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At the chart catalogue you can see and buy on-line all of the official Land Information New Zealand charts. At The Chartroom you can see and buy on-line all the latest official and recreational charts and related publications. At Cruising New Zealand you can see and buy on-line all of the latest recreational cruising guides for New Zealand.

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(Note the MARINE CHART MEMORY MAP is no longer avaiable seperately.)

Navigate with GPS and richly detailed maps and charts. Memory-Map offers you a range of interactive maps & accessories with powerful navigation tools for use on your PC, Mac, Android, iOS and more!

PLAN ROUTES - Use real colour maps on a PC, Mac, Android or iOS device. Simply click on the map to plan your route and see leg distance, compass bearing, journey length and estimated trip time. Check the lay of the land with our 3D View on your PC.
PRINT MAPS - Create and print full colour personalised route maps at a scale of your choice. Add detailed notes to your maps and print your own route card. With Relief Shading print options you'll see 3D terrain on an accurate 2D scale map. Just a glance at the map shows all the hills and valleys making it easy to interpret contour lines.
PROGRAM GPS - Essential for any GPS user, Memory-Map makes route and waypoint programming fast, easy and accurate. Compatible with Garmin, Magellan, Silva, Navman and other leading GPS units. When you're travelling, use our Android or iOS app for detailed mapping on the go without needing to use data!
PLOT GPS - Connect a GPS to a Laptop or mobile phone for an off-road SatNav system. See your position real time on a moving map display. Display a pointer arrow showing the direction, bearing and distance to the next waypoint. The map scrolls and records a track as you move. Project your current course and speed for a given time to see where youll be. Create a warning zone around an area and an alarm is activated should you enter the zone.
PERFORMANCE REVIEW - Import tracks from a GPS to see exactly where you've been, your speed and distance covered. Create a digital journal by adding pictures, text, sound or other program files to any point on the map.

The most up to date digital mapping available for New Zealand.

USB stick containing:

  • Memory-Map Software
  • All-new 1:25k Topo map covering the title area in incredible detail, also providing excellent street detail.
  • LINZ Topo50 Series 1:50k Topo map covering the title area, augmented with confirmed DoC tracks, huts and camping grounds
  • LINZ Topo250 Series 1:250k Topo map covering the title area
  • Digital Terrain Model for 3D World & elevation profiles
  • Index of places, roads & map features
  • Bonus full catalogue of LINZ marine charts covering all of NZ and the SW Pacific
  • Basemaps

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    Holux GPS Receiver; USB Mouse MTK M-215+

    Extremely compact and easy to use GPS locator with excellent software compatibility, providing real-time position fix via your desktop or laptop PC. Featuring the exceptionally sensitive MTK Low power consumption GPS chipset to provide a fix under the most difficult conditions.

    The M-215+ is a low cost / high quality GPS solution for all types of navigation. This device is a single GPS Receiver/Antenna in a low profile, waterproof (IPX7) and robust enclosure with magnetic base (eg: for use on a vehicle roof). It interfaces to a USB port on your computing device that utilises NMEA 0183 data output sentences.

    The M-215+ provides real time GPS position, speed, distance travel and heading information in the NMEA-0183 format to your portable PC / laptop / mobile device.

    NZ$140.00 + delivery.

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    The RCV-3000 is a GPS receiver & logger featuring MTK (Media Tek Inc.) and Bluetooth technology, enabling you to receive GPS data on Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices such as most Android devices, Pocket PC's and Laptops with a range of 30 feet (10m) - without using any wires at all! 4MB of built-in memory allows logging of up to 200,000 points.

    Without the hassle of messy cords and antennas, RCV-3000 therefore allows you to place it wherever the optimal satellite reception is available. You can even place the device inside your pocket, backpack, on the dashboard or the windshield inside your vehicle.

    Measuring 41x17.1x62.5mm and weighing < 53g the highly compact, sleek, lightweight and water-resistant design enables you to efficiently carry out typical positioning applications such as vehicle navigation, location service, portable navigation, marine navigation and aviation.

    NZ$160.00 + delivery.

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