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Maritime Studies

Materials used for nautical courses in New Zealand

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Radar for MarinersDavid Burch$NZ37.00
Four on One. Mike Scanlan USB . Coastal /Celestial/ Electronic/ NZ Boating e-BookMike Scanlan$NZ80.00
New Zealand Boating E-Book, TheMike Scanlan$NZ20.00
New Zealand Boating E-Book, The USBMike Scanlan$NZ30.00
GPS Home Study PackCoastguard Boating Education$NZ80.00
Flip cards. Morse CodeFlip$NZ20.00
Boatswain's Manual, TheCaptain A.G.W.Miller$NZ143.00
General Engineering Knowledge For Marine Engineers (Reed's Marine Engineering Series Vol 8)Paul Russell, leslie Jackson, Thomas Morton$NZ85.00
Motor Engineering Knowledge For Marine Engineers (Reed's Marine Engineering Series Vol 12)Paul Russell, T D Morton & L Jackson$NZ85.00
Ship Stability, Powering and Resistance (Reed's Marine Engineering Series Vol 13)Jonathan Ridley and Christopher Patterson$NZ130.00
Stealth Warship Technology (Reed's Marine Engineering Series Vol 14)Christopher Lavers$NZ90.00
Basic Electro-Technology for Engineers (Reed's Marine Engineering Series Vol 6)Edmund Kraal$NZ85.00
Pocket Book of Marine Engineering Questions & AnswersWitherby Seamanship$NZ50.00
Electronics, Navigational Aids and Radio Theory (Reed's Marine Engineering and technology Series Vol 15)Steve Richards$NZ85.00
Mathematics for Marine Engineers (Reed's Marine Engineering Series Vol 1)Kevin Corner, Leslie Jackson & William Embleton$NZ85.00
Advanced Electro-Technology for Marine Engineers (Reed's Marine Engineering Series Vol 7)Christopher lavers & Edmund Kraal$NZ85.00
Applied Thermodynamics for Marine Engineers (Reed's Marine Engineering Series Vol 3)William Embleton, Rev. by Leslie Jackson$NZ85.00
Applied Mechanics for Marine Engineers (Reed's Marine Engineering Series Vol 2)Paul A Russell, William Embleton, Leslie Jackson$NZ85.00
Weems Protracor/Compass Rose Plotter PackWeems & Plath$NZ59.50
Nautical Slide RuleWeems & Plath$NZ46.00
Portland Speed Time Distance CalculatorBH$NZ25.00
Captain Fields Parallel Rulers, Aluminium Arms 455mmLinex$NZ66.50
Captain Fields Parallel Rulers, Aluminium Arms 535mmLinex$NZ70.00
Captain Fields Parallel Rulers, Aluminium Arms 605mmLinex$NZ77.00
Weems Protractor/Compass RoseWeems & Plath$NZ45.00
Weems VectormasterWeems & Plath$NZ65.00
Day Skipper
New Zealand Day Skipper HandbookCoastguard Boating Education$NZ30.00
Day Skipper Home Study PackCoastguard Boating Education$NZ160.00
How to Read a Nautical Chart, 2nd EditionNigel Calder$NZ37.00
Safety in Small CraftMike Scanlan$NZ46.00
Rules of the Road at Sea, TheMike Scanlan$NZ28.00
Boat Code Kit, TheCaptain Teach Press$NZ45.00
Flashcards $NZ19.50
Work Book for Boat Masters, The $NZ25.00
Economy Boatmaster Kit, The $NZ150.00
Boatmaster Exercises (incl supplementary text)Coastguard Boating Education$NZ30.00
Boatmaster Home Study PackCoastguard Boating Education$NZ315.00
Handy Plotter PackCaptainTeach Press$NZ49.50
Student Divider/CompassLinex$NZ17.50
Plain Parallel Rulers, 380mmWeems & Plath$NZ39.50
Seafarer's Book - Personal Record of Sea ServiceTim Ridge$NZ25.00
Coastal Skipper
Captain Fields Parallel Rulers, Aluminium Arms 380mmLinex$NZ46.00
Ultralight Divider/CompassLinex$NZ44.00
Weather-wise BoatingGeoff S$NZ31.00
Coastal Skipper
RYA Day Skipper Handbook SailSara Hopkinson$NZ60.00
Ocean Yachtmaster
Celestial WorksheetsCaptain Teach$NZ17.50
Easy Nav, Second EditionCaptain Teach$NZ55.00
Celestial Nautical Almanac 2017 Commercial EditionParadise Cay$NZ70.00
America to Antipodes: Sight Reduction TablesCaptain Teach$NZ55.00
Captain Rude Star-Finder 2102-DWeems & Plath$NZ90.00
Ocean Yachtmaster ExercisesPat Langley-Price & Philip Ouvry$NZ80.00
100 Problems in Celestial NavigationLeonard Gray$NZ61.50
Weekend Navigator, The 2nd EditionBob Sweet$NZ45.00
Captain's Quick Guides - Knots, Splices and Line HandlingCharlie Wing$NZ25.00
Captain's Quick Guides - Rules of the Road and Running Light PatternsCharlie Wing$NZ25.00
Captain's Quick Guides - Using GPSBob Sweet$NZ25.00
Instant Handbook of Boat handling, Navigation and Seamanship, TheNigel Calder et al$NZ42.00
Captain's Quick Guides - Boat Handling Under PowerBob Sweet$NZ25.00
Captain's Quick Guides - Sail Trim and Rig TuningBill Gladstone$NZ25.00
Captain's Quick Guides - Onboard Weather ForecastingBob Sweet$NZ25.00
Captain's Quick Guides - Heavy Weather SailingJohn Rousmaniere$NZ25.00
Captain's Quick Guides - How to Read a Nautical ChartNigel Calder$NZ25.00
Captain's Quick Guides - AnchoringPeter Nielsen$NZ25.00
Captain's Quick Guides - Diesel Engine Care and RepairNigel Calder$NZ25.00
Modern TowingJohn S. Blank, 3rd$NZ120.00
Ship Stability for Masters and Mates, 7th EditionC. B. Barrass and D. R. Derret$NZ125.00
Tutor Level Texts
Compass-rose DemonstratorCaptain Teach Press$NZ46.00