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Coastguard Boating Education Day Skipper Certificate.

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The New Zealand Day Skipper offers a short course in basic boat safety that will make you more competent and enhance your enjoyment; it is aimed at those with little or no boating experience. To take the optional assessment candidates must be at least 15 years of age; no prior boating experience is needed.

The programme comprises of 15 hours of lessons arranged to suit weekends, full days or evenings.


The course is broken into 5 units:

Unit 1: The Boat. A. Parts of a Boat. B. Boating equipment. C. Boat Handling.

Unit 2: Navigation. A The Chart. B. The Compass. C. Tides and Weather. D. Buoys and Beacons

Unit 3: Rules and Regulations. A. Rules of the Road. B Light and Sound Signals. C. Water Recreation Regulations.

Unit 4: Emergencies. A. Distress Signals. B. Emergency Situations. C.Hypothermia.

Unit 5: Knots. A. Knots, Bends and Hitches.

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