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  • South Atlantic Circuit
  • The Atlantic Crossing Guide, 7th Edition
  • The Atlantic Crossing Guide, 6th Edition
  • Havens & Anchorages
  • Charlie's Charts - North to Alaska
  • Brazil Cruising Guide
  • Patagonia and Tierra Del Fuego Pilot
  • Chile
  • Caribbean Passagemaking

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  • For blue water cruisers wanting encylopaedic information about routes and destinations, you can do very well by going to Jimmy Cornell's web site at It appears to be quickly reactive to new information and is certainly up-to-the-minute for New Zealand waters.

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    By Tom Morgan, Paperback, 0.8kg 210mm x 297mm, 169 pages. Colour, Black & White photos and charts
    South Atlantic Circuit is the comprehensive reference work for anyone wishing to travel the South Atlantic Ocean and explore the fascinating coastlines of Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, the South Atlantic Islands, South Africa and Namibia. The preparations required for ocean cruising are covered. Strategies included are winds, currents and routes around the South Atlantic and communications etc. . Includes route planning, safety and pilotage, port details, provisioning, regional weather, formalities, country information and much more.. There is also pilotage for major destinations.

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    By Jane Russel. Hardback, 1.38kg, 215mm x 302mm, 292 pages, full colour charts and photographs.
    The Atlantic Crossing Guide has become established as the standard reference for anyone planning an Atlantic passage, whether via the trade wind route to the Caribbean or to Europe from the United States. The better prepared you are the greater your chances of success.
    Packed full of the collective wisdom of cruising sailors over four decades, this new edition has been updtaed to include advice on:

  • Suitable boats, including considerations of hull integrity
  • Equipment and maintenance
  • Advances in navigation and communications systems
  • Access to weather and routeing information
  • The balance of power input and usage
  • Planning for hurricane season
  • Risk management.
  • Crew harmony and health
  • Provisioning

    Passages planning

  • Atlantic weather systems, including tropical waves and hurricanes
  • common routes and timings across the Atlantic
  • Seasonal cruising along bordering coasts and within Atlantic island groups
  • Fog and ice in the higher latitudes
  • key landfalls No other book contains so much information for planning and setting out on an Atlantic crossing. Whether you are comtemplating your first ocean adventure or have multiple crossing under your belt, The Atlantic Crossing Guide will be an invaluable tool and an indispensible reference once underway.

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    Also still available, the previous (6th) edition

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    By Tom Morgan. Softcover. 0.66kg, 140 pages, 210mm x 300mm, full colour, with line chart drawings. Published 2002

    This companion to the South Atlantic Circuit covers several less well -known stopovers. Numerous free anchorages are included, where cruisers can enjoy the unspoilt South Atlantic coastline of South America. Over 90 newly drawn plans accompany the pilotage information for destinations from Natal, Brazil, in the north to Caleta Homo, Argentina, in the south.

    Havens & Anchorages has been compiled from contributions collected by the Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation and infomation collected by the author. Entries are based on pilotage, and information given about most locations includes facilities, formalities and local attractions.

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    CHARLIE'S CHARTS - NORTH TO ALASKA (Victoria, B.C. to Glacier Bay, Alaska).
    By Charles and Margo Wood. Card back - spiral bound, 0.82 kgs, 215mm x 280mm, 242 pages, monochrome and full colour photographs and monochrome port plans and charts. 5th edition published 2008.
    This very well known, bound set of maps and cruising directions is one of a set that needs little introduction.
    This edition contains a number of full colour photographs to give a strong impression of the beauty and interest of the area. The cruising information covers:

  • A general introduction for preparations for cruising and sightseeing in the area,
  • Victoria to Campbell River,
  • Campbell River to Port Hardy,
  • Port Hardy to Klemtu,
  • Klemtu to Prince Rupert,
  • Prince Rupert to Wrangell,
  • Wrangell to Juneau (the State capital),
  • Juneau to Glacier Bay and to Sitka,
  • Sitka to Barrier Islands to Prince Rupert.

