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  • The Restoration Handbook
  • The Big Book of Wooden Boat Restoration
  • Replacing Your Boat's Engine.
  • The Boat Improvement Bible.
  • Marine Diesel Engines.
  • This Old Boat. 2nd edition.
  • Understanding Boat Plumbing and Water Systems
  • Boat Works
  • Boat Mechanical Systems Handbook
  • The Boatowner's Guide To Corrosion
  • How to Paint Your Boat
  • Inspecting the Aging Sailboat
  • Sailboat Refinishing
  • Sailboat Hull & Deck Repair.
  • Don Casey's Complete Illustrated Sailboat Maintenance Manual.
  • Fix It And Sail.
  • How to Install a New Diesel Engine

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    By Enric Rosello. Softback, 210mm x 285mm, 0.91 kg 251 pages, Colour Images. 2nd Ediiton. Published 2018.
    The essential guide to fibreglass yacht restoration and repair.

    A thoroughly practical manual on how to give a fibreglass cruising yacht a complete overhaul or to do specific restoration tasks. Filled with hundreds of colour photo-sequences, which detail how to replace the engine, hatches, electrics, plumbing, rigging, gelcoat and much more. Practical advice on when to call in the professionals and when to consider doing work yourself.

    The Restoration Handbook appeals equally to sailors and boat owners who want to overhaul a boat completely and to those who have one or two smaller jobs to do. Although the whole boat is covered, each section is broken down into manageable chunks. Readers can work their way through each job using the clear sequential photographs for step-by-step guidance.

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    Basic Techniques, Mainenance, and Repair

    By Thomas Larsson. Paperback, 0.97kg, 254m x 240mm, 240 pages, full colour and black & White photos. Line drawings. Published 2013.

    The Big Book of Wooden boat Restoration, is the perfect reference guide or introduction for longtime wooden boat lovers and new hobbyists alike. Author Thomas Larsson, one of Sweden's most experienced and premier wooden boat reastorers, has gathered his thorough knowledge of the subject and compiled it into this book, full of useful facts and an extensive glossary. Contained within are chapters and information about:

  • Boat care
  • Racing
  • Finishing
  • Stripping
  • Boatbuilding
  • Glueing
  • Tools

    ...whilst The most extensive part of the book consists of chapters that describe the detailed, clean repair of wooden boats- everything from plug-acession and bonding to changing socks and bottom engine installation. Larrson includes a history of boatbuilding and provides a glimpse of different wooden boats, with over 200 iluustrations and photos in both black & White and colour. He explains how staying on top of maintenance keeps a unique fleet of wooden boats alive. With practical instructions and fact-boxes with advice and tips, this book will teach you all about restoration, as well as information about buying a boat, installing engines and much more.

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    By Mike Westin. Paperback, 0.46kg, 190m x 246mm, 138 pages, full colour photos and drawings. Published 2011.
    In this series of highly practical, step-by-step photographic manuals, Replacing Your Boat's Engine is the complete guide for any DIY boatowner, boatbuilder or repairer renovating or replacing a boat's engine.

    Shadowing the author's own refit project for his small, long-distance 'pocket cruiser', this comprehensive guide takes a thoroughly hands-on, no-nonsense approach to each stage of the refit or renovation project, and explains in straightforward, jargon-free language all the vital information you need for each stage, including:

  • How to choose whether to rebuild or replace your engine.
  • The hidden costs involved in each approach.
  • The best method for removing the old engine and preparing the engine bed.
  • How to deal with fuel systems and tanks, including the regulatons to follow.
  • Working with propellers, stern gear, raw water and bilge pumps.
  • Soundproofing, test starting and finally running the newly fitted engine.

    Each stage concludes with a helpful summary, providing a difficulty rating, and the likely time and tools required. Also included is an up-to date guide to buying an engine, making this book an absolute must for any DIY boatbuilder or repairer.

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    By Adlard Coles. Hardcover, 1.09kg, 198m x 252mm, 303 pages, full colour photos. Published 2015.
    Boatowners by nature are often inveterate fiddlers, constantly wanting to improve their vessels, whether it's to make them more comfortable, easier to handle or just simply, more efficient.

    The Boat Improvement Bible is the most up to date, user friendly and hands-on practical manual for boatowners who wish to improve their sailboat or motorboat. It will equip any boatowner with average DIY skills to improve all aspects of their boat: safety, comfort, facilities, storage and performance on the water. Many of these projects will also help increase a boat's value.

    Projects include: installing a heating system, installing hot water and a shower, increasing water tank size, making the heads electric, installing air conditioning or better ventilation, setting up solar or wind power charging for the batteries, fitting a generator, adding a gas alarm, installing interior lighting, adding a bathing platform or boarding ladder, plus much, much more.

    Packed with exploded diagrams, helpful step-by-step photographs and detailed guidance, The Boat Improvement Bible provides a wealth of DIY expertise and advice to enable anyone to improve their yacht or motorboat.

