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  • The Marine Art of Geoff Hunt
  • The Sea Painter's World - The New Marine Art of Geoff Hunt
  • Notable Boats
  • A History of Sailing in 100 Objects
  • The Warship Anne
  • Mary Rose
  • RMS Queen Mary
  • Royal Navy Submarine
  • Floating Houses
  • My Cool Houseboat
  • Sailing On The Edge
  • Lost Photographs of Captain Scott
  • Storms and Wild Water

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    By Geoff Hunt. Paperback, 1.01 kgs, 280mm x 300mm, 144 pages, Softback. full colour reproductions. This edition published 2015.
    Geoff Hunt RSMA is known to millions of readers across the world as the artist responsible for the covers of Patrick O’Brian’s novels featuring Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin. He is widely acknowledged to be one of the leading marine artists of his generation and his paintings of square-riggers, sea battles and naval operations, as well as deck and port scenes, truly evoke the era of Nelson’s navy as well as the emergence of the Continental navy in America.

    Written by the artist himself, this book presents over 15 paintings and drawings for the first time in a beautifully produced single volume. Geoff’s prolific career, his painting techniques and artistic influences are outlined in an illuminating introduction. This is followed by a series of Case Studies, where the artist explains the initial inspiration, the exploration of source material and the sometimes lengthy progression, through notes and sketches, that leads to the creation of a finished painting.

    The major part of the book is dedicated to a plate section focusing on four distinct themes exhibited in Geoff’s output, namely: Nelson’s Navy, The American Revolution and the War of 1812, Illustrating the Naval Writers, and the Modern Maritime Scene. Many of the paintings portray a particular historical moment, and descriptive captions explain the narrative as well as highlighting technical and compositional details.

    The Maritime Art of Geoff Hunt not only showcases the quality of Geoff’s work – the masterfully accurate depictions of powerful and graceful ship in settings infused with life and movement - but provides remarkable insight into the meticulous preparation and execution of his paintings. Further commentary is provided by historian David Cordingly, who sets Geoff’s work in context, and naval fiction writer Julian Stockwin, for whose successful series of ‘Kydd” novels Geoff has created cover illustrations.

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    THE SEA PAINTER'S WORLD - The New Marine Art of Geoff Hunt
    ByGeoff Hunt. Hardback, 1.42kg, 288mm x 305mm, 144 pages, full colour and black & white paintings, Published 2011.
    The Sea Painter's World is a timely and beautifully produced volume that celebrates the considerable artistic output of Britain's leading marine painter.

    Featuring a broad spectrum of work, the book is profusely illustrated with images ranging from large, commissioned paintings to sketchbook drawings.

    In an engaging and insightful text Geoff Hunt looks back on an active period in which he served a five-year term as president of the Royal Society of Marine Artists, worked on a succession of major paintings including the definitive modern interpretation of the Mary Rose, and also completed numerous outdoor sketches and paintings. He discusses his individual approach to marine painting, and his propensity for tackling varied subjects both fictional and historical; drawing ships from life, reconstructing others from extensive reference and blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination in illustrating the work of distinguished writers such as Patrick O'Brian, C.S. Forester, Julian Stockwin and James L. Nelson.

    The book traces a broad geographical progression that reflects Geoff's personal view of the sea painter's world. Beginning in the artist's studio, it moves on to explore London and the river Thames, featuring examples of work produced with the Wapping Group of Artists. From there, the view widens, dealing with British waters, the Mediterranean, the ships of Nelson on the high seas, vessels of North America, and finally the West Indies and beyond. Six rigorous Case Studies illuminate the origins of specific paintings in comprehensive detail, revealing the depth of research behind the finished work. Such examples typify the artist's exacting approach, founded on a commitment to historical authenticity. In addition, galleries of paintings, sketches and other artworks showcase recent works, and highlight Geoff's distinctive painting styles - contrasting his looser plein air work alongside the painstakingly detailed commissions to which he owes his standing as Britain's foremost marine artist.

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    By Nic Compton. Hardback, 176 Pages. 230mm x 215mm, 0.885 kgs. Coloured Line Drawings. 2016

    Forty Remarkable Craft, Forty Great Adventures.

    Whether used for transport, adventure, work, or sport, boats have played a vital role in human history and have inspired numerous stories. This book skilfully balances intricate and beautiful visuals, statistics, and text. As well as everyday crafts such as the canoe and the fishing trawler, there are boats of historic interest, fictional ships, and (even) celebrities' boats. Each boat is featured across two spreads, including the aerial view of its deck/interior plan, a colour study, and a description of the boat and what it is famous for. The stories cover the globe, with adventurous tales from all the world's waterways.

