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  • ET's Ultimate Fishing Adventures
  • How to Use an Echo Sounder/Fish Finder
  • The New Zealand Grand Slam of Fishing
  • New Zealand Fish Identification Slate
  • The Kiwi SurfCasting Guide
  • How to Catch Fish and Where
  • The Sportfishing Log
  • Amazing Fishing Stories
  • Fishing Impossible
  • Bite Times
  • Fishermen's Tales
  • Blue Marlin Magic
  • Confessions of a Billfisherman
  • Fishing for Dummies
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    By Andrew Ettingshausen. Hardback, 1.84kg, 240mm x 275mm, 320 pages. Full colour photographs. Publ. 2017
    ET's Ultimate Fishing Adventures features Andrew Ettingshausen's favourite fishing destinations with hundreds of his wonderful images, essential tips and background stories of adventure.

    The ideal book for any casual fisherman who dreams of landing the perfect catch.

    Explore some of the most beautiful fishing destinations across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Isles with “ET” as your guide.

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    By John Adams. Paperback, 0.35kg, 185mm x 215mm, 100 pages. Colour photos, line drawings and screen shots.
    A simplified explanation into understanding Echo Sounders/Fish Finders. With 21 colour graphics and 78 Live Screen captures, this book will also provide many new insights to the more experienced user. The principles outlined in this book can also be applied to all colour echo sounders.
  • Background to Echo Sounders
  • Understanding the Sounders and how they work
  • Fish Detection and dead zones
  • Setting and Tuning the Sounder
  • Interpretation of Images

    Written with the aim of "keeping it simple" John Adams has written a book for both novices and experienced fish hunters alike,The five major parts (chapters) in the book are designed to encourage a sequential learning process, with one part seamlessly leading on to the next.

    John Adams lives in Perth where he manages the Fremantle Boat school.

    NZ$69.50 + Delivery.

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    By Alain Jorion. Softcover, 0.60kg, 160mm x 240mm, 200 pages. Published 2013.
    One man & the ultimate top ten game-fish challenge.

    Alain Jorion is the first New Zealander to have captured the 'Grand Slam' of game fishing, comprising a top-class speciman of each of the big game fish - the billfish slam of black marlin, blue Marlin, striped marlin, shortbilled spearfish and broadbill spearfish, plus the tuna species (Bluefin, yellowfin, bigeye, albacore and skipjack) - all caught under strict criteria set by the New Zealand Sportfishing Coucil.

    On the way to this incredible achievement he has had some amazing experiences and gleaned skills and knowledge from many people in the process. Winning the coveted 'Old man and the Sea' trophy (twice) and the Fisherman of the Year 2001-2002.

    This is the story of one man and his passion, and a true exponent of the words "Gone Fishing"..

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    By NZ Underwater. 150mm x 210mm, Double-sided single waterproof card.
    Single card, double-sided, with photographic images of New Zealand fishes. Ideal for keeping on the boat, or in a bag.

    This card is waterproof, and although catch limits and legal catch sizes are not shown, this is perfect for Identifying your catch or for reference.

    NZ$10.00 + Delivery.

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    By Andy Macleod. Softcover, 0.537kg, 150mm x 2310mm, 144 pages. Black & White and Colour photographs. Published 2014.
    In this accessible guide to surfcasting in New Zealand, Andy Macleod shares his vast knowledge of the country's inshore fishery. He covers all the essentials, including what bait to use, the best time of day to fish, and a few crafty tricks on how to catch fish as you are learning. Even if you are already an experienced (and successful) surfcaster, this book will take your fishing to new levels. (or greater depths). Chapter include:

  • NZ Fish Species
  • Surfcasting Regions
  • Choosing the spot
  • Working with nature
  • Tackle
  • Methods & techniques
  • Baits and bait presentation

    Andy Macleod is a Wellington based surfcaster and fishing writer. He is a regular columnist on land-based fishing in New Zealand Fishing News magazine. He competes regularly in competitions and has been a regional and national surfcasting champion. This is his second book.

    NZ$30.00 + Delivery.

