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  • L. Francis Herreshoff.
  • Capt. Nat Herreshoff.
  • A Genius at His Trade.
  • Alfred Mylne.
  • Understanding Yacht Design
  • Practical Small Boat Designs
  • Glen-L Book of Boat Designs
  • Iain Oughtred - A Life in Wooden Boats
  • Designs To Inspire
  • Preliminary Design of Boats and Ships
  • Worthy of the Sea
  • Aero-Hydrodynamics and the Performance of Sailing Yachts
  • Performance by Design: Hydrodynamics for High Speed vessels
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    By Roger C Taylor. Hardback, 1.82 kgs, 210mm x 268mm, 447 pages, Black & White Photos, Line drawings & Plans . Published 2016

    Francis Herreshoff lived from 1890 to 1972, and, though not prolific, he designed yachts that will always be considered classics. Beginning his career in the shadow of his famous father, Nathanael G. Herreshoff, he emerged to become a designer who would come close to the perfection of form in yacht design. Despite his exquisite designs and wise, published writings on the subject, L. Francis never achieved the popularity of a John Alden or an Olin Stephens, yet his influence on yachting, now and in the future, deserves its place alongside those leaders.

    In this book, Taylor brings Herreshoff’s personality to life, with its artistic and scientific genius, prejudices, omniscience, shyness, quiet friendliness, inward pain, and generosity. He presents a gallery of plans and photographs of Herreshoff’s yachts, with expert descriptions and commentary on the details of his designs. He shows how Herreshoff went about his work, what his daily life was like. He portrays Herreshoff as collector of fine art and antiques, as a master craftsman who made for his friends myriad distinctive objects in wood and metal. Taylor weaves into the story Herreshoff’s complex relationship with his famous father, based on the surviving correspondence between them, as well as interviews with the handful of Herreshoff’s friends who were close enough to him to be privy to his own account of that relationship. Taylor tells of Herreshoff’s many friendships with young and old of both sexes.

    Because of the desirability of presenting plans, photographs, and detailed text on each one of Herreshoff’s complete designs, as well as telling a comprehensive story of his life, Taylor has broken the work into two volumes. Volume 1 takes the story up through the design of the J-boat Whirlwind, a contender for the defence of the America’s Cup in 1930, a definite turning point in Herreshoff’s life and work. Volume 2 (not yet published) will complete the story approximately two years after Volume 1.

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    By L Francis Herreshoff. Softback, 0.64 kgs, 155mm x 230mm, 349 pages, Black & White Images & line drawings.
    This edition Published 2009 (First Published 1953)

    Nathaniel G. Herreshoff was the greatest yacht and marine designer and builder the USA ever produced. Captain Nat Herreshoff is credited with the introduction of more new devices in the design of boats than any other ma, and the great yachts that he designed for the successful defense of the America's Cup caught the imagination of the world.
    The period of his greatest activity from 1890 to 1920 was known as "the Herreshoff Era," so greatly did his personality and the yachts he designed dominate the sport.
    He was a man of manifold talents and unusual genius and his career makes one of the most fascinating biographies.

    Many of closely guarded secrets of Captain Nat, the great master, are reveled in these pages which teem with human interest, philosophy and the accumulated wisdom of a long lived genius.

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    C Raymond Hunt And His Remarkable Boats.

    By Stan Grayson. Hardback, 1.51 kgs, 222mm x 260mm, 289 pages, Black & White Photographs . Published 2015

    This is the story of a supremely gifted sailor who became one of the 20th century’s most innovative designers of both sail and powerboats. Today, the name C. Raymond Hunt remains synonymous with some of the most popular boats ever created. They include the classic Concordia yawls and sloops, the deep-V powerboat, the original Boston Whaler, the pioneering 1960 Miami-Nassau race-winner Moppie, and the production Bertram 25 and 31 Sportfishermen, among others.

    Those who sailed with Ray Hunt never forgot his special touch on the helm or his uncanny ability to predict wind behavior. Designers still marvel at his new ideas for sailboats in a variety of competitive classes, and for powerboats. While the original 13-foot Boston Whaler pioneered a new market for versatile, safe, small boats, the deep-V hull revolutionized expectations of speed and seaworthiness.

    Illustrated with images from the Fortier Collection, the Rosenfeld Collection, Beken of Cowes, the Hart Nautical Museum, and other top sources,A Genius at His Trade not only presents the story of Hunt’s boats but also explores the man himself. This biography of the most versatile yacht designer of the 20th century is long overdue.