    Some of the boats included are:

  • Spray (Joshua Slocum)
  • Huck's Raft (Huckleberry Finn)
  • Suhaili (Robin Knox-Johnston)
  • Avenger (Uffa Fox)
  • Gypsey Moth IV (Francis Chichester)
  • Serrafyn (Larry Pardey)
  • Joshua (Bernard Moitesser)
  • Iduna (Ellen Macarthur)

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    By Barry Pickthall. Hardback, 0.99kg, 222 Pages. 195mm x 255mm, Full colour and B & W images. Published 2016.

    Did you ever wonder which civilisation first took to water in small craft? Who worked out how to measure distance or plot a course at sea? Or why the humble lemon rose to such prominence in the diets of sailors?

    Taking one hundred objects that have been pivotal in the development of sailing and sailing boats, this book provides a fascinating insight into the history of sailing. From the earliest small boats, through magnificent Viking warships, to the technology that powers some of the most sophisticated modern yachts, the book also covers key developments such as keeps and navigational aids such as the astrolabe, sextant and compass.

    Other more apparently esoteric objects from all around the world are also included, including the importance of citrus fruit in the prevention of scurvy, scrimshaw made from whalebone and the meaning of sailor's tattoos.

    Beautifully illustrated with lively and insightful text, it's a perfect gift for the real or armchair sailor, the book gives an alternative insight into how and why we sail the way we do today.

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    By Richard Endsor. Hardback, .90kg, 160 Pages. 255mm x 255mm, Full colour, sepia photographs and drawings. Published 2017.

    The Anne was launched in 1678 and was lost in 1690 at the battle of Beachy Head.

    Although the importance of Beachy Head ranks alongside the Armada Campaign and the Battle of Trafalgar, it was not a glorious victory to celebrate and be remembered. In fact, the outnumbered English and Dutch allies were forced into ignomimious retreat during which the dismasted Anne was run ashore between Rye and hastings and burnt to prevent capture. She was the only British loss although many Dutch ships were abandoned, burned and sunk.

    Ship's historian and draughtsman Richard Endsor has written a meticulously researched account and history of this wonderful and accessible seventeenth century Warship. and the beautiful and accurate drawings and paintings bring this Flagship, from the era of Charles II to life.

    Intriguingly, the wreck can still be seen at Hastings on the UK's south coast at low tide where the receding waves reveal the remarkably complete mortal remains.

    Today the wreck is owned by the Shipwreck Museum at Hastings and in the past few years there have been some attempts to bring the ship back to life using advanced simulation and modeling techniques.

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    By Haynes Manuals. Hardback, 0.76kg, 160 Pages. 270mm x 210mm, Line Drawings Published 2015.

    Insights into the construction, operation, rescue and restoration of a great Tudor ship and its contents. From the time that King Henry VIII's warship Mary Rose was raised from the Solent in 1982 after 437 years on the seabed, to the present day, she has been constantly in the public eye. In 2013 a state-of-the-art new museum opened at Portsmouth to show off the ship in conjunction with the thousands of artefacts in context with their Tudor owners and their locations onboard. The Mary Rose and her fascinating time capsule of life in Tudor times form the centrepiece of this unique Haynes manual.

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    By Haynes Manuals. Hardback, 0.81kg, 192 Pages. 270mm x 210mm, Line Drawings . Published 2013.

    At 151,400 gross tonnes and 1,132ft in length RMS Queen Mary 2 (QM2) is the largest transatlantic ocean liner ever built. QM2 succeeded Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) as flagship of the Cunard Line with the retirement of the QE2 from active service in 2008. Her designer, Stephen Payne, is in a unique position to give an unrivalled insight into the design, construction and operation of this giant of the seas. He has interviewed key QM2 personnel for this book and his revealing narrative is supported by almost 300 photographs and illustrations.

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    By Haynes Manuals. Hardback, 0.84kg, 189 Pages. 270mm x 210mm, Line Drawings & Full colour photographs. Published 2015.

    Launched in 1945 and commissioned two years later, submarine HMS Alliance was built for service with the Royal Navy in the Far East. Alliance had a long and distinguished career of more than 28 years that took her all over the world. Today, Alliance is the centrepiece at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum, Gosport, where the submarine experience is brought to life by tours around the boat. Former submariner and historian Peter Goodwin gives Alliance the Haynes Manual treatment, examining in detail her construction and restoration, and describing what it was like to live, work and go to war in a submarine.

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    By Institutio Monsa de ediciones. Hardback, 0.64kg, 141 Pages. 238mm x 177mm, Line Drawings & Full colour photographs. Published 2018.

    There is a growing trend around the world – especially in Europe and America – to build greener and more sustainable housing, such as floating homes. Cities like Amsterdam and Seattle boast spectacular neighbourhoods of floating homes with all the comforts and amenities of traditional homes. Available in different sizes and finishes, they are tailored to the needs of each individual homeowner.

