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Nautical History, Polar History and Nautical Dictionaries.

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1421 - The Year China Discovered AmericaGavin Menzies$NZ34.00
1434 - The Year a Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy…John Menzies$NZ27.50
150 Years of New Zealand Shipbuilding 1795 to 1945 Second editionMiles Hughes$NZ75.00
1788 - The Brutal Truth of the First FleetDavid Hill$NZ30.00
A History of the World in 12 mapsJerry Brotton$NZ35.00
A Kiwi Sailor at WarGerry Wright$NZ35.00
A Voice for ShippingGavin McLean$NZ45.00
A War By StealthGerry Wright$NZ35.00
Able SeamenBrian Lavery$NZ55.00
Adlard Coles Nautical Puzzle BookAdlard Coles$NZ17.00
Adlard Coles Nautical Quiz BookAdlard Coles$NZ17.00
Adventures of a Pope At Sea, TheHarry Pope$NZ50.00
Alone in AntarcticaFelicity Aston$NZ20.00
And Soon I Heard a Roaring WindBill Streever$NZ55.00
Antarctic - An Anthology, TheFrancis Spufford (Editor)$NZ31.00
Antarctica - An intimate portrait of the world's most mysterious continentGabrielle Walker$NZ37.00
Aphrodite's islandAnne Salmond$NZ55.00
Arctic - An Anthology, TheElizabeth Kolbert (Editor)$NZ31.00
Artica. Exploring the Poles $NZ100.00
Barometer Handbook, TheDavid Burch$NZ56.50
Beautiful BoatsRobert Brooke$NZ60.00
Between the Ports. Collingwood to WaitapuCarol Dawber with MDHA$NZ55.00
Beyond the Blue HorizonBrian Fagan$NZ25.00
Boat WordsDenny Desoutter$NZ33.00
Can Squid Fly?Tony Rice$NZ25.00
Captain John GilliesGreat Barrier Island History Research Group$NZ25.00
Catlins BoundMike McPhee$NZ60.00
Change of EnsignGerry Wright$NZ20.00
Chasing a Dream - The Exploration of the Imaginary PacificJohn Dunmore$NZ40.00
Chasing the White WhaleLindsay Alexander$NZ45.00
Cherry - A Life of Apsley Cherry-GarrardSara Wheeler$NZ29.50
City of FortuneRoger Crowley$NZ30.00
Classic: The Revival of Classic Boating in New ZealandIvor Wilkins$NZ95.00
ConquerorsRoger Crowley$NZ28.00
Creeping Up on AucklandC.A. Latimer$NZ40.00
Dark ParadiseRobert Macklin$NZ30.00
Des Townson Story, TheJohn Macfarlane$NZ25.00
Devonport Yacht Club - A Centennial Historyed. Harold Kidd$NZ30.00
Dictionary of Sea Quotations, AEdward Duyker$NZ102.00
Don't Shoot the AlbatrossJonathan Eyers$NZ20.00
Edge of the World, The - How the North Sea made us who we areMichael Pye$NZ30.00
EmmyRobin Elliott$NZ41.00
Empire of the DeepBen Wilson$NZ35.00
Empire of the SeasBrian Lavery$NZ20.00
Empires of the SeaRoger Crowley$NZ30.00
EnduranceF.A. Worsley$NZ40.00
Endurance, The - HardbackCaroline Alexander$NZ84.00
Era of Coastal Shipping in New Zealand, TheMurray Jennings$NZ51.00
False FlagsStephen Robinson$NZ43.00
Final VoyageJonathan Eyers$NZ25.00
Finding LongitudeRoyal Museums Greenwich$NZ60.00
Finding NorthGeorge Michelson Foy$NZ45.00
Floating BrothelSian Rees$NZ32.00
For King & CountryGerry Wright$NZ55.00
From Kauri Trees to Sunlit SeasDon Silk$NZ35.00
Galloping GhostsRobin Elliot$NZ50.00
Gangway - sea language comes ashoreJoanna Carver Colcord$NZ25.00
Glass Universe, theDava Sobel$NZ50.00
Great Barrier Island ShipwrecksGreat Barrier Island History Research Group$NZ30.00
Great Sea, TheDavid Abulafia$NZ30.00
Great South LandRob Mundle$NZ55.00
Great South LandRob Mundle$NZ38.00
Hamilton's JetJohn Walsh$NZ40.00
Hidden WarshipsNicholas A Veronico$NZ55.00
History of Arctic Exploration, AMatti Lainema & Juha Nurminen$NZ99.00
HMAS CanberraKathryn Spurling$NZ35.00