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    By Nigel Calder. Hardcover, 190m x 240mm, 294 pages, black and white photos, illustrations and diagrams.
    This book has been the bible for tens of thousands of do-it-yourself boatowners for more than 15 years. Now updated with information on fuel injection systems, electronic engine controls, and other new diesel technologies, Nigel Calder's bestseller has everything you need to keep your diesel engines running cleanly and efficiently.
    Marine Diesel Engines explains how to:

  • Cure overheating
  • Flush your cooling system
  • Change your oil
  • Maintain your electrical system
  • Replace fuel filters and bleed air from the fuel system
  • Troubleshoot virtually any problem
  • Perform annual maintenance
  • Retrofit a new diesel engine
  • Extend the life and improve the efficiency of your engine.

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    THIS OLD BOAT. Completely revised and expanded 2nd edition.
    By Don Casey. Hbk, 223mm x 282mm, 547 pages, black and white illustrations and diagrams.
    Here's how YOU can turn an aging fiberglass classic into a showpiece...and do it on a shoestring budget.
    Now completely revised and greatly expanded, This Old Boat has helped more than 100,000 boatowners upgrade their boats. Whether you are skilled or unskilled, a sailor or a powerboater, this book will show you how to
  • Find the right boat at the right price.
  • Map out an affordable, achievable renovation plan.
  • Work with fiberglass - everything from minor cosmetics to major structural repairs.
  • Renovate rigging, winches, engines, and other mechanical systems.
  • Transfrom the cabin from a cramped, dingy cell into a light, livable home.
  • Repair and modernise plumbing, electrical and refrigeration systems.
  • Give a stunning, mirror-smooth finish to your topsides and brightwork.
  • Make your own dodgers, sail covers, even sails - and much more.

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    By John C. Payne. Pbk, 132mm x 215mm, 102 pages, black and white illustrations and diagrams.
    From John C. Payne, one of the foremost international authorities on marine electrical systems and electronics comes a new title in his successful series of easy-to_understand, yet thorough treatments of technical issues facing every boat owner, whether sail or power. each volume is concise, compacy, and full illustrated for easy reference.

    Understanding Boat Plumbing and Water Systems, covers the following major topics:

  • Boat plumbing systems.
  • Fresh water systems.
  • Hot water systems.
  • Galley plumbing systems.
  • Watermaker systems.
  • Salt water systems.
  • Bilge pump systems.
  • Shower (gray) water systems.
  • Sewage (black) water and MSD systems.

    John C. Payne is a sailor and a professional marine electrical engineer and surveyor with a long career in merchant shipping and the offshore oil industry. His unique combination of technical know-how and practical experience at sea has made him a much sought after authority on the subject. He is the author of two major books, Marine Electrical and Electronics Bible, now in its third edition, and Motorboat Electrical and Electronics Manual.

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    By Editors of Sail magazine. Hbk, 224mm x 286mm, 434 pages, full colour photographs.
    With contributions from leading how-to experts, this wide-ranging collection of projects from BoatWorks magazine ranges from structural, mechanical, and electrical projects to plumbing and cosmetic repairs and improvements. Much of this full-colour guide's information cannot be found in any other book. Nigel Calder, Don Casey, Mark Corke, Peter Nielsen, Charles Doane, Paul Esterle, Charles Mason, Aussie Bray, and other sailboat experts show you with step-by-step photography how to :
  • Buy and survey an older boat.
  • Replace bulkheads.
  • Fix below-the-waterline holes.
  • Repair gelcoat, portlights or rotten cores.
  • Paint, varnish, spray polyurethane, mark a waterline or rebed deck hardware.
  • Choose a mainsail system, install a headsail furler or an inner forestay, assemble rigging terminals, or buld a spinnaker or even a new aluminium mast.
  • Pamper an Atomic 4 gas engine, replace a Cutless bearing, maintain your diesel, and know when it's time to repower.
  • Install a new fuel or water tank, upgrade to wheel steering, replace a propeller or deck hardware, or install seacocks.
  • Troubleshoot electrical problems, install cockpit speakers, or rewire your boat.
  • Replace lifelines, install a forehatch, secure your cabin sole, and much, much more.

    Brought to you by the editors of Sail magazine, America's leading sail-only magazine, BoatWorks is a treasure trove.

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    By Dave Gerr. Hardback, 221mm x 282mm, 416 pages. Monochrome photos and drawings.
    This guide is invaluable for anyone designing or installing mechanical systems on a new boat, retrofitting an existing boat, or evaluating a boat's operating condition. Writing for designers, builders, owners, buyers, mechanics, surveyors, and insurers of sailboats, powerboats, and commercial vessels, Dave Gerr provides design and installation guidance for each major mechanical system plus pragmatic guidelines and real-world interpretations of American Boat & Yacht Council and European standards. No marine professional or serious boater should be without this book.

