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  • Carlo the Legend, Riva the Myth
  • Chris-Craft - Am American Classic.
  • Swan. A Unique Story.
  • Hinckley Yachts
  • Man of Iron, Ship of Steel
  • G.L.Watson.The Art & Science of Yacht Design
  • Working Sail
  • Sparkman & Stephens
  • Charles E Nicholson
  • Herreshoff and His Yachts
  • Silver Yachts
  • France/Norway
  • Ocean Liners
  • Normandie
  • The Captain's Table

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    Nick Voulgaris III. Hardback, 1.6 kgs, 264mm x 262mm, 224 pages, Full Colour Photographs. Published 2018

    Since its beginning in Algonac, Michigan, in 1874, Chris-Craft has built boats of timeless beauty that evoke an emotion and passion in all who see them. The varnished mahogany runabouts of yesteryear and their modern sisterships share the same design ethos, gorgeous lines, high quality, and style. As one of the most recognizable boating brand in the world, the name Chris-Craft alone conjures up images of classic wooden boats, waving American flags, and unforgettable memories made on the waves.
    Immortalized on the big screen in such movies as On Golden Pond and Mission Impossible, the aura and romance of Chris-Craft shines through in this book featuring more than 175 photographs – from never-before-published historical images to gorgeous colour images of collector and new boats – as well as ephemera from Chris-Craft’s own archives.
    A thoroughly researched and informative narrative brings this captivating 144-year story to life.
    This book is an ideal gift for boaters or anyone who loves being on or near the water. Chris-Craft: An American Classic celebrates all that is quintessentially American about being on the water in the world’s beloved boat.

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    Through 50 Years of yachting Evolution
    by Bianca Ascenti. Hardback, 3.18kg, 290mm x 370mm, 322 pages, Colour Photographs. Published 2016

    People who purchase a Swan are not simply buying a boat, but fulfilling a dream. They join an exclusive world, where uniqueness is the keyword.

    Designed for all yachting and sailing enthusiasts, this book celebrates the iconic boatyard established fifty years ago in Finland by retracing and illustrating the main events in half a century of yachting history, along with all the vessels that contributed to shaping the Nautor’s Swan legend. A company whose name is synonymous with reliable, top-quality and high-performance boats, since 1966 Nautor has been offering yachts that reflect cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, materials and designs, but also a “craftsmanship” rooted in the centuries-old Finnish tradition.

    Testimonials by personalities such as Germán Frers, Paul Cayard, Grant Dalton, Juan Kouyoumdjian, Jochen Schümann and Skip Novak, articles by specialist journalists, breathtaking photographs and original accounts make this volume a reference book that merits a place on the shelves of every sailing fan.

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    By Nick Voulgaris III. Hardback, 223 Pages 1.80kg, 285mm x 285mm, full colour photographs, Published 2014.
    Celebrating more than eighty-five years of the prestigious yacht company, Hinckley Yachts traverses decades, oceans, and seas, capturing the joy, excitement, and serenity of the ultimate boating experience.

    A highly respected name in the yachting world, Hinckley sets the standard for high quality, performance, and lasting beauty. This book showcases the rich history, classic design, and legendary work of the handcrafted Hinckley yachts from 1928 to today. With historic and contemporary photographs and drawings from Hinckley's extensive archive-featuring the incredible craftsmanship and technical innovations of both its sailing yachts and jet boats-this is the first book to celebrate Hinckley's rich history. Chronicling the company's early years, which includes boats used for World War II, to its integral role in the fiberglass revolution and the evolution of today's modern yacht, it offers an in-depth look at some of the most legendary and renowned boats in the world.

    Hinckley Yachts: An American Icon is a must for any boating, yachting, or sailing enthusiast, as well as those interested in classic design and craftsmanship.

