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    NZ Chart Catalogue Update.

    New Editions In Store. October

  • NZ 522

    New Editions Due

  • NZ 532- Approaches to Auckland

    Chart correcting agent for New Zealand Charts.

    Compass Adjusting Services.

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  • Hilary's Antarctica. Adventure, exploration and Scott base. Arrived 18-10-18. Charting the Oceans.Charts as witness to history. Arrived 18-10-18.
    The Big Book of the Blue.The Kids Fishy Questions... Answered! Arrived 18-10-18. 2019 Commercial Almanac Arrived 18-10-18
    Turning the Tide on Plastic A Global wake up call. Arrived 18-10-18. The Rhine Following Europe's Greatest River. Arrived 18-10-
    We've Got a Boat Book and Music CD. Arrived 15-10-18. Trial of Strength.Adventures in the Subantarctic. Arrived 09-10-18
    Hero Of the Sea Sir Peter Blake's Mighty Ocean Quests.And a free pair of Red Socks.. Arrived 09-10-18. 2019 Guide to the Night Sky Southern Hemisphere.. Arrived 09-10-18.
    Skipper's Medical Emergency Handbook. First Aid at Sea. Arrived 05-10-18. Erebus. The Story of a Ship. Arrived 05-10-18.
    Rivers. . Arrived 05-10-18. Cooks Cook. Arrived 05-10-18.

    Magazines in recently - see the magazines page for full details.

    Monday October 15th 2018

    Australasian Amateur boatbuilder & Kitboats (Oct/Nov/Dec 2018)

    Thursday October 18th 2018

    Classic Boat (September 2018)


    Sentinels of the Sea

    A Miscellany of Lighthouses Past.


    Cruising Guides, Books, NZ Charts,Chart table instruments and Courtesy Flags


    Scoundrels & Eccentrics of the Pacific

    Tales of Scoundrels and Rogues.


    Crusoe's Island

    Pirates, Castaways and Madness


    South Sea Vagabonds

    The Classic. In Paperback.


    Where the Hell is Tuvalu?

    How I became the Lawman of the World's 4th Smallest Country.


    Dark Sun

    Self confessed vagabond George Dibbern. (Second-hand)


    The 2019 Boaties Book
    is now in store.

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