How to cruise beyond the Pacific. Complete list of our WORLDWIDE cruising guides and books for marine and nautical cruising beyond the South Pacific

Cruising Guides Beyond the South West Pacific

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101 Anchorages within the Indonesian ArchipelagoGeoff Wilson$NZ125.00
200,000 Miles. A Life of AdventureJimmy Cornell$NZ140.00
777 Harbours & Anchorages Pilot Book. Eastern Adriatic. 7th EditionKarl-Heinz Bestandig , dario Silvestro$NZ160.00
Adlard Coles Book of Mediterranean Cruising. 4th Ed.Rod Heikell$NZ40.00
Adriatic Pilot, 7th EditionTrevor & Dinah Thompson$NZ165.00
Adriatic Sea Passage Chart M23Imray$NZ60.00
Antarctica Cruising Guide - 3rd editionPeter Carey & Craig Franklin$NZ40.00
Atlantic Crossing Guide, The 7th EditionJane Russelll$NZ105.00
Atlantic Spain and PortugalHenry Buchanan Martin Walker and Anne Hammick$NZ150.00
Baltic Sea, TheRoyal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation$NZ138.00
Brazil Cruising GuideMichel Balette$NZ145.00
British River NavigationsStuart Fisher$NZ60.00
Canals of BritainStuart Fisher$NZ65.00
Cape Horn and Antarctic WatersPaul Heiney$NZ165.00
Caribbean PassagemakingLes Weatheritt$NZ70.00
Chile - Arica Desert to Tierra Del Fuego, Revised 3rd EditionAndrew O'Grady$NZ120.00
Cornell's Ocean AtlasJimmy & Ivan Cornell$NZ220.00
Corsica and North Sardinia, third editionJohn Marchment$NZ100.00
Costas del Azahar, Dorada and BravaRCC Pilotage Foundation$NZ148.00
Costas del Sol and BlancaRCC Pilotage Foundation$NZ125.00
Cruising Bulgaria and RomaniaNicky Allardice$NZ82.00
Cruising French Waterways, 4th edition revisedHugh McKnight$NZ60.00
Cruising Guide to Indonesia. 2nd EditionAndy Scott$NZ160.00
Cruising Guide to Southeast Asia, Volume TwoStephen Davies and Elaine Morgan$NZ125.00
Cruising the Inland Waterways of France & Belgium. 20th EditionMargaret Harwood et al$NZ60.00
Dream Cruising DestinationsVanessa Bird Martin Walker and Anne Hammick$NZ45.00
Dubrovnik to Bar and Ulcinj Chart M27Imray$NZ60.00
East AegeanRod Heikell$NZ80.00
Eastern Mediterranean Chart M20Imray$NZ60.00
European Waterways MapDavid Edwards-May$NZ60.00
European Waterways, The - Second EditionMarion Martin$NZ40.00
Great Waterways JourneysDerek Pratt$NZ40.00
Greek Waters Pilots, Fully revised 12th EditionRod Heikell$NZ150.00
Harbour Guide. Croatia-Montenegro-SloveniaSkagerrak Forlag$NZ170.00
Havens & AnchoragesTom Morgan$NZ80.00
Indian Ocean Cruising Guide, 2nd EditionRod Heikell$NZ120.00
Inland Waterways Manual, The - 3rd EditionEmrhys Barrell$NZ45.00
Inland Waterways Map - North AmericaDavid Edwards-May$NZ50.00
Inland Waterways of France, 8th EditionDavid Edwards-May$NZ120.00
Inland Waterways of GermanyBarry Sheffield$NZ90.00
Inland Waterways of Great BritainJane Cumberlidge$NZ145.00
Inland Waterways of the Netherlands, 2nd editionLouise Busby and David Broad$NZ110.00
Ionian, 9th EditionRod Heikell$NZ75.00
Islas Baleares, fully revised 10th EditionGraham Hutt$NZ136.00
Italian Waters Pilot, 9th EditionRod Heikell$NZ150.00
Map of Germany & Benelux Inland WaterwaysKapitan K.Nussbaum$NZ65.00
Map of Inland Waterways of Great BritainJane Cumberlidge$NZ40.00
Map of the Inland Waterways of FranceK. Nussbaum$NZ40.00
Mediterranean Cruising Handbook 6th EditionRod heikell$NZ110.00
Mediterranean France & Corsica Pilot, 6th editionRod Heikell$NZ150.00
Mediterranean SpainSteve Pickard$NZ160.00
Narrowboat GuideTony Jones$NZ48.00
North Africa Pilot - fully revised 4th edition (Imray)Graham Hutt$NZ140.00
North Ionian Islands Chart G11Imray$NZ60.00
Ocean Passages and Landfalls, 2nd EditionRod Heikell and Andy O'Grady$NZ150.00
Ocean Passages for the World. NP 136British Admiralty. 6th Edition$NZ280.00
Otok Rab to Sibenij Chart M25Imray$NZ60.00
Passion for the Sea - Reflections on Three Circumnavigations, AJimmy Cornell$NZ75.00
Patagonia and Tierra Del Fuego Pilot, 3rd EditionMariolina and Giorgio Ardrizzi$NZ250.00
Red Sea Pilot, 2nd EditionElaine Morgan & Stephen Davies$NZ150.00
River Cruising in EuropeDouglas Ward$NZ35.00
RYA European Waterways Regulations, 2nd editionTam Murrell$NZ27.50
RYA Handy Guide to CEVNIRYA$NZ20.00
RYA Inland Waterways HandbookAndrew Newman$NZ42.00
Sailing through Russia - From the Arctic to the Black SeaJohn Vallentine & Maxine Maters$NZ110.00
Sea Dreams in the AdriaticRob & Rosemary Peterswald$NZ30.00
Sell Up and Cruise the Inland WaterwaysBill & Laurel Cooper$NZ40.00
South Ionian Islands Chart G12Imray$NZ60.00
Southeast Asia Pilot. Fifth Edition.Bill O’Leary and Andy Dowden$NZ175.00
Southern Adriatic and Ionian Seas Passage Chart M30Imray$NZ60.00
Split to Dubrovnik Chart M26Imray$NZ60.00
The Baltic Sea and Approaches 4th Ed.RCC Pilotage$NZ150.00
The Canal Du Midi - A Cruiser's GuideBernd-Wilfried Kiessler$NZ33.00
The Inland Voyager's HandbookDanny L Davis$NZ65.00
Through the French Canals, 13th EditionDavid Jefferson$NZ45.00
Turkey Cruising CompanionEmma Watson$NZ110.00
Turkish Waters & Cyprus Pilot, 9th EditionRod Heikell$NZ140.00
Waterway Routes Through FranceJane Cumberlidge$NZ46.00
West Aegean 3rd EditionRod Heikell$NZ85.00
Western Mediterranean Chart M10Imray$NZ60.00
World Cruising Destinations 2nd editionJimmy and Doina Cornell$NZ95.00
World Cruising Routes 8th EditionJimmy Cornell$NZ115.00
World Voyage Planner. 2nd editionJimmy Cornell$NZ95.00