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    By Ian Nicholson. Softback, 0.51 kgs, 245mm x 168mm, 160 pages, sepia and colour line drawings . Published 2015
    The Leading Yacht Designer 1896-1920

    Beautiful boats last a long time, but ugly ones die young. That is one reason why there are so many Alfred Mylne designed yachts still sailing, even though some of them are well over 100 years old. it was in 1896 that Alfred Mylne, at the age of 24, set up his yacht design office in Glasgow and the company is now one of the oldest British yacht design firms still in existence.

    Boat design features which are widely believed to be quite 'new' are found in early Mylne designs and between 1896 and 1920 Myline designed several beautiful, race-winning yachts.

    Alfred Mylne yachts still turn heads today.

    In this book,(which, to be honest, is reasonably small), Ian Nicholson uses original plans from the archives of Alfred Mylne to demonstrate the beauty of the earliest Mylne yacht designs and to tell the story of Alfred Mylne. The Man.

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    By Ian Nicolson. Paperback, 0.28 kgs, 170mm x 240mm, 126 pages, monochrome drawings. Reprinted 2015
    This book is for novice designers who want to use pencil and paper of Computer Aided Design. Most of the maths has been replaced by simple rule of thumb. It will be equally useful to boat owners who want to modify the hull, rig, deck layout or accommodation. It will be invaluable to boat buyers who want to answer questions like: how will she sail? How much will she cost? How easy is it to change things/ How can i reduce or increase sail area without upsetting the balance?
    Ian Nicolson has been a yacht designer for over 50 years, following the example of hs great grandfather who was closely involved in the design of the Cutty Sark the younger Nicolson built a 30ft sloop in Canada and sailed it back to Britain single-handed, celebrating his 25th birthday at sea. He is now a senior partner in the oldest yacht design/survey firm in the world (A. Mylne & Co). He lectures at two universities and has probably written more technical books and articles than anyone. He also races the family Sigma 33 and has been on various race-winning boats since 1945.

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    ByJohn Atkin. Paperback, 180mm x 255mm, 175 pages, monochrome drawings and photos .
    If you are looking for 'the right little' boat to build, or have built, or if you just like to dream over boat plans, then this collection of John and william Atkin's boats is ideal. Included are 28 practical and buildable small boats, from a 6'6" cold-moldeds round bottomed pram to a 26' flat bottomed shoal-draft sloop. You can study plans for several flat-bottomed rowing and sailing boats, a 20' utility powerboat and a 22' schooner. Most of the designs have been chosed for their simplicity and make excellent projects for amateur boatbuilders. Superbly drawn plans, photgraphs of boats both under construction and underway, together with comments by builders and owners, will help you chosse the right boat best suited to your level of boatbuilding expertise.

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    By Glen-L Marine Designs. Paperback, 212mm x 276mm, 282 pages, monochrome drawings and photos .
    If you have ever dreamed of building a boat, this is the book for you. Glen-L offers the largest selection of plans for building your ideal boat. Whether canoe or kayak, sailboat or speedboat, skiboat or classic runabout, cabin cruiser or yacht, Glen-L's full size pattern system and accessory kits put your dream within reach. Join the thousands who have successfully built their own boat using plans from the most respected name in boat designs for the amateur builder since 1953.
    Glen-L makes it easy with instructions and full size patterns.
  • No lofting required with any Glen-L plans
  • Accessory kits available
  • Online Customer Support community that is second to none
    There are over 300 different designs shown on these pages, from 5' to 55', for a variety of construction materials. You're sure to find a plan to suit your needs.

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    by Nic Compton, Hardback, 230mm X 284mm, 159 pages, full colour photographs and monochrome drawings.
    Britain's wooden boat revival was a long time coming, but when it arrived there was one name that stood out above all others: Iain Oughtred. A former dinghy racer turned boatbuilder and designer, Iain developed a cult following both for the beauty of his designs and the quality of the drawings. Challenging the view that building boats was the province of the wealthy, he created exceptionally appealing yet inexpensive wooden boats ideal for amateur construction, often basing the designs on traditional local craft. Still going strong, his designs now number more than 100 and are built around the world by amateurs and professionals alike.

    This beautiful and comprehensive book traces the life of this most enigmatic of designers, from his roots in Australia to the wilds of Scotland. His most popular designs are brought to life with gorgeous photography, often set in the stunnig Scottish landscape where he is based, and supplemented with an extensive plan section. Including interviews with family, friends and fellow designers, the evocaive text provides both a moving personal biography and a comprehensive overview of one man's life work.

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    DESIGNS TO INSPIRE, From the RUDDER 1897-1942
    By Anne and Maynard Bray. Pbk, 215mm x 280mm, 185 pages, monochrome drawings.
    Here is a treasure trove of classic vessel designs, long dormant in almost 50 years worth of back issues of The Rudder magazine. In this book. you will find equal numbers of drawings for both sail and power boats of a wide variety of types-catboats, sloops, yawls, ketches, and motorsailers, launches, runabouts, cruisers, and motoryachts. All of the plans shown here are fithfully reproduced from the The Rudders monthly design profiles, and they represent the work of such noted naval architects as John Alden, Charles Mower, B.B. Crowninshield, William Hand, Sparkman & Stephens, Phil Rhodes, Sam Crocker, E.A. Boardman, and L Francis Herreshoff-amoung others.

