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  • How to Use an Echo Sounder/Fish Finder
  • Fishing Impossible
  • Fishing for Dummies
  • ET's Ultimate Fishing Adventures
  • The Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing
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    By John Adams. Paperback, 0.40kg, 185mm x 215mm, 123 pages. Colour photos, line drawings and screen shots.Second Edition 2018

    Packed full of over 130 images including screen captures, diagrams and full colour photos, this easy to read and understand book will help even the most experienced fisher gain more from their colour echo sounder/fish finder.This updated edition now includes Imaging Sonar and CHIRP.

    The principles outlined in this book can also be applied to all colour echo sounders.

  • Background to Echo Sounders
  • Understanding the Sounders and how they work
  • Fish Detection and dead zones
  • Using your Echo Sounder
  • Down Scan Sonar
  • Side Scan Sonar
  • Interpreting The Acoustic Images

    Written with the aim of "keeping it simple" John Adams has written a book for both novices and experienced fish hunters alike,The seven major parts (chapters) in the book are designed to encourage a sequential learning process, with one part seamlessly leading on to the next.

    John Adams lives in Perth where he manages the Fremantle Boat school.

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    FISHING IMPOSSIBLE. Three Fishing Fanatics, Ten Epic Adventures
    By Blowfish, Charlie and Jay. Hardback. 200mm x 250mm . 255 Pages 1.05 kg. Colour Photographs. Published 2016
    Charlie, Jay and the Blowfish are three obsessive fishing buddies, each with their own area of expertise. Hatching plans for the weirdest, most extreme fishing trips imaginable, they head to ten fantastic destinations around the world. From spear-fishing in the Bahamas to bungee jumping in British Columbia, and dodging crocodiles in Kenya, their mission is to catch the uncatchable in the most entertaining and bizarre ways possible.

    These immersive, adrenalin-fuelled trips of a lifetime are ones most fisherman have only dreamed of, with responsible, environmental considerations at their core. Join the three mates as they head around the world to see marine life at its most exotic and extraordinary.

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    By Steve Starling. Paperpack, 188mm x 236mm, 405 pages, black & white illustrations.
    Want to dangle a line anywhere in Australia or New Zealand? On the way to becoming a successful angler, discover how to choose your tackle confidently, master rigs and knots, read your fishing environment, cast efficiently and take home more fish for the table - all while fishing with safety and sustainability in mind.
  • Find expert guidance - absorb Steve Starling's insider knowledge of fishing to develop your angling skills.
  • Build your fishing kit - discover how to choose the right tackle for the right fish, competently and without waste.
  • Increase your fishing knowledge - take advantage of myriad tips about constructing effective rigs.
  • Hone your craft - match your bait to the fish, cast with ease and reel them in.
  • Take on sustainability - immerse yourself in the new age of fishing; catch only what you need.
  • Prepare your catch - improve your skills in all areas of fish preparation, from gutting to filleting with ease
  • Cook like a pro - practise the art of simplicity in the kitchen to retain and release those wondrous fish flavours.
  • Investigate ten top fishing spots - take a trip to Steve Starling's top fishing spots in Australia and New Zealand.

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    By Andrew Ettingshausen. Hardback, 1.84kg, 240mm x 275mm, 320 pages. Full colour photographs. Publ. 2017
    ET's Ultimate Fishing Adventures features Andrew Ettingshausen's favourite fishing destinations with hundreds of his wonderful images, essential tips and background stories of adventure.

    The ideal book for any casual fisherman who dreams of landing the perfect catch.

    Explore some of the most beautiful fishing destinations across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Isles with “ET” as your guide.

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    By Scott & Wendy Bannerot. Paperback, 186mm x 233mm, 418 pages, black & white photographs.
    The Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing gives you everything you need to know about fish in tropical or middle-latitude sea - from a cruising boat underway or at anchor, from a dinghy, in the surf,and while diving reefs. Step by step this richly detailed guide walks you through:
  • Choosing, using, and maintaining tackle, lures, hooks,leaders and other rigging essentials.
  • Reading currents, wind, wave patterns, tides, water temperature, and atmospheric conditions.
  • Modifying vessels with cruise-fishing enhancements such as rod holders, outriggers, cleaning tables, bait wells, and platforms.
  • Tying the best knots for cruise fishing.
  • Avoiding and treating routine fishing injuries and poisoning - including vital information on toxic fish, venomous stings and punctures, and steering clear of dangerous predators.
  • Identifying hundreds of fish species.
  • Preparing your catch - including a range of easy and delectable recipes.
  • And much more.

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