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    By Mike Rendle. Softcover, 0.56kg, 210mm x 147mm, 286 pages. Published 2013. Photographs, drawings and charts.
    With four decades of experience as a professional and recreational fisherman, a fishing magazine editor and a published author, Mike Rendle is eminently qualified to teach fishing skills to beginners and non-beginners alike. This book is a fantastic introduction to all the skills, tips, cooking hints, fish identification and fishing techniques you could ever need, or want, for fishing the New Zealand waters.


  • Safety
  • The basics
  • Rods, reels, Lines and sinkers
  • knots and rigging
  • Baits and berley
  • Wharf, Rock, surf and Boat fishing
  • Softbaits and lures
  • Filleting and cooking
  • Fish Identification and rules
  • Fishing spots

    If you want to know how to fish then this is the perfect start. It teaches the basics, explains the equipment, introduces the techniques and inspires you to get out there and do it. The perfect book.

    NZ$25.00 + Delivery.

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    Published by Weems & Plath. Spiral bound flexi cover, 0.37 kgs, 288mm x 218mm. 96 pages.
    Packed with the following features:

    Sportfishing Log:

  • Destinations
  • Hot spots
  • Catch records
  • Common Courses
  • Flag use

    Maintenance Info:

  • Vessel Specifications
  • Serial Numbr List
  • Operating data


  • Equipment data
  • Radio operations
  • Rules of the Road.

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    By Paul Knight. paperback, 0.38kg, 152mm x 229mm, 264 pages. Published 2014.
    Travel from Scottish streams to shark infested seas and from the frozen tundra to tropical reefs. There's every style of fishing, from the magic touch of the fly to blood and thunder battles with monsters of the deep.
    Shiver at ghostly tales from the river bank and marvel at incredible exploits with rod and line. There are stories of the ones that got away as well as catches that set records.
    Paul Knight has brought together a treasure trove of stories from a wide array of sources and invested them, with a drama and poetry that makes this essential reading for all fishermen, everywhere.

    NZ$35.00 + Delivery.

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    FISHING IMPOSSIBLE. Three Fishing Fanatics, Ten Epic Adventures
    By Blowfish, Charlie and Jay. Hardback. 200mm x 250mm . 255 Pages 1.05 kg. Colour Photographs. Published 2016
    Charlie, Jay and the Blowfish are three obsessive fishing buddies, each with their own area of expertise. Hatching plans for the weirdest, most extreme fishing trips imaginable, they head to ten fantastic destinations around the world. From spear-fishing in the Bahamas to bungee jumping in British Columbia, and dodging crocodiles in Kenya, their mission is to catch the uncatchable in the most entertaining and bizarre ways possible.

    These immersive, adrenalin-fuelled trips of a lifetime are ones most fisherman have only dreamed of, with responsible, environmental considerations at their core. Join the three mates as they head around the world to see marine life at its most exotic and extraordinary.

    NZ$45.00 + Delivery.

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    BITE TIMES. August 2017- August 2018 Know when to fish and hunt
    By OceanFun Publications.
    This little book forecasts the daily feeding times of fish and game. Valid from August 2017 to August 2018. This is based on Solunar Times which list the daily times during which wildlife is most active so you will know in advance what time of each day of the year you can expect to find the best in sport which that day has to offer. It explains what Solunar times and periods are and how to use the tables.

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    By Peter Jessup. Hardback, 0.3kg, 135mm x 207mm, 192 pages.
    If there is one thing the Kiwi fishermen enjoys almost as much as catching fish, it's telling stories about fish.

    Everyone has a 'fishy story'.

    Peter Jessup has been collecting such tales for more than 30 years as a writer and fishing enthusiast whose work has been widely published in New Zealand magazines and newspapers.

    Fishermen's Tales is a collection of his favourite stories, from the streams and coastlines of New Zealand to the rivers, lakes and seas around the world.

    As incredible as these stories seem, all of them are true,

    . Honest.

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    By Steve Campbell. Hardback, 290mm x 220mm, 2.66 kg 579 pages, full colour photographs. Published 2014
    If you met a man who has caught an astonishing 1,730 blue marlin during the last 14 years, What would you ask him?

    Steve Campbell has answered practically every question the avid bluewater angler could possibly think to ask him—how, why, where, when, and then some—in his brilliant book, Blue Marlin Magic . Steve is a highly seasoned and skilled sport-fishing captain (from New Zealand) He has spent a lifetime fishing throughout the South Pacific, where he operates Ika Lahi International Gamefishing Lodge in the remote island Kingdom of Tonga.

