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Boat and Yacht Design

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100 Boat Designs ReviewedPeter H. Spectre$NZ65.00
Aero-Hydrodynamics and the Performance of Sailing YachtsFabio Fossati$NZ110.00
Alfred MylneIan Nicolson$NZ60.00
Boats With an Open MindPhilip C. Bolger$NZ60.00
Capt. Nat Herrreshoff. The Wizard of BristolL Francis Herreshoff$NZ70.00
Classic ClassesVanessa Bird$NZ45.00
Designs to InspireAnne and Maynard Bray$NZ82.00
Ed Burnett Yacht DesignsArdie & Jeremy Burnett$NZ110.00
Elements of Boat Strength, TheDave Gurr$NZ59.00
Elements of Modern Ship ConstructionDavid House$NZ203.50
Elements of Yachts Design (Skene's original)Norman L. Skene$NZ52.00
Fifty Wooden BoatsThe Editors of Wooden Boat Magazine$NZ50.00
Forty-Five Wooden BoatsWooden Boat$NZ30.00
Gaff Rig Handbook, TheJohn Leather$NZ75.00
How to Design a Boat - Sail and Power,Fourth EditionJohn Teale$NZ37.00
John Welsford Small Craft Design Catalogue, Fourth Edition (2004)John Welsford$NZ25.50
L Francis Herreshoff. The Flowering of Genius. Volume 2Roger C Taylor$NZ205.00
L Francis Herreshoff. Yacht Designer. Volume 1Roger C Taylor$NZ180.00
Pelin Boat Plans CatalogueFrank Pelin$NZ26.00
Performance By Design: Hydrodynamics for High Speed VesselsDonald L Blount$NZ260.00
Pete Culler On Wooden BoatsEdited by John Burke$NZ55.00
Plans & Dreams. Volume 1Paul Gartside$NZ140.00
Plans & Dreams. Volume 2Paul Gartside$NZ145.00
Pocket Cruisers and Tabloid Yachts (Benford Design)Jay Benford$NZ51.50
Practical Junk RigHG Hasler & JK McLeod$NZ150.00
Practical Small Boat DesignsJohn Atkin$NZ50.00
Preliminary Design of Boats and ShipsCyrus Hamlin, N.A.$NZ117.50
Principles of Yacht Design 4th EditionLars Larrson & Rolf E Eliasson$NZ110.00
Sharpie Book, TheReul B. Parker$NZ48.00
Ship Construction 7th EditionD J Eyres & G J Bruce$NZ125.00
Small Craft Plans (Benford Design)The Benford Design Group$NZ40.00
Small Ships (Benford Design)The Benford Design Group$NZ100.00
Small YachtsC.P.Kunhardt$NZ120.00
The Guide to Wooden BoatsMaynard Bray / Benjamin Mendlowitz$NZ41.00
The Open Boat.Ian Hugh Smith$NZ70.00
The Sailorís Book of Small Cruising SailboatsSteve Henkel$NZ56.00
Thirty Wooden BoatsThe Editors of Wooden Boats$NZ35.00
Understanding Boat Design, Fourth EditionTed Brewer$NZ37.00
Understanding Yacht DesignIan Nicolson$NZ42.00
Worthy of the SeaMaynard Bray & Tom Jackson$NZ135.00
Yacht Design According to PerryRobert H Perry$NZ69.00
Yacht DesignsWilliam Garden$NZ90.00