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50 Beaches to Blow Your MindLonely Planet$NZ17.00
A History of Sailing in 100 ObjectsBarry Pickthall$NZ45.00
A Postcard History of Passenger LinersChristopher Deakes$NZ55.00
A Tasman TrioAndrew Bell and Murray Robinson$NZ61.50
Above AucklandDavid Wall$NZ45.00
All This and Sailing TooOlin Stephens$NZ133.00
Atlas of Cursed PlacesOlivier Le Carrer$NZ50.00
Auckland & Northland with Hauraki Gulf & CoromandelPeter Morath$NZ20.00
Auckland Then and NowJenny Haworth$NZ35.00
Bailey Boat CatLouise Kennedy$NZ23.00
Battleship Bismark. Owners Workshop ManualHaynes Manuals$NZ50.00
Beach LifeDouglas Lloyd Jenkins$NZ60.00
Blue Star Line. A Fleet HistoryTony Atkinson$NZ160.00
BoatSimon Griffiths$NZ52.00
BoathousesAdam Mornement$NZ50.00
Book of Wooden Boats Vol III, TheBenjamin Mendlowitz$NZ140.00
Box BoatsBrian J. Cudahy$NZ70.00
Britain's Historic ShipsPaul Brown$NZ50.00
Building Chris-CraftAnthony S. Mollica with Chris Smith$NZ90.00
Building the BiggestGeoff Lunn$NZ57.50
Building the TitanicRod Green$NZ50.00
Bulk Carriers - The Ocean CinderellasNick Tolerton$NZ77.00
Canal Guide, TheStuart Fisher$NZ37.00
Canterbury Coasters - PBGavin McLean$NZ30.00
Captain's Table, TheSarah Edington$NZ40.00
Cargo Liners - an illustrated historyAmbrose Greenway$NZ120.00
Caribbean Island DreamsJoan Tapper$NZ45.00
Carlo the Legend, Riva the MythPiero M Gibellini$NZ610.00
Catamarans - Tomorrow's SuperyachtsGregor Tarjan$NZ135.00
Charles Darwin. The Voyage of the BeagleCharles Darwin$NZ55.00
Charles E Nicholson and his YachtsFranco Pace & William Collier$NZ140.00
Chart AUS121 Plans in South Australia - South West Coast: Streaky Bay; Coffin Bay; Port Eyre; Blanche Port; Vanus Bay; Waterloo BayDec 2011$NZ52.00
Chart AUS150 Western Port; Eastern Entrance to Western Port; The Narrows; RhyllJun 2010$NZ52.00
Chart AUS154 Port Melbourne, Williamstown and Port Yarra; River YarraMay 2010$NZ52.00
Chart AUS155 Approaches to Melbourne; Sandringham; Brighton; St Kilda; AltonaJan 2010$NZ52.00
Chart AUS157 Geelong and Approaches; Point Henry Pier; Point Wilson Pier; Clifton SpringsMar 2009$NZ52.00
Chart AUS158 Port Phillip South and West ChannelsAUG 2011$NZ52.00
Chart AUS200 Port Jackson; Paramatta RiverSept 2010$NZ52.00
Chart AUS201 Port Jackson (eastern sheet)July 2001$NZ52.00
Chart AUS202 Port Jackson (central sheet); Sydney HarbourJuly 2001$NZ52.00
Chart AUS235 Approaches to Moreton Bay; Mooloolabar HarbourDec 2010$NZ52.00
Chart AUS236 Moreton Bay; Manly Boat HarbourDec 2010$NZ52.00
Chart AUS252 Whitsunday Group: Laguna QuaysJun 2005$NZ52.00
Chart AUS253 Whitsunday Passage; Shute HarbourMay 2005$NZ52.00
Chart AUS254 Plans in Whitsundays: Hook Reef; Linderman Island; Fitzalan Passage; Hamilton and Dent Islands; Stonehaven AnchorageJun 2005$NZ52.00
Chart AUS292 Adolphus Channel to Prince of Wales ChannelJun 2005$NZ52.00
Chart AUS293 Prince of Wales ChannelDec 2011$NZ52.00
