Boat Books: How to learn about marine and nautical maintenance, corrosion, engineering, mechanical and electrical systems. Complete list of our huge WORLDWIDE range of books on marine and nautical engineering, mechanical and electrical systems.

Engineering, Outboards, Mechanical and Electrical, Boat Fittings, Corrosion and Maintenance

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12 Volt Bible for Boats, The - Second EditionMiner Brotherton, Ed Sherman$NZ37.00
Adlard Coles Book of Maintenance and Repair for Diesel EnginesJean-Luc Pallas$NZ60.00
Adlard Coles Book of Outboard Motors, 3rd editionTim Bartlett$NZ40.00
Advanced Marine Electrics and Electronics TroubleshootingEd Sherman$NZ62.00
Alloy Boat CorrosionPeter VanderWeyde & Brad Fox$NZ22.50
Be Your own Boat SurveyorDag Pike$NZ40.00
Boat Electrics BibleAndy Johnson$NZ70.00
Boat MaintenanceWilliam M. Burr Jr$NZ56.00
Boat Repair Bible, TheRupert Holmes, Richard Johnstone-Bryden & Jake Kavanagh$NZ75.00
Boat WorksSail Magazine$NZ82.00
Boatowner's Guide to Corrosion, TheEverett Collier$NZ35.00
Boatowner's Illustrated Electrical HandbookCharlie Wing$NZ60.00
Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual, 4th EditionNigel Calder$NZ100.00
Brightwork Companion, TheRebecca J. Wittman$NZ35.00
Chart FIJ5 Lautoka to Yasawa IslandFiji Hydrographic$NZ75.00
Chart FIJ50 Vanua Levu - Natewa BayFiji Hydrographic$NZ75.00
Chart FIJI10 Kadavu - Northern PortionFiji Hydrographic$NZ75.00
Chart FIJI11 Plans in KadavuFiji Hydrographic$NZ75.00
Chart FIJI51 Vanua Levu - Somosomo StraitFiji Hydrographic$NZ75.00
Chart FIJI52 Natewa Bay to Nanuka BayFiji Hydrographic $NZ75.00
Chart FIJI54 Lakeba Passage to KabaraFiji Hydrographic$NZ75.00
Chart FIJI7 Suva HarbourFiji Hydrographic$NZ75.00
Chart FIJI9 Kadavu - Western PortionFiji Hydrographic$NZ75.00
Diesels AfloatPat Manley$NZ55.00
Don Casey's Complete Illustrated Sailboat Maintenance ManualDon Casey$NZ99.00
Electrics AfloatAlastair Garrod$NZ60.00
Electrics CompanionPat Manley$NZ22.00
Essential Boat ElectricsPat Manley$NZ45.00
Essential Guide to Boating - Boat Maintenance $NZ40.00
Fiberglass Boat Repair & ManintenanceWest System$NZ15.50
Fiberglass Boat Repairs IllustratedRoger Marshall$NZ45.00
Fitting Out Your BoatMichael Naujok$NZ45.00
Fix it and SailBrian Gilbert$NZ33.00
Glassfibre Handbook, TheR H Warring$NZ25.50
How Boat Things WorkCharlie Wing$NZ40.00
How to Install A New Diesel EnginePeter Cumberlidge$NZ37.00
How to Paint Your Boat, 2nd EditionNigel Clegg$NZ37.00
Hydraulic TroubleshooterDon Seddon$NZ92.00
Insider's Guide to Boat Cleaning and Detailing, TheNatalie Sears$NZ41.00
Inspecting the Aging SailboatDon Casey$NZ35.00
Marine Diesel BasicsDennison Berwick$NZ35.00
Marine Diesel EnginesNigel Calders$NZ59.00
Outboard Engines - Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Repair. 2nd EdEdwin R. Sherman$NZ55.00
Powerboater's Guide to Electrical Systems, Second editionEd Sherman$NZ46.00
Practical Boat MechanicsBen L. Evridge$NZ43.00
Propeller HandbookDave Gerr$NZ40.00
Quick & Easy Boat MaintenanceSandy Lindsey$NZ32.00
Reeds Diesel Engine Troubleshooting HandbookBarry Pickthall$NZ25.00
Reeds Marine SurveyingThomas Ask$NZ75.00
Reeds Outboard Motor Troubleshooting HandbookBarry Pickthall$NZ25.00
Refrigeration for Pleasure BoatsNigel Calder$NZ55.00
Replacing Your Boat's EngineMike Westin$NZ50.00
Sailboat Electrics SimplifiedDon Casey$NZ59.00
Sailboat RefinishingDon Casey$NZ32.00
Seashore Ecology of New Zealand and the PacifcJohn Morton$NZ100.00
Simple SolutionsAlan Lucas$NZ60.00
Skipper’s Outboard Motor GuideHans Donat$NZ30.00
Skipper's On-board Diesel GuideHans Donat$NZ28.00
Spot X Fishing Chart Outer Islands - Hauraki GulfSpot X$NZ13.00
Spot X Fishing Chart Waiheke Island - Western CoromandelSpot X$NZ13.00
Spot X Surfcasting Chart - AucklandSpot X$NZ13.50
Surveying Fiberglass SailboatsHenry C. Mustin$NZ56.00
The Big Book of Wooden Boat Restoration .Thomas Larsson$NZ55.00
The Boat Improvement BibleAdlard Coles$NZ75.00
The Restoration Handbook. 2nd EditionEnric Rosello$NZ60.00
This Old Boat, 2nd EditionDon Casey$NZ79.00
Troubleshooting Marine DieselsPeter Compton$NZ45.00
Understanding Boat AC Power SystemsJohn C. Payne$NZ30.00
Understanding Boat Batteries and Battery ChargingJohn C. Payne$NZ30.00
Understanding Boat Corrosion, Lightning protection and InterferenceJohn C. Payne$NZ30.00
Understanding Boat Diesel EnginesJohn C. Payne$NZ30.00
Understanding Boat ElectronicsJohn C. Payne$NZ30.00
Understanding Boat Plumbing and Water SystemsJohn C. Payne$NZ30.00
Understanding Boat Refrigeration and Air Conditioning SystemsJohn C. Payne$NZ30.00
Upgrading Your Boat's InteriorMike Westin$NZ45.00
Wooden Boat RenovationJim Trefethen$NZ66.00
Wooden Boat Restoration & RepairGougeon Brothers$NZ15.50