    By far the most complete and authorative book on Blue marlin Fishing, this is a true whopper of a book. Over 1000 Photographs spread over 580 pages, this book and the author explodes the myth of big blue marlin as loners. By towing a fisheye video camera to better understand blue marlin, he discovered their unique “strike-and-flight” feeding behavior. He set the camera to view his lure spread, or zoom in tighter, especially on lure positions that got the highest percentage of strikes.

    “I had always been under the impression that blues were pretty much solitary hunters,” writes Campbell. “After all, most of the strikes we were getting were single fish. But the footage showed a very different scenario, backed up by sonar profiling"

    Fresh knowledge led Steve to incorporate special designs in his hook rigs. His hook-ups increased immediately; drop-offs declined. These improvements are generously described and boldly illustrated in the pages of Blue Marlin Magic. As a result of these significant changes, during his years of meticulous record keeping, his best year was a remarkable 83 percent hooked-to-boated success rate. Campbell, ever the stalwart conservationist, safely released 96 percent of all these magnificent leaping blue marlin.

    More than an elaborate fishing book, Blue Marlin Magic is also a visual feast of the unspoiled ocean environment as seen through the lenses of talented photographers Doug Perrine of Hawaii, Jon Schwartz of California, and Kim Westerkov of New Zealand. Internationally award-winning marine photographer Perrine spent one month in Tonga aboard (and overboard) Campbell’s boat, Reel Addiction, capturing vivid underwater images of blue marlin and other beautiful creatures—whales to sharks to seabirds—of the South Pacific.

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    By John Angus. Pbk, 152mm x 233mm, 210 pages, full colour photographs.
    John Angus is a dedicated billfisherman. Having gamefished all over the world, he moved his family to New Zealand four years ago just to enjoy the South Pacific's great billfishing.
    His success as a billfisherman is almost without equal in New Zealand, with well over 100 billfish tagged and released including blue, black and striped marlin, broadbill swordfish and shortbilled spearfish.
    Winner of the New Zealand Gamefish Council's Peter and Noeline Short Memorial Trophy for most tagged marlin and sharks and most tagged billfish for three years running, also the New Zealand Gamefish Council's Saul Trophy for most tagged gamefish. He and his son James, Team Primetime won the striped marlin section in the 2004 New Zealand National Tournament. As well he has numerous club titles and awards, including the Snooks and Lola Fuller Conservation Trophy.
    Inside this book of "confessions" you will find exciting tales of battles with marlin to well over 1000lbs and arduous struggles with unseen monsters in the darkness, the "Holy Grail" for all billfisherman, the gladiatorial broadbill swordfish. The long hours of trolling, the determination required to fish far offshore come rain or shine, the urge to fish for the giants of the oceans and those divine moments of madness when a marlin strikes the lure are magnificently captured in this book by a gifted author.
    A student of the history of big-game fishing, the author has produced a list of the biggest and most important rod and reel captures of broadbill swordfish since fishing began for them in the early 1900s. For the first time over, this unique and historically fascinating record is published in this book.

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    By Steve Starling. Paperpack, 188mm x 236mm, 405 pages, black & white illustrations.
    Want to dangle a line anywhere in Australia or New Zealand? On the way to becoming a successful angler, discover how to choose your tackle confidently, master rigs and knots, read your fishing environment, cast efficiently and take home more fish for the table - all while fishing with safety and sustainability in mind.
  • Find expert guidance - absorb Steve Starling's insider knowledge of fishing to develop your angling skills.
  • Build your fishing kit - discover how to choose the right tackle for the right fish, competently and without waste.
  • Increase your fishing knowledge - take advantage of myriad tips about constructing effective rigs.
  • Hone your craft - match your bait to the fish, cast with ease and reel them in.
  • Take on sustainability - immerse yourself in the new age of fishing; catch only what you need.
  • Prepare your catch - improve your skills in all areas of fish preparation, from gutting to filleting with ease
  • Cook like a pro - practise the art of simplicity in the kitchen to retain and release those wondrous fish flavours.
  • Investigate ten top fishing spots - take a trip to Steve Starling's top fishing spots in Australia and New Zealand.

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