Chart AUS376 Torres StraitMay 2006$NZ52.00
Chart AUS391 Nauna Island to Manus IslandFeb 2008$NZ52.00
Chart AUS400 Approaches to Christmas IslandAug 2003$NZ52.00
Chart AUS487 bass StraitJan 2005$NZ52.00
Chart AUS55 Approaches to Port WalcottDec 2011$NZ52.00
Chart AUS606 Approaches to Cocos (Keeling) IslandsJun 1991$NZ52.00
Chart AUS607 Cocos (Keeling) Islands: South Keeling; North Keeling IslandJun 1991$NZ52.00
Chart AUS609 Norfolk Island; Norfolk and Phillip Islands; Ball Bay; Cascade Bay; Sydney Bay; Approaches to Norfolk IslandJun 1995$NZ52.00
Chart AUS610 Approaches to Lord Howe Island; Lord Howe island; The Lagoon (North); The Lagoon (South)Nov 2000$NZ52.00
Chart AUS700 Western Approaches to Torres StraitJul 1994$NZ52.00
Chart AUS801 Cape Schanck to Cape LiptrapMay 1996$NZ52.00
Chart AUS814 Point Danger to Cape MoretonApr 2011$NZ52.00
Chart AUS815 Cape Moreton to Double Island PointMay 2011$NZ52.00
Chart AUS839 Cairncross Islets to Arden IsletMar 2006$NZ52.00
Chasing ConradSimon J Hall$NZ50.00
Classic Sailing YachtsJill Borrow$NZ100.00
Clipper Ships and the Golden Age of SailSam Jefferson$NZ60.00
Cloud SketchingMartin Feijoo$NZ30.00
Coast- A New Zealand JourneyBruce Ansley and Jane Ussher$NZ75.00
Coast New ZealandTed Scott$NZ25.00
Coast to Coast - The Great Australian Coastal LinersPeter Plowman$NZ41.00
Colour Me Mindful. UnderwaterAnastasia Catris$NZ19.50
Conquest of the Ocean, TheBrian Lavery$NZ50.00
Courtesy Flag - Australia $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - China $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Cook Islands $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Fiji $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - France (New Caledonia) $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - French Polynesia $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Indonesia $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Kiribati $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Malaysia $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Marshall Islands $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - New Zealand $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Niue $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Papua New Guinea $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Samoa $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Singapore $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Solomon Islands $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Thailand $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Tonga $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Tuvalu $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Vanuatu $NZ39.00
Crossed FlagsW.A.Laxon, I.J.Farquhar, N.J.Kirby, F.W.Perry$NZ80.00
Cruise Ships Wellington. One Hundred and One VisitorsVictor Young$NZ45.00
Cutty SarkEric Kentley$NZ55.00
Deep Sea and Foreign GoingRose George$NZ25.00
Dreadnought Battleship. Owners Workshop ManualHaynes Manuals$NZ50.00
