waterline and working models. Each issue of the journal comes complete with a free large-scale modellers draught with accompanying modelling notes, illustrations and specifications for a featured vessel.

    This particular edition is a reprint of the Number 143 issue, first published in 2008.

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    By Harold A Underhill. Paperback, 148mm x 208mm, 48 pages, Black & White line Drawings.
    This is a catalogue of plans available to order, not the plans themselves. The drawings (plans) described in this catalogue have been produced to meet the needs of those wishing to build authentic scale models. In the case of named ships they have been compiled from the original builders' plans and specifications, personal survey of the actual vessel, or both. Where possible, any changes made during the life of the ship have been noted on the drawings.

    66 vessels are listed, with a brief description, with the individual plans which are available to purchase, listed alongside. For instance, in the case of the Parma there are a total of 4 seperate ship plans..A Sail and Rigging Plan, a Profile and longtudinal Plan, Deck Plans, and Elevation plans. Each plan is sold seperately

    (For the complete list of the ships contained within this catalogue, please contact Boatbooks)

    For the experienced modeller, this is the ideal catalogue to purchase when considering your next project.

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    By Stan Bray. Pbk, 210mm x 295mm, 144 pages, monochrome photographs and drawings.

    This book provides all the information any ship modeller interested in powering a model boat using live steam will need. It offers both the basic theory covering the steam power plant and fully detailed drawings for the construction of simple and advanced steam engines, boilers and ancillary equipment.
    There has been a huge growth in interest in live steam-powered model boats in recent years but modellers have endured a dearth of practical construction drawings for suitable steam plants. Here, the author covers many types of engine from simple oscillating types to piston and poppet valve engines and the application of radio control management for the boiler and engine.

  • Simple single cylinder, single acting and double acting oscillating engines (including plans).
  • Multiple cylinder oscillating engines (including plans).
  • Single and multiple cylindered slide valve engines (including plans)
  • Piston and poppet valve engines (including plans).
  • Principle of boiler construction and heat sources (including plans).
  • Control units, reversing systems, radio control valves.
  • Mounting engine and boiler units in model boats.

    Stan Bray is a model engineer and author of wide experience including editorship of the magazine Model Engineers Workshop and has written many books covering subjects from clock making to machine shop techniques.

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    By David Wooley and William Clarke. Hardback, 235mm x 310mm, 176 pages, monochrome and colour photos.
    This book presents an overview of the design, development and classification of modern warship types. It offers an appreciation of the complex structures associated with warship designs and how the various sections and external fittings can be related to those on warship models. It also evaluates the close relationship that full size vessels have to their counterparts in model form - the embellished builder's model and the more realistic and detailed enthusiast's model.

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    By Keith Julier. Paperback, 209mm x 294mm, 210 pages, monochrome photos.
    Featuring nine brand new model projects.
    In this revised edition of the Period Ship Handbook, the best of the original has been retained: a well-illustrated guide to the construction of static model sailing ships and the offer to the beginner of all the information needed to get started in this fascinating hobby.
    It also continues to introduce the more experienced model-maker to alternative techniques, well tried over many years of model shipbuilding.
    Significant additions have been made to the original text as a result of a further twelve years of model-making experience and developments within the kit producing trade and the availability of new subjects.
    Following chapters on kit selection, tools and materials, the emphasis of the book moves to the practical application of the model-making procedures involved in producing high quality models. The new models selected to demonstrate these techniques range from the ralatively simple to the very complex but all are constructed from kits currently available, without the facility of a sophisticated workshop.
    Whether you are a beginner or an old hand, whether you fancy the gracefull lines of a "J" Class yacht or the intricate and historical accuracy of HMS Victory, there is something here for you.

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    By Glynn Guest. Paperback, 210mm x 295mm, 91 pages, monochrome photos and illustrations.
    Over the past couple of decades radio control equipment has become more reliable, cheaper and smaller. The latter means that large models are no longer required to carry the bulky items that made up early radio gear. This has a knock-on effect in that smaller models can be built more quickly at a lower cost - two very attractive ideas!
    It might be thought that a smaller model might not perform as well as a large one but after designing and building twenty such small models the author has not found this to be a problem. In fact, the speed and economy at which they can be built has proven to be a great advantage in that new ideas can be tried out before using in larger models.
    This book details several different models, some of which have previously appeared in Model Boats magazine, which show that a small size and simple design does not mean inferior appearance or performance. It is also possible to scale up the plans to make larger models to suit your tastes.

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    By John Cundell. Paperback, 0.31 kgs, 147mm x 210mm, 178 pages, monochrome photos and illustrations.
    Radio controlled model boating began to establish itself as a popular hobby in the 1950's and there was great excitement, even incredulity, among onlookers when they realised that a model was responding to commands sent from a radio transmitter. Nowadays a bystander is more surprised if a model does not have radio control!
    In the interim, the equipment used has made great strides, to the point where the user has little more to do than fit batteries and plug the components together. No technical knowledge whatsoever is required. However, guidance is needed to install the equipment in the model and learn how to use it to best advantage.
    This book, first published in 1986, is a totally practical book and in this fourth revised edition, brings you right up to date with the latest developments. If you carefully follow the simple procedures which are clearly explained, you will undoubtedly be on the road to success in this fascinating hobby.

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    Marine Modelling, Models and Craft, Page Two.

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