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    MY COOL HOUSEBOAT. An Inspirational Guide to Stylish Houseboats.
    By Jane Field-Lewis. Hardback, 0.69kg, 232mm x 196mm, Full colour photographs. Published 2015.
    Cool examples of how houseboats can offer an attractive, practical, and alternative place to live, as well as amazing and often idiosyncratic solutions to living successfully in a small space

    People fall in love with boats and own them for a variety of reasons: out of affordability and necessity; a love of the water; closeness to nature and the environment; or just because they yearn for a different and more relaxed style of living/working space. The houseboats covered here include canal boats, riverboats, narrow and wide beam boats, barges, Dutch barges, static houseboats, and even seaworthy cruisers moored in marinas. They are from the UK, North America, Europe, and Australia, and each one has fascinating history and owners’ stories. The chapter on unusual workspaces ranges from bookshops to business offices, while the home chapter covers everything from stylish Seattle houseboats to a community made up of an eclectic mix of converted barges, tugs, minesweepers, and torpedo boats. Repurposed and rescued boats covered here range from ones on dry land to a mariner's restaurant; urban boats include city canal living and "village" life, from Paris to London and Amsterdam; and lastly, there is a chapter on get-away-from-it-all boats and retreats.

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    By Bob Fisher, Kimball Livingston, Ivor Wilkins, Mark Chisnell and James Boyd. Hardback, 240mm x 330mm, 2.0 Kg , 226 pages, full colour and monochrome photographs.
    This beautiful lavish coffeetable book is an America's Cup enthusiasts dream. Sailing on the Edge covers everything from the origins of the race and the science behind the boatbuilding, to the strength of the teams and the debut of the AC72s - the designated class of the 34th America's cup, and the fastest, most demanding catamarans on the planet.

    Through narratives by the world's foremost yacht-racing authors and historians, this treasury of the America's Cup traces the event's evolution into the most riveting race on water. Highly interactive and lavishly produced, this deluxe volume brings the America's Cup home. More than 200 photographs as well as a wealth of reproduced ephemera including:

  • Sail plans of early defenders.
  • Vintage posters
  • 19th century postcards
  • 1903 telegram facsimile
  • Newspaper Clippings
  • Booklet detailing the new AC LiveLine technology.

    Completely updated.

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    By David M. Wilson. Hardback, 1.48kg, 192 pages, black and white photographs. Published 2011.
    Captain Robert Falcon Scott RN perished with four of his fellow explorers on their return from the South Pole in March 1912. Almost immediately the myth of Scott of the Antarctic was born, turning Scott into an icon of fortitude and courage in the face of impossible circumstances. It is a myth that has endured the passing of the British colonial empire and the turbulence of the succeeding century, though it has successively been elevated, dismantled and restored during that time.
    Until now, the legend of Scott's fatal Terra Nova expedition has been based upon his diaries and those of his companions; the sketches of his friend, Edward Wilson; and the celebrated photographs of Herbert Ponting, the expedition's professional photographer. What has not been recognised is that during the final, fateful months of that polar journey the principal visual record intended to be left to posterity was provided by Scott himself through his own photography.
    Confronted with extreme climatic conditions and technical challenges, Scott achieved a series of iconic images remarkable for their technical mastery as well as for their poignancy; breathtaking panoramas of the continent; superb depictions of mountains and formations of ice and snow; and action photographs of the explorers and their animals on the polar trail. At first these photographs were fought over, then neglected, and finally lost for more than half a century. Now, for the first time, they are resurrected, accurately attributed and catalogued and publicly shown as they were intended to be almost one hundred years ago.
    What they provide for us is a completely new dimension to the last great expedition of the Heroic Age of Antarctic exploration; and a humbling testament to the men whose graves still lie unmarked in the vastness of the Great Alone.

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    By Dag Pike. Paperback, 0.50kg, 188mm x 246mm, 160 pages, full colour photographs.
    Storms are terrifying, awe-inspiring and provide an unparalleled thrill to those who encounter them - and survive. Despite centuries of technological advances in boat and ship design, sailors still talk about the storms they have experienced in hushed, reverential tones. On land a storm's severity is measured only by the strength of the wind. At sea the situation is doubly worse, as storm-force winds have a devastating effect on waves, creating deadly conditions for boats and ships caught out in a terrible weather.
    Exploring the worst that nature can inflict on the sea, Dag Pike details the experiences of both big ships and small craft in every ocean of the world, relating stories of dramatic rescues and narrow escapes, as well as tragic losses. And the spectacular photography truly brings home the danger of storms and wild water. This fascinating book is a sobering insight into the power that nature can unleash.

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