Dumont d'Urville. Explorer & PolymathEdward Duyker$NZ70.00
Early Mapping of the PacifcThomas Suarez$NZ90.00
Eileen Ramsay - Queen of Yachting PhotographyBarray Pickthall$NZ60.00
Empire Flying Boat. Owners Workshop ManualHaynes Manuals$NZ50.00
Evolving AucklandEd. John La Roche$NZ60.00
Fabulous 40s, The - A History of the Farr Class 1996-2011Bob Fisher$NZ210.00
Face to FaceHuw Lewis-Jones$NZ75.00
Fifty Places to Sail Before You DieChris Santella$NZ65.00
Fifty Ships that Changed the Course of HistoryIan Graham$NZ40.00
FiordlandAndre Apse$NZ80.00
Fiordland ExploredJohn Hall-Jones$NZ45.00
Fiordland. Landscape and LifeRoger Wandless & Johm Hall-Jones$NZ69.00
Fishy Fingers. The Odour EroderFishy Fingers$NZ10.00
France/NorwayJohn Maxtone-Graham$NZ150.00
G. L Watson. The Art & Science of Yacht DesignMartin Black$NZ149.00
HarbourAlistair Grant$NZ80.00
Herreshoff and His YachtsFranco Pace$NZ130.00
High Seas & High TeasRoslyn Russell$NZ60.00
Hinckley YachtsNick Voulgaris III$NZ140.00
Historic Treasures of the SouthJohn Hall-Jones$NZ40.00
History of Seafaring, TheDonals S. Johnson and Juha Nurminen$NZ99.00
Huddart Parker – A Famous Australasian Shipping Company, 1876-1961W.A.Laxon, completed by H.W.Dick, I.J.Farquhar and T.S.Stevens$NZ50.00
Illustrated Encyclopedia of the OceanFabien Cousteau$NZ55.00
Islands - A New Zealand JourneyBruce Ansley and Jane Ussher$NZ80.00
J & C Harrison - The History of a Family Shipping VentureMalcolm Cooper$NZ72.00
Knots MugLivewires$NZ30.00
Last Ocean, The - Antarctica's Ross Sea projectJohn Weller$NZ90.00
Legendary SailboatsBeken of Cowes$NZ150.00
Lighthouse Model - Baring Head $NZ10.00
Lighthouses of the WorldMarie-Haude Arzur$NZ45.00
Lights in the LandscapeGrant Sheehan$NZ75.00
Liner, ThePhilip Dawson$NZ37.00
LinersRobert Fox$NZ40.00
Logans, TheRobin Elliott & Harold Kidd$NZ50.00
London's WaterwaysDerek Pratt$NZ45.00
Looking back at Traditional Cargo ShipsAndrew Wiltshire$NZ50.00
Lost OceanJohanna Basford$NZ30.00
Lost Photographs of Captain Scott, TheDavid M. Wilson$NZ75.00
Luxury Liners – Their Golden Age and the Music Played AboardPubl: E.A.R Books$NZ100.00
Man of Iron, Ship of SteelKevin Bourke$NZ70.00
Map StoriesFrancisca Matteoli$NZ65.00
Mapmaker's World, TheMarjo T. Nurminen$NZ95.00
Maps that Changed the WorldJohn O E Clark$NZ36.00
Maps: Their Untold StoriesRose Mitchell & Andrew Janes$NZ75.00
Mary Rose. Owners Workshop ManualHaynes Manuals$NZ50.00
Matiatia - Gateway to WaihekePaul Monin$NZ35.00
Migrant Ships to Australia and New Zealand 1900 – 1939Peter Plowman$NZ50.00
Mini Yacht BiblePatrice Farameh. Editor$NZ30.00
My Cool HouseboatJane Field-Lewis$NZ35.00
Nautical Gift Cards - Briganteen BREEZECaptain Teach Publications$NZ1.80
Nautical Gift Cards - Briganteen SOREN LARSEN, landscapeCaptain Teach Publications$NZ1.80
Nautical Gift Cards - Briganteen SOREN LARSEN, portraitCaptain Teach Publications$NZ1.80