HMS Victory. Pocket Manual 1805Peter Goodwin$NZ25.00
Hooked - The Story of the New Zealand Fishing IndustryDavid Johnson, Jenny Haworth$NZ50.00
Hooked - The Story of the New Zealand Fishing IndustryDavid Johnson, Jenny Haworth$NZ30.00
How to Pilot a SubmarineSubmarine School$NZ40.00
How to read WaterTristan Gooley$NZ45.00
In Search of the South PoleKari Herbert & Huw Lewis-Jones$NZ45.00
In Shackleton's FootstepsHenry Worsley$NZ30.00
In the Hour of VictorySam Willis$NZ35.00
In the Kingdom of IceHampton Sides$NZ25.00
In Which they ServedBrian Lavery$NZ25.00
Into the Midnight SunBarbara Thomas$NZ45.00
Island Kingdom. Tonga. Ancient and Modern. 3rd EditionIan C. Campbell$NZ50.00
Islands of the GulfShirley Maddock & Don Whyte$NZ45.00
Jack Brooke Story, TheHarold Kidd$NZ25.00
Jagged SeasDavid Grant$NZ55.00
Jim Young - designer boatbuilder sailorJim Young$NZ80.00
Last Expedition, TheRobert Falcon Scott$NZ28.00
Launching DreamsBaden Pascoe$NZ60.00
Lee RailHarold Kidd & Robin Elliott$NZ40.00
Levelling Sea, thePhillip Marsden$NZ30.00
Little Book of the Sea, Food and Drink, TheLorenz Schroter$NZ30.00
LongitudeDava Sobel$NZ25.00
Longitude HBDava Sobel$NZ41.00
Mawson's Forgotten MenEdited by Heather Rossiter$NZ60.00
Merchant AdventurersJames Evans$NZ32.00
Merchantmen In ActionRoy V Martin$NZ65.00
Mission of Honour, AJohn McLean$NZ60.00
More True Tales of Great Barrier IslandGreat Barrier Island History Research Group$NZ50.00
Motueka Wharf. 100 YearsCarol Dawber$NZ45.00
Mr Selden's Map of ChinaTimothy Brook$NZ30.00
Mururoa ProtestGerry Wright$NZ28.00
Nautical CuriositiesTerry Breverton$NZ35.00
Naval Footprints in New ZealandGerry Wright$NZ20.00
Navigation Through the AgesDonald Launer$NZ46.00
Nets, Lines and Pots, Volume OneEmmanuel Makarios$NZ31.00
North sea WarriorGerry Wright$NZ35.00
Not Enough Room to Swing a CatMartin Robson$NZ25.00
Oceans of TimeDave Share$NZ30.00
Ode to the SeaHoward Watson (Editor)$NZ35.00
On the MapSimon Garfield$NZ29.00
Operation PilasterGerry Wright$NZ35.00
Ordinary Women Extraordinary LivesHeather Heberley$NZ31.00
Orphans of HistoryRobert Holden$NZ35.00
Our Secret WeaponGun Caundle$NZ45.00
Outlaws of the AtlanticMarcus Rediker$NZ40.00
Pacific. The Ocean of the Future (Small Format)Simon Winchester$NZ28.00
Pandora Survey, TheBrian Byrne$NZ125.00
Pippa Blake: JourneyPippa Blake$NZ50.00
Plimsoll Sensation, TheNicolette Jones$NZ30.00
Ponsonby Cruising Club, the First Hundred YearsRobin Elliott & Harold Kidd$NZ40.00
Practical Mariner's Book of KnowledgeJohn Vigor$NZ37.00
Race to the EndRoss D.E. MacPhee$NZ50.00
Racing With DeathBeau Riffenburgh$NZ31.00
Rainbow Warrior SalvageGerry Wright$NZ25.00
Reeds Maritime Flag HandbookMiranda Delmar-Morgan$NZ25.00
RoughyAlistair (AJ) Peach$NZ35.00
Roughy on The RiseTim Pankhurst$NZ35.00
Rugged Coast, Rough SeasKen Scadden$NZ40.00
Salty DitsGerry Wright$NZ35.00
Salty Dog TalkBill Beavis & Richard McCloskey$NZ25.00
Scott of the AntarcticDavid Crane$NZ27.00
Scout - 100 Years Astern…Sandra Gorter$NZ40.00
Sea DevilsMark Felton$NZ33.00
SextantDavid Barrie$NZ45.00
Shackleton. By Endurance We ConquerMichael Smith$NZ30.00
Shackleton's Boat JourneyF.A. Worsley$NZ40.00
Shackleton's EpicTim Jarvis$NZ37.00
Shackleton's WayMargot Morrell & Stepahnie Capparell$NZ25.00
Ships of Omaha, TheCarol & James Ramage$NZ65.00
Skylarks and ScuttlebuttsLorenz Schroter$NZ30.00
Smugglers and SmugglingTrevor May$NZ25.00
