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  • New Zealand's Hauraki Gulf. 5th Ed. 2017
  • New Zealand's Northland Coast. 3rd Ed. 2016
  • Sea Edge
  • The Hauraki Gulf.An Iconic Kiwi Playground
  • The Story of the Hauraki Gulf
  • Hauraki Gulf
  • William Owen's Hauraki Gulf
  • Coastal Cruising Handbook, Eleventh Edition
  • To The Islands
  • Waiheke Island
  • Great Barrier Island
  • Great Barrier Island Fishing and Cruising Handbook
  • Poor Knights Wonderland
  • Recreational Boating Guides

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    By David Thatcher. Hardcover, 297 mm X 210 mm, 232 pages, full colour photographs and charts. 5th Edition. November 2017.
    Auckland Harbour, The Hauraki Gulf, Coromandel Peninsula, Mercury Islands, Mercury Bay and Great Barrier Island.

    New Zealand's Hauraki Gulf is a chart-based cruising guide and includes full colour reproductions of the large scale official charts (LINZ) and Navy Leisure Series, for the Hauraki Gulf. This updated 2017 5th edition features extensive details of anchorages, marinas, offshore facilities, waypoints (GPS References), recreational opportunities, marine mammals and general cruising information for yachties and boaties.
    This 5th edition also features many new photographs and a general account of Auckland in relation to New Zealand for assisting overseas visitors.

    Chapters are formulated by region and cover the following:

  • Introduction - Radio Information, Weather Forcasts, Distress & Urgency, Using the Guide, Index of regions.
  • Region A. Auckland and Waitemata Harbour.
  • Region B. Auckland to Whangaparoa Peninsula, including Tiritiri Matangi Island.
  • Region C. Waiheke and Adjacent Islands.
  • Region D. Mahurangi Coast to Omaha Bay and Kawau Island.
  • Region E. Coromandel Peninsula, Mercury islands and Whitianga
  • Region F. Great Barrier island, including Hauturu (Little Barrier Island) and the Mokohinau Islands

    Author David Thatcher has cruised extensively in New Zealand and the South Pacific. He is the author of other marine guides, including New Zealand's Northland Coast and the South Pacific Cruising Guide.

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    NEW ZEALAND'S NORTHLAND COAST 3rd edition. Published December 2016
    By David Thatcher. Hardcover, 297 mm X 210 mm, 216 pages, full colour photographs and charts.

    This third Edition of New Zealand's Northland Coast has been updated (2016) and provides full colour reproductions of large scale charts for the region Northland to Whangarei to Cape Reinga, including the Bay of Islands, Whangaroa and the Three Kings Island. Over 100 nautical miles of coastline are covered, including rocky foreshores, majestic capes, sheltered harbours and gulfs and the many endless miles of white sandy beaches.

    Includes GPS reference points, details and photographs of anchorages, recreational opportunities and general information for cruisers. The chart reproductions include the LINZ official charts, and marinas and other plans.

    This is the third edition of this Cruising Guide, which was first published in 2000.

    David Thatcher has cruised extensively in New Zealand and the South Pacific as a commercial skipper, and for pleasure. He is the author of other marine guides, including New Zealand's Hauraki Gulf and the South Pacific Cruising Guide.

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    SEA EDGE. Where The Waitemata Meets Auckland

    By Bob Harvey. Hardcover, 310 mm X 310 mm, 258 pages, 2.30 kg Published 2019

    A deluxe hardback with stunning art and photos, and dazzling text, Sea Edge is the culmination of years of intensive research by Sir Bob Harvey into the history and photo archives of Auckland’s magnificent Waitemata Harbour.

    The past, present and future for Auckland’s dynamic, beautiful sea edge. Auckland is a glorious maritime city of character and charm. What happens at the sea edge — the beaches and ports and fringes of the Waitemata Harbour — defines the city’s past and present.
    Since the first Polynesian voyagers made landfall in their double-hulled sailing canoes, new arrivals have continually rediscovered and redefined the harbour and Hauraki Gulf beyond.

    Waitemata, ‘sparkling waters’, originated as a name from a rock off Kauri Point. Settlers from Britain and other parts of Europe navigated into the Waitemata to create the ‘City of Sails’. is a collection of old and new stories, vignettes of the past and visions of the future, accompanied by many unpublished photographs and illustrations.

    The power of the narrative is the transformation of the Auckland Waterfront across history — including the enormous task of reclamation, building the port, and developing commerce and culture. Sir Bob Harvey has drawn on his lifetime’s connection to the harbour and his civic leadership in planning its future, and dedicated recent years to researching the stories of the Sea Edge. It tells an inspiring story. The City of Sails holds a promise of much to come.