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    By Everett Collier. Paperback, 187mm x 234mm, 314 pages, monochrome line drawings and tables.
    Corrosion is a constant, often expensive, and sometimes dangerous problem for boaters. Moisture, salt, electrical currents, and chemicals create a potent combination that can attack the metallic (and sometimes nonmetallic) parts of your boat. Everett Collier, an expert in marine technology, details all the types of corrosion - including simple galvanic, electrochemical, and electrolytic - and explains how to identify, combat, and prevent them.
    The most comprehensive book on this subject, this book shows you how to:
  • Prevent corrosion with proper grounding, cathodic protection, protective coatings, and careful selection and matching of metal parts.
  • Protect your boat's hull, deck gear, masts, and rigging, as well as its propulsion, electrical, plumbing, and steering systems.
  • Recognize and cure developing corrosion before it can damage your boat.

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    By Nidel Clegg. Paperback, 138mm x 217mm, 138 pages, monochrome photographs & drawings.
    This book answers all the DIY boatowner's questions, and provides practical advice on painting every type of material. It explains:
  • Correct surface preparation
  • Correct application methods
  • Epoxies, polyurethanes and enamels
  • Antifouling and thinners
  • Estimating quantities
  • Drying times
  • Brushes, rollers, pads and sprays
  • Colour matching
  • Dealing with defects

    There is also a handy fault finding section for when things go wrong.

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    By Don Casey. Pbk, 185mm x 230mm, 144 pages, monochrome drawings.
    Are those cracks in the gelcoat? Should the deck yield underfoot like that? Are those rivets in the toerail, and why are they loose? Why doesn't the head door close? Should there be rust on the keel bolts? What is that buldge in the hull?
    If any of these indicate real trouble, it is or could become your trouble. Here is all you'll need to learn where to look and what to look for. Whether you're shopping or prioritizing maintenance tasks, this book will save you money and perhaps even disaster.

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    By Don Casey. Paperback, 189mm x 232mm, 141 pages, monochrome illustrations.
    No improvement to a tired-looking boat will have a more dramatic impact than refinishing. And few tasks are easier.
    Here is everything you need to achieve a professional looking finish on your boat's hull, deck, spars, wood trim, and in the cabin. And save a lot of time, money, and grief in the bargain.

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    By Don Casey. Hardback, 189mm x 238mm, 128 pages, Black and White Drawings. 1996
    A fiberglass hull's seamless nature leads many boatowners to conclude that repair must be difficult. Wrong. Here, clearly and abundantly illustrated, is all you need to know to seal joints, bed hardware, replace portlights, locate leaks, fix cracks and even holes, restore your hull's gloss, renew nonskid decks, and much more.

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    By Don Casey. Hbk, 190mm x 240mm, 892 pages, monochrome and colour drawings.
    This book combines six core volumes into a single, utterly dependable resource that answers every frequent question, explains every major system, and helps you keep your boat and its components shipshape.
    More than 2,500 clear and detailed illustrations guide you step by step through every procedure. Casey's technical virtuosity, his user-friendly explanations, and Peter Compton's diesel engine expertise make even the more complicated repairs and improvements easy to understand. This must-have guide saves you time, money, and grief as you learn the fastest, easiest, and most effective ways to:
  • Evaluate the condition of your boat or one you're about to purchase
  • Repair structural damage to your fiberglass sailboat
  • Improve or repair your sailboat's elctrical system
  • Troubleshoot, maintain, and repair your boat's diesel engine
  • Put a professional-looking finish on your boat's hull, deck, spars, wood and trim
  • Make and repair sails, sail covers, dodgers, awnings, sailbags, and bimini tops.

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    By Brian Gilbert. Pbk, 188mm x 230mm, 208 pages, monochrome drawings and photographs.
    Yes, you can find the small, trailerable sailboat that's right for you, buy it for $2000, $1000, or less, restore it to pristine condition, and sail into the sunset.
    Budget sailor Brain Gilbert leads you through the entire process, from choosing a boat to setting off on your maiden voyage.
    This learn-as-you-go handbook presents a gallery of fourteen author-recommended, widely available pre-owned trailer sailer models, and shows you how to inspect any boat before you buy. Crisp, step-by-step instructions guide you through the quickest, most cost-effective restoration methods, while photos and drawings vividly demonstrate the process. Before you know it, you'll master every skill you need to get the boat of your dreams at a price that won't keep you awake nights. Topics include:
  • Restoring the hull, keel, cabin, and ports
  • Fiberglassing, surface preparation, painting, and sealing
  • Woodworking, metalwork, canvaswork, and wiring
  • Repairing and improving the rigging and sails
  • Sea trials and commissioning, including engine and outfitting

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    By Peter Cumberlidge. Pbk, 139mm x 216mm, 140 pages, monochrome drawings and photographs.
    This book covers all the factors relevant to choosing and installing a new diesel engine, whether the work will be done by the owner or entrusted to a boatyard or engineer:
  • Selecting the right size and type of engine
  • Deciding on transmission and stern-gear
  • Designing new engine bearers
  • Fitting fuel tanks, filters and exhaust systems
  • Installing electrics, instruments and engine controls
  • Evaluating marine batteries and charge control systems
  • Choosing the right propeller and fitting sacrificial anodes
    With the new engine installed and sea-trials complete, Peter Cumberlidge looks at how auxilary equipment can be fitted to take full advantage of the available power: adding a new hot water system, ducted cabin heating, an engine-driven fridge and a hydraulic anchor winch.

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