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    PRELIMINARY DESIGN OF BOATS AND SHIPS, A Veteran Desginer's Approach to Conceptual Vessel Design for the Layman and the Beginning Professional.
    By Cyrus Hamlin, N.A. Hbk, 180mm x 260mm, 294 pages, monochrome drawings.
    This book will help people who are not boat designers to bring the vessel of their dreams into reality. It is written by an experienced naval architect to prepare intelligent amateurs for creating conceptual designs ready for a qualified naval architect's finishing touches. Most naval architecture books deal with a single type of vessel whereas this volume covers a wide variety of watercraft. It can be equally useful if the reader is envisaging a modest cruising yacht or a sixty-foot commercial fishing boat.
    The book provides all the essential information, including a discussion of stability and trim. Mathematical applications are demystified in as far as possible.

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    By Maynard Bray & Tom Jackson. Hardcover, 285mm x 245mm, 302 pages, monochrome photos and line drawings.
    Knud Aage Nielsen may not be as well known as many of his contemporaries in twentieth-century yacht design - but he should be. He devoted his life to boat design and construction, beginning with his youth in Denmark and continuing first with illustrious design firms and later on his own.
    In 1925 Nielsen immigrated to the United States to work with the John G. Alden Company in Boston, Massachusetts. Among the stellar young designers there were Nielsen's great friends Murray Peterson and Fenwick Williams, with whom he worked during the early 1930s. In 1936 he became the sole designer in the Boston office of Sparkman & Stephens, Inc. He struck out on his own at last after World War II with a one-man design practice in Boston. An extraordinary number of his clients returned time and again for his services.
    From the beginning, his plans were known for remarkable attention to form and detail. His insistence on excellent construction was legendary. His plans - now in the collections of the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts - were held in the highest esteem by boatbuilders and by his fellow designers, Olin Stephens amongst them.
    His seaworthy double-ended cruising yachts, inspired by distinctively Danish types, are widely admired, but his work ranged from the largest Alden schooners to small craft to keel-centerboard raceboats. many of these are still active today, especially in New England. Nielsen designs remain highly prized and meticulously cared for by their owners.

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    By Fabio Fossati. Paperback, 192mm x 253mm, 354 pages, full colour & monochrome photos,line drawings and illustrations.
    Drawing on state-of-the-art performance testing techniques in wind tunnels and towing tanks, it provides invaluable new insights into how and why a sailing yacht behaves as it does. Fabio Fossati, a world expert in the field, has conducted years of research in wind tunnels, including work for several America's Cup campaigns, and his results represent the latest knowledge on the subject.
    This book presents a systematic analysis of the basic factors governing the behavior of a yacht under sail. Using simple mathematics and illustrating his findings with tables, graphs and helpful colour photographs, Fossati examines the principles of fluid dynamics applied to sailing yachts, and the main aerodynamics and hydrodynamic aspects that determine their behaviour under way.
    From the latest research in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics right through to performance prediction, this book covers:
  • Hydrodynamics of a sailing yacht - resistance components and scaling laws.
  • Hull and keel forms - thin airfoil characteristics
  • Sail aerodynamics - aerodynamic forces and moments
  • Dynamics of a yacht - velocity, heeling effects, steering performance and stability
  • Physical model testing - wind tunnels, towing tanks, scaling problems, close-hauled and downwind testing, sail plan optimisation, hull appendages
  • Performance prediction - Velocity Prediction Programs, forces modelling, hydro and aerodynamic models
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Boat hydrostatics
  • The ORC International Rating Rule

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    By Donald l Blount. Hardcover, 352 pages. 216mm x 280mm. 1.39 kg Published october 2014
    Although the primary audience for this book is undergraduate university students studying naval architecture and marine engineering, the content will certainly be of interest to most designers working with high-speed craft.

    Author Donald L Blount says, "My intent has been to share the technical information, decision criteria, rules of thumb, and the opinionated experiences which have helped me in making choices for developing marine craft intended to operate beyond displacement speeds. According to Blount, Chapter One is a reprise of his article "Original Speed," (Professional BoatBuilder magazine, June/July 2008) followed by nine chapters of "science, my skewed views of science, a few things I don't understand, definitions of things on which no two naval architects will agree, design criteria which have been my friend, and guidance on design procedures embracing technology."

    This book also includes numerous graphs, charts, tables, and formulas to clarify the material in the text

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