Nautical Gift Cards - Gaff Cutter MAYACaptain Teach Publications$NZ1.80
Nautical Gift Cards - Ketch BREUMCaptain Teach Publications$NZ1.80
Nautical Gift Cards - Pilot Cutter IRIS, beam-onCaptain Teach Publications$NZ1.80
Nautical Gift Cards - Pilot Cutter IRIS, bow-onCaptain Teach Publications$NZ1.80
Nautical Gift Cards - Topsail Schooner R. TUCKER THOMPSONCaptain Teach Publications$NZ1.80
Nautical Gift Cards - Yawl CALIPHCaptain Teach Publications$NZ1.80
Nelson Navy & NationEd. Quinton Colville & James Davey$NZ50.00
New Zealand Ensign 1370mm x 685mm Blue $NZ140.00
New Zealand Ensign 1370mm x 685mm Red $NZ140.00
New Zealand Ensign 1800mm x 900mm Blue $NZ150.00
New Zealand Ensign 1800mm x 900mm Red $NZ150.00
New Zealand Ensign 685mm x 380mm Blue $NZ75.00
New Zealand Ensign 685mm x 380mm Red $NZ75.00
New Zealand Maritime Images - The Golden YearsEmmanuel Makarios$NZ72.00
Night Sky Playing Card DeckAdventure Publications$NZ20.00
NormandieJohn Maxtone-Graham$NZ215.00
Notable BoatsNic Compton$NZ45.00
Ocean Liners PostersGabriele Cadringher$NZ65.00
Off The BookshelfSamarra Khaja$NZ25.00
On the Origin of the SpeciesCharles Darwin$NZ40.00
Oriental EndeavourDavid Creamer$NZ50.00
Outrageous YachtsJill Bobrow, Kenny Wooton and Dana Jinkins$NZ90.00
Pacific JourneysPeter Hendrie$NZ50.00
Photography At seaPatrick Roach & Fred Barter$NZ45.00
Pilots, Vol 1. Pilot Schooners of North America and Great BritainUnder the Direction of Tom Cunliffe$NZ190.00
Piracy Today – Fighting Villainy on the High SeasJohn Payne$NZ50.00
Pirate’s Pocket Book, TheStuart Robinson (Editor)$NZ25.00
Pocket Atlas of Remote IslandsJudith Schalansky$NZ35.00
Pottery- Orangeroughy $NZ25.00
Pottery- Small Dolphin $NZ25.00
Product TankersNick Tolerton & Michael Pryce$NZ70.00
Q Flag $NZ17.50
Race for Real Sailors, AKeith McLaren$NZ110.00
Ranger to RainbowDavid Pitman$NZ75.00
Raoul and the KermadecsSteven Gentry$NZ60.00
Rats, Rust & Two Old ladiesDavid Creamer$NZ50.00
Reefer Ships - The Ocean PrincessesNick Tolerton$NZ82.00
Retro and Vintage Boats.Don Jessen$NZ40.00
RivaRiccardo Sassoli$NZ95.00
Rix ShippingGraham Atkinson & John Rix$NZ80.00
RMS Queen Mary. Owners Workshop ManualHaynes Manuals$NZ50.00
RMS Titanic: Owners Workshop manualHaynes Manuals$NZ54.00
Royal Navy Submarine. Owners Workshop ManualHaynes Manuals$NZ50.00
SailTimothy Jeffrey$NZ55.00
Sail - A Photographic Celebration of Sail PowerAdlard Coles Nautical$NZ75.00
SailingOnne van der Wal$NZ185.00
Sailing On The EdgeBob Fisher, Kimball Livingston, Ivor Wilkins, Mark Chisnell and James Boyd$NZ110.00
Sailing With CookSuzanne Rickard$NZ60.00
Saltwater Highway, TheGordon McLauchlan$NZ45.00
Salvage - A Personal OdysseyCaptain Ian Tew$NZ77.00
Savage History - Whaling in the pacific and Southern OceansJohn Newton$NZ65.00
Sea Chart, TheJohn Blake$NZ50.00
Sea Charts of the British IslesJohn Blake$NZ35.00
Sea Painter's World - The new Marine art of Geoff Hunt, TheGeoff Hunt$NZ65.00
Seaman's Pocket-Book, ABrian Lavery$NZ25.00