    This stunning book is organised into four parts:

  • The Beginning: from Maori on the Waitemata and Governor Hobson through to Shed 10, the Auckland Ferry Building and Henry Winkelmann
  • The Inner Harbour: America’s Cup and yachting heroes, Sanfords and fishing, on to today’s developments including the new Park Hyatt and GridAKL
  • The Working Waterfront: work including scows, the Devonport Naval Base, the Great White Fleet, waterfront strikes, SkyPath and Wynyard Point
  • The Future of the Waitemata: plans and dreams for a sustainable waterfront.

    Sir Bob Harvey was born and brought up close to Auckland’s waterfront, and has made the city and the sea a big part of his life. He served as Mayor of Waitakere City from 1992 to 2010 and later as Chair of Waterfront Auckland. Bob is the author of numerous books including the bestselling Untamed Coast. He was knighted in 2013 for services to local body affairs and the community.

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    By Jane King. Hardcover, 210 mm X 280 mm, 232 pages, Published 2017

    The Hauraki Gulf is one of New Zealand's most beautiful natural playgrounds a national treasure enjoyed and cherished by locals and visitors alike. Diverse in their stunning natural landscapes and the array of opportunities they provide for fun and recreation, the islands are an idyllic haven for boating, sailing, fishing, a variety of water-sports, exploring, rest and relaxation. They are also home to endangered native birds, wildlife and marine life - most of which are thriving in restored and regenerating habitats.

    This book is a celebration of the Hauraki Gulf islands - the beautiful land and seascape we are fortunate to have access to.

    Author Jane King explores the multitude of recreational activities, the rich history, the nature and conservation success stories, and yarns from people who live, work and love spending time in the gulf.

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    By Raewyn Peart. Hardback, 300mm x 245mm x 37mm. 2.36 kgs. 368 pages, full colour photographs. Published September 2016
    An environmental, social and cultural history of the Hauraki Gulf.

    'The Story of the Hauraki Gulf' encompasses the 1.4 million hectares of marine space that comprises the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. This includes over 50 islands, including Great Barrier and Great Mercury Islands, the entire east coast of Auckland, both coasts of the Coromandel Peninsula and the Firth of Thames. The author visited numerous places within this vast and incredibly diverse area and interviewed over 60 people, whose lives have intersected with the Gulf in various ways - from local Iwi leaders, to men and women making a living from the area, to those enjoying the sailing, fishing and diving, and to the environmentalists who work tirelessly to preserve and protects and restore our natural heritage.

    These stories are woven into a narrative of discovery and settlement, transformation (both land and sea) and scientific research and restoration. Over 300 photographs, historic and contemporary, and specially commissioned maps accompany the text.

    This is a beautiful tribute to a stunning part of New Zealand, and one that we should all have on our shelves. (And one we should send to our friends)

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    By Ian D. Robinson. Paperback, 230mm x 258mm, 144 pages, full colour photographs.
    For many Aucklanders the Hauraki Gulf is 'that place out there', those islands we glance at as we race across the harbour bridge or along Tamaki Drive, always on our way to somewhere else. This was true, too, for author Ian Robinson, until he set out to discover the places and people whose stories are told in this book.
    The Hauraki Gulf that Ian reveals is a world of diverse histories, peoples, landscapes, flora and fauna and much more besides. The impressive commitment from so many people to the restoration and preservation of the unique features and qualities of this special place is also evident.
    Ian Robinson skirts the mainland fringes of the gulf - from Goat Island, through Auckland City and round to Kawakawa Bay - then heads out to the islands of Rangitoto, Motutapu, Rakino and Waiheke, and the little islands in-between. From there he explores Great Barrier, the guardian of the gulf, which hunkers low on the horizon, and finally, to renowned conservation jewels, Tiritiri Matangi and Little Barrier Island.
    The waters of the gulf and the many islands that make up the Hauraki Gulf Marine park are a treasure waiting to be discovered.

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    WILLIAM OWEN'S HAURAKI GULF, 4th Edition 2010
    A Fishing and Cruising Guide. By Revised & Updated by Penny Owen. Softcover, 0.65 kg. 150 mm X 230 mm, 280 pages. Black & White images and line drawings.
    Contains all the information on anchorages and harbours, detail about seamanship, boat safety and fishing, as well as anecdotes and seafarer's lore. This Fourth edition (First published 1983) has been revised and updated by Penny Owen (William's daughter).

    A classic, and timeless book.

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    COASTAL CRUISING HANDBOOK, Eleventh Edition. 2012. Hardback Edition.
    By Royal Akarana Yacht Club. Hardcover. 312 pages, 160mm x 230mm, black and white diagrams.
    The Coastal Cruising Handbook is a comprehensive cruising guide to New Zealand’s coast and off-lying islands from North Cape to East Cape. Since the first edition was published in 1972, steady demand has indicated that this publication fills a very real need for the navigator in North Island waters.