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    MAN OF IRON, SHIP OF STEEL - The story of Vic meyer and Solo
    By Kevin Bourke. Hardback, 1.07kg, 228mm x 305mm, colour and black and white photographs. Published 2014.
    Vic Meyer, man of iron; iron by trade and iron by temperament, was the owner, builder and skipper of Solo. She arrived on the Sydney ocean yacht racing scene in 1955 like a runaway train, winning every major ocean race in Australia. Not only first yacht across the line but also on handicap, testimony to both the skills of Alan Payne her designer and her hard driving skipper.

    When Vic tired of racing he took himself cruising and in the twelve years to 1975 he crossed the world’s oceans several times, having all sorts of adventures and grabbing the headlines with his penchant for female crews. You can read the first- hand account of these cruises by most of the girls who ‘walked the plank’ to experience life at sea under Vic!

    The Ship of Steel didn’t stop there but went on and safely bore a bunch of scientists to the Antarctic and back before being put to work to earn her keep taking tourists sailing in the Whitsundays and later in Moreton Bay.

    Painstakingly researched by Kevin Bourke, the book is a comprehensive account of the almost 60 year history of Solo and includes a large range of pictures and factual records.

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    By Martin Black. Hardback, 2.91kg, 295mm x 270mm, 495 pages, Black & White Photos.
    Martin Black’s biography of the great Scottish designer, George Lennox Watson, is much more than a record of his life and work during the Golden Age of Yacht Design. Perhaps uniquely, it also describes the emergence of the role of the modern independent designer, of any profession or discipline. Watson’s career spanned a seminal period in industrial and social development, marking the transition from instinctive and evolutionary craft work to the application of disciplined technological innovation, using new material technology and tank testing.

    The company Watson started in 1873 survived his untimely death, and for three decades continued to service a demand for very large steam and motor yachts. Perhaps the finest example (and at 300ft/91m, the largest), Nahlin, survives. Launched by the famous John Brown yard at Clydebank in 1930, her epic rescue in the 1990’s, and impeccable restoration to her former glory by 2010 was directed by the present day G.L. Watson & Co. But it is left to the 36ft/11m cutter, Peggy Bawn, to carry the flame for Watson’s ground breaking mid 1890s work in setting the standard for moderation in sailing yacht design, work that has never been challenged – only endorsed by those who followed his lead through the 20th century, especially Olin J. Stephens, who was a self-confessed Watson fan.

    This book sheds light on social and industrial history with hundreds of contemporary illustrations, most of which are previously unpublished. Watson’s genius shines through in early racing cutters carrying clouds of sail, pro-bono pioneering work on lifeboats, America’s Cup challengers, and ultimately in sumptuous steam yachts,

    This is a beautifully produced book. Elegant design and high quality lithography, with reproductions and photographs of over 300 illustrations.

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    WORKING SAIL - a life in Wooden Boats
    By Luke Powell. Hardback, 1.6kg, 250mm x 272mm, full colour photographs, published 2012.
    Beginning in the early 1990s, Luke Powell has almost single-handedly pioneered a revival in the building of traditional pilot cutters. Happily, he also has a flair for storytelling, both when looking back over a rich if unconventional life lived to the full, and when describing the long struggle to win acceptance for the wooden boats on which he established his reputation as a boatbuilder.
    A book celebrating Luke Powell's influence on boatbuilding has long been overdue, and Working Sail will delight all those who love boats and the sea, or for whom the spirit of adventure is not yet dead.

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    SPARKMAN & STEPHENS CLASSIC MODERN YACHTS, foreword by Olin J Stephens 11.
    By Franco Pace, text by John Lammerts van Bueren. Hardback, 1.79kg, 160 pages, full colour and monochrome photographs.
    Another maginificent book from Franco Pace.
    Sparkman & Stephens have been undoubtledly one of the most successful and influential yacht design firms in the history of modern yachting. This book celebrates the work of Sparkman and Stehhens, providing an insight into the detail and precision which infused their work, and which enabled them to make such a mark on yacht design worldwide.
    The boats featured in this book are
  • Dorade,
  • Stormy Weather,
  • Iroquois
  • Nyala,
  • Vim,
  • 6-Metre Boats,
  • Offshore Yachts,
  • Bolero
  • Finisterre,
  • Ice Fire,
  • Kialoa II,
  • The Swans,
  • America's Cup Yachts,
  • Columbia,
  • Intrepid,
  • Courageous,
  • Freedom.
    There are terrific photos of the restoring of Stormy Weather. The selection of photographs through-out the book are stunning, racing shots, gentle sailing shots, pretty much every mood of a yacht, and the interiors.