Seamanship in the Age of SailJohn Harland$NZ110.00
Shaw Savill's Magnificent SevenAndrew Bell and Murray Robinson$NZ80.00
Shaw, Savill & Albion - A Fleet HistoryHenry C Spong & Richard H Osborne$NZ180.00
Ship - A History in Art & PhotographyAndrew Lambert$NZ75.00
Ship Model - Dory with Showcase $NZ395.00
Ship StylePhilip Dawson$NZ65.00
Ships of Wellington . The Past 50 yearsVictor Young$NZ40.00
Shotover Jetjenny McLeod$NZ40.00
Silver YachtsSilverYachts$NZ175.00
SnarkLewis Carroll / david Elliot$NZ60.00
South Explored, TheJohn Hall-Jones$NZ49.50
Southern LightsGuinevere Nalder$NZ65.00
Sparkman & Stephens Classic Modern YachtsFranco Pace$NZ140.00
Steam Ship WatchUnemployed Philosophers Guild$NZ85.00
Storms and Wild WaterDag Pike$NZ40.00
Strait CrossingVictor Young$NZ72.00
Subritzky Shipping 1843-1993M. R. G. Subritzky$NZ40.00
Supply Ship Operations - A HandbookVictor Gibson$NZ80.00
Tall Ships TodayNigel Rowe$NZ75.00
Tall White Tower, TheW.E.H.Creamer$NZ40.00
The Sailing Boats of Saggimau - MorocatAndrew Fagan$NZ50.00
The Anatomy of SailNic Compton$NZ75.00
The Art of Illustrated MapsJohn Roman$NZ75.00
The Big Little Beach BookCPL$NZ30.00
The Don't Drown Out There Playing Card DeckMountaineer Books$NZ20.00
The Enderby SettlementConon Fraser$NZ50.00
The Marine Art of Geoff HuntGeoff Hunt$NZ45.00
The Royal Navy Officer's Pocket-BookBrian Lavery$NZ25.00
The Superyacht BookEd Tony Harris$NZ135.00
The Voyage of the BeagleJames Taylor$NZ45.00
The Voyages of Captain Cook. 101 Questions & AnswersAnthony Cornish$NZ30.00
The Voyages of Captain James Cook Ed. Nicholas Thomas$NZ55.00
The Warship AnneRichard Endsor$NZ40.00
Titanic Remembered 1912-2012Deutsch Box set$NZ75.00
Tugs in Colour - WorldwideAndrew Wiltshire$NZ50.00
Tyne-Tees Steam Shipping CompanyNick Robins$NZ63.00
Ultimate Classic YachtsNic Compton$NZ70.00
Ultimate Diving AdventuresLen Deeley and Karen Gargani$NZ79.90
Ultimate Sailing AdventuresMiles Kendall$NZ75.00
Urban WaterwaysDerek Pratt$NZ50.00
Vaka Moana - Voyages of the AncestorsK.R. Howe$NZ90.00
Vintage New Zealand LaunchesHarold Kidd & Robin Elliott$NZ50.00
Voyage of the BeagleJames Taylor$NZ50.00
Voyages of Discovery, PaperbackTony Rice, David Bellamy$NZ50.00
Waiheke - An Island and its PeopleJohn Hawkesby$NZ45.00
Wanganella and the Australian Trans-Tasman LinersPeter Plowman$NZ45.00
Water Light TimeDavid Doubilet$NZ50.00
Waterways - Past & PresentDerek Pratt$NZ35.00
Winkelmann's WaitemataRobin Elliott, Harold Kidd, T L Rodney Wilson$NZ40.00
Wooden Boats, iron Men - The Halvorsen StoryRandi Svensen$NZ105.00
Wooden Boats.Andreas af Malmborg$NZ48.00
Working Sail - A life in Wooden BoatsLuke Powell$NZ105.00
World is My Ocean, TheJohn C Briggs$NZ41.00
Worlds Best Sailboats Vol I, TheFerenc Mate$NZ150.00
Worlds Best Sailboats Vol II, TheFerenc Mate$NZ150.00
Wreck, Rescue & SalvageDick Jolly$NZ66.50
Yachting - A Visual Celebration of Sailing Past and PresentOlivier le Carrer$NZ75.00