    This is the eleventh edition, (2012) while remaining true to the spirit of the original and the intentions of the founding editors, has been extensively revised to take into account recent changes to buoyage and marine developments.

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    By Kerry Howe, Softcover. 152mm x 230mm, 232 pages, Line Drawings. Published 2016.
    Insightful, quirky, poignant, cheeky,thoughtful, amusing, lyrical and highly informed...This book, a series of essays, is an intriguing account of nature, culture, history and politics in the Hauraki Gulf Islands from the time of first human settletment until today.

    Acute observations of all the Islands and rocks of the Gulf, interspersed with personal reminiscences, the book is laced with personal anecdotes, sailing and cruising experiences and myriad maritime matters.

    Running throughout the many and fascinating chapters are key themes of Maori and Pakeha use of the Islands, their historical interaction, and more recent attempts at cultural restitution, environmental restoration and wildlife preservation.

    For lovers of the sea, of boats, of islands and of history, this is a book which will appeal to a cross section of New Zealanders everywhere.

    Author Kerry Howe has spent his career writing internationally acclaimed books about Pacific/Polynesian/New Zealand History. Now an Emeritus Professor, meandering in a 50 year old wooden yacht (Townson 30), he reflects in this book on his lifelong engagement with the Hauraki Gulf islands.

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    Stephen Picard. Softback, 170mm x 210mm, 212 Pages, colour Photographs, 3rd Edition 2017.
    The island of Waiheke lies 17 kilometres east of Auckland, and 15 Kilometres west of Coromandel in the Hauraki Gulf. The largest of the 40 or so Islands within the Gulf and has 96 Kilometres of coastline.

    An island of many faces. It has been, (and still is, in some places) a South Seas refuge, a working class Holiday retreat, a Hippie haven...However, Since 1987 (and the advent of a fast reliable ferry service) the Island has attracted an influx of Middle-aged , Middle class people, Super Gold-card Seniors, the Nouveau Riche developers and the Super Rich Overseas (absent) owners.

    With growing popularity as a worldwide destination with the travel websites it seems Waiheke now is the island of 'Woodstock meets the Isle of Capri'. Escapism , tranquility, spohistication, beautiful surroundings and fantastic wine. The 'Martha's vineyard' of the South Pacific.

    This updated (2017) guide book to the Island is a great introduction to the Island and to Island life.

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    Edited by Don Armitage. Pbk, 170mm x 240mm, 192 Pages, colour and monochrome photographs, maps and sketches.
    At last an excellent guide to this beautiful, outermost island of the Hauraki Gulf with individual chapters covering the history, geology, ecosystems, flora, land and freshwater invertebrates, reptiles and frogs, marine and freshwater life, birds, and managing the resource, written by contributing experts.
    Great Barrier is comparatively undeveloped and free from many of the animal pests that have taken their toll elsewhere in New Zealand. As a result there is a superb natural landscape, a high number of rare native plants and animals and numerous well preserved historic sites. This book is a delight to read, profusely illustrated in colour and will become an essential handbook for all visitors to the island.

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    ByNicolette Belton. Paperback, 148mm x 210mm, 128 pages, 4th Edition 2014. Colour and Black & white photographs.

    This is the most up-to-date fishing and cruising guide for Great Barrier Island, including Cuvier and Mokohinau Islands. It provides anchorages, harbours and holding information which is vital for enjoyable cruising.

    For those wanting time on land, it is also an extensive guide to the numerous activities, accommodation, restaurants, annual events and Island tours. There are numerous photos and a section on the Island's history.

    Written by Nicolette Belton who has enjoyed 26 years experience of cruising the waters, travelling over, and around, the Island and the coast. This guide will provide first-hand knowledge and guidance to all things Barrier, whether it be fishing, cruising,diving, exploring or just sight seeing.

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    POOR KNIGHTS WONDERLAND, Field Guide To The Islands and Marine Reserve.
    By Glen Edney. Pbk, 0.15 kgs, 148mm x 210mm, 64 pages, full colour photographs, of superior quality compared to the 1st edition, and maps. Published 2010 (2nd edition).
    This beautiful little book is an addition to the growing number of guides to what I have come to call New Zealand's Best Kept Secrets. These include The Singing Island describing Tiritirimatangi, and the books on Goat Island, White Island and others. Some of them are not generally available through local bookshops and tend to be published by the authors or concerned governing authority.
    This book describes in detail the plant, animal, bird and fish life which abound in this unique habitat. It also gives a geological description and history of the islands, which have been separated from the mainland of New Zealand's North Island for two million years.

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    By David Bateman. Source data from Royal New Zealand Navy and New Zealand Coastguard. Pbk, metal spiral bound, 300mm x 380mm, full colour charts.

    Recreational Boating Guide - Auckland to Kawau Island, 2nd revised Edition, 8 detailed maps.

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    Recreational Boating Guide - Bay of Islands, 6 detailed maps.

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