Some Voyages around New Zealand and ElsewherePerce Harpham$NZ38.00
SouthSir Ernest Shackleton$NZ25.00
South - Stanfords Travel ClassicsSir Ernest Shackleton$NZ30.00
South - HBSir Ernest Shackleton$NZ25.00
South With EnduranceFrank Hurley$NZ40.00
Spanish GoldDavid Cordingly$NZ25.00
Spirit of the CoastNick Tolerton$NZ62.00
Still Life - Inside the Antarctic Huts of Scott and ShackletonJane Ussher(Photography), Nigel Watson (Essays)$NZ90.00
Story of Sanford Limited, ThePaul Titchener$NZ40.00
Subritzky Shipping (A Heritage of Sail) 1843 - 1993M.R.G. Subritzky$NZ41.00
Sweet Water and BitterSian Rees$NZ34.00
Swimming UpstreamJennifer Haworth$NZ20.00
Sydney Cipher and SearchCaptain Peter Hore$NZ41.00
Te Matau A Maui. Fish hooks, Fishing and Fisheries in New ZealandChris Paulin$NZ50.00
Teak and TideNigel Costley$NZ60.00
Ted Ashby - Big Rig of The Gulf DVDGaffrig Production$NZ41.00
Telescope, TheRichard Dunn$NZ35.00
Terra AustralisMathew Flinders$NZ18.00
Terra IncognitaSara Wheeler$NZ31.00
The Barefoot NavigatorJack Lagan$NZ30.00
The Bayswater Harbour Ferries of Auckland to TakapunaDavid Balderston$NZ65.00
The ChallengeAndrew Lambert$NZ30.00
The Colin Wild StoryHarold Kidd$NZ25.00
The Enemy of the New Zealand CoastGerry Wright$NZ25.00
The First FleetRob Mundle$NZ32.00
The Illustrated Boat Dictionary in 9 LanguagesVanessa Bird$NZ45.00
The Impossible RescueMartin W Sandler$NZ25.00
The Invention of NatureAndrea Wulf$NZ30.00
The Lancashire WitchBelinda Lansley$NZ45.00
The Last CrusadeNigel Cliff$NZ30.00
The Mullet BoatHarold Kidd & Robin Elliot$NZ25.00
The Naked Shore of the North SeaTom Blass$NZ22.00
The Natural NavigatorTristan Gooley$NZ35.00
The New Zealand Clinker BoatTino Rawa Trust$NZ25.00
The Origin of the SpeciesCharles Darwin$NZ15.00
The Sailor's Word BookAdmiral W H Smythe$NZ30.00
The Sea and CivilisationLincoln Paine$NZ45.00
The Sea is my WifeGordon Berry$NZ35.00
The Story of HMNZS BlackpoolGerry Wright$NZ35.00
The Tattie LadsIan Dear$NZ45.00
The VoyagersPaul Moon$NZ40.00
The Waikato River GunboatsGrant Middlemiss$NZ42.00
The White ShipsGavin McLean$NZ60.00
Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli PiratesBrian Kilmeade$NZ35.00
Thoughts on Clinker Lapstrake Dinghy ConstructionPeter Peal$NZ65.00
Time and Tide. The Story of the Pelorus Mail BoatLorain Day$NZ40.00
Trial of the Cannibal Dog, TheAnne Salmond$NZ55.00
True Tales of Great Barrier Island 2016Don Armitage$NZ50.00
True Tales of Whangarei HeadsJan Boyes$NZ50.00
U-Boat in New Zealand WatersGerald Shone$NZ40.00
Under Sail in the Frozen NorthFrank Arthur Worsley$NZ40.00
Vehicular Ferries of Auckland. the Floating BridgeDavid Balderston$NZ65.00
Venetian NavigatorsAndrea di Robilant$NZ30.00
Voyage to GallipoliPeter Plowman$NZ50.00
Waione - One of the Family DVDGaffrig Production$NZ41.00
We Three Go SouthEthel Richardson/ Cynthia Cass$NZ40.00
Weather Experiment - pbPeter Moore$NZ30.00
Whaleship Arrivals at Mangonui, Whangaroa, Auckland and Other Northern PortsLindsay Alexander$NZ60.00
Whaleship Arrivals at the Bay of Islands New Zealand 1841-1894Lindsay Alexander$NZ80.00
What Ship? - Lieutenant Harry Pennell's Antarctic LegacyDavid L. Harrowfield$NZ70.00
Where Giants DwellGerry Evans$NZ30.00
Who Discovered America?Gavin Menzies$NZ29.00
Worst Journey in the World, TheCherry-Garrard$NZ36.00
Yachtsman's Ten Language DictionaryBarbara Webb$NZ45.00
ZEPHYR. The First 60 Years. 1956-2016Manly Sailing Club$NZ10.00