    An appendix contains much general information such as charts and publications, weather information and tables of distances, etc.

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    By Michel Balette. Hardback. 1.19kg, 273 pages, 210mm x 300mm, full colour.
    First published in France, Michel Balette’s pilot for the coasts of Brazil is the first really comprehensive set of sailing directions for this area. Over 250 harbours and anchorages are described and illustrated by full colour photographs and plans, many of which are based on Brazilian Navy charts.

    This immensely varied country has a 3500 mile coastline which embraces the Amazon Basin in the north and in the south the estuary of the River Plate, and offers a great range of destinations for cruising. Michel Balette describes the scenery and offers a concise guide to Brazil and its people and their customs.

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    By Mariolina Rolfo and Giorgio Ardrizzi. Hardback, 1.51kgs, 180mm x 243mm, 719 pages. 3rd Edition Published 2015.
    Superbly produced book on one of the most beautiful parts of the world.
    This pilot guide, now at its third edition, aims to report the local conditions and knowledge with the greatest accuracy, in order that these 2,400 miles of water can be navigated safely. The work is divided into two sections.
    The first section contains subjects of general interest such as flora, fauna, geology, history and heritage.
    The second part is strictly nautical and is the result of sixteen years xperience in sailing these waters. The authors have selected and personally tested over 400 anchorages - all noted with accurate descriptions and drawings so as to provide the necessary information for a safe navigation. Moreover, this section is improved by the inclusion of notes regarding meteorology, radio frequencies, yacht preparation, rules of navigating and information about Chile and Argentenia.
    The pilot guides includes:
  • 433 items with anchorages, coves and harbours
  • 451 general and detailed charts
  • 107 drawings and historical pictures
  • 93 colour prints and 39 B&W prints

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    CHILE Arica Desert to Tierra del Fuego.
    By Andrew O'Grady, 1.06 kgs, Pbk, 269 pages, 210mm x295mm, full colour charts. Revised Third Edition. Published 2016
    This guide to Chile covers the coasts from Arica in the north to Cape Horn in the south, and includes Isla de Pascua and Islas Juan Fernandez to the west.
    Chile’s vast coastline offers the complete range of scenery and is one of the last easily accessible places on the planet where yachts can explore little known waters and find previously unreported anchorages.

    This revised third edition is a compilation of information gleaned by many visiting yachtsmen, edited into a coherent and thorough guide. It offers detailed, fully updated sailing directions for almost all the important harbours and anchorages, many of which are documented here for the first time. The detailed text is supported by revised colour sketch plans throughout.

    The book now contains full colour photographs which relate to the sketch plans.

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    By Les Weatheritt. Paperback. 0.59kg, Published 2015. 3rd Edition. 395 pages, 140mm x 215mm, Black & White images.
    The chain of islands from the Virgins to the southern Lesser Antilles is one of the most desirable tropical cruising grounds as well as the most accessible for North American and European sailors. The Caribbean Sea is usually benign, but the conditions are very different from your home waters you must learn to sail with the grain of wind, weather, current, and climate, or these forgiving waters will turn into a punishingly rough old sea. Learn to sail in harmony with the winds and currents that surround the Virgins, the Leewards, and the Windwards, and your Caribbean sailing experience will be the good one you deserve.

    This updated third edition of Caribbean Passagemaking is an entertaining mine of information for the sun-soaked passage planner as well as the dreamer back home. Here is the full, vital background to help skipper and crew enjoy sailing the Caribbean islands.

    Topics include:

  • How to achieve easier passagemaking and sail in comfort
  • Which are the safe and easy harbors
  • How to spot the weather windows
  • Prevailing winds and currents
  • Ideal equipment for Caribbean waters
  • Plus a wealth of practical, down-to-earth hints and tips

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    Cruising Guides Beyond the South West Pacific. Page one.


    See also Charts, Hydrographic and Cruising Guides for New Zealand, South West Pacific and Beyond

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