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    CHARLES E NICHOLSON, And His Yachts.
    By Photographs Franco Pace, and text William Collier. Hardback, 1.77kg, 285mm x 355mm, 160 pages, many coloured photographs as well as sepia prints and drawings, the book is provided in a strong sleeve.
    This book is a companion to William Fife above.
    Known internationally for his revolutionary designs, Nicholson had a significant influence on the development of yachting, having designed all of the British-built J-class yachts, four America's Cup challengers, and such outstanding schooners as Margherita and creole. This is the first book dedicated solely to his work.
    The stunning photographs by internationally renowned Italian photographer Franco Pace capture the grace and elegance of the well known yachts which have survived to sail in modern times.
    Yacht historian William Collier chronicles the development of Nicholsons designs from the 1890s to the beginning of the Second World War. Together they have produced a glorious record which will be of lasting interest to any yachtsman fascinated by the history of his sport.

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    By Ferenc Mate. Hardcover, 1.63kg, 258mm x 357mm, 160 pages. Full colour photographs.
    Nathanael Green Herreshoff was one of the giants of early 20th century yacht design - an innovator, a bold thinker but most of all a designer of graceful, beautiful racing yachts, many of which are still winning classic regattas today.
    Having founded the Herreshoff manufacturing Company with his brother John Brown in 1878, Nat designed a wide range of yachts, from the 162 foot Eleonora to the diminutive 12.5-footer class, designed for training children to sail, and was so successful as a yacht designer that he acquired the nickname "The Wizard of Bristol".
    But it is his genius at designing a panoply of outstanding gaff riggers and Bermudian sloops for the America's Cup that has immortalised Nat Herreshoff in yachting history: Vigilant, Defender, Columbia, Reliance and Resolute are yachting legends, earning him respect and admiration and making him one of the most revered yacht designers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
    This book is a magnificent photographic collection celebrating the wide variety and scale of Nat Herreshoff's work, and showcasing his most outstanding yachts. Franco Pace's stunning photography captures their sheer grace and elegance in a truly fitting tribute which will thrill Herreshoff devotees as well as lovers of classic yachts.

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    Published By teNeues. Hardback, 2.67kg, 295mm x 360mm, 238 pages, full colour photographs. Published 2013
    Handcrafted yacht manufacturer SILVERYACHTS was founded in 2003 by German entrepreneur Guido Krass and top yacht designer Espen Oino. Since then it has garnered a host of press coverage and awards for its elegant lines and premium technical specifications. In this in-depth insiders's look at this deluxe artisanal brand, readers gain a keen understanding of the care, exacting precision, and sophisticated knowledge behind every luxury vessel. Respected and admired world-wide for their meticulous design, construction and finish, these masterpieces are crafted from only the highest quality materials, with excellence apparent in every single detail- whether it be engineering, performance or fine features.

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    CARLO the Legend, RIVA the Myth.
    By Piero M Gibellini. Two volume set in slipcase. Hardcover, 250mm x 320mm, total 850 pages, colour and black and white photos, and line drawings in a separate pouch.
    Originally published in Italian, this two-volume slipcased set is the most complete history of Riva runabouts available.

    Volume 1 – THE HISTORY: Objectivity checked out by examination of archives and backed by anecdotes of sporting, human and company events as told by the protagonists. All this to understand why, for lovers of motorboats, Carlo Riva has now become a legend and his boats are revered throughout the world. The history is backed by documents and photographs of the time, which has revealed many little-known designs that were the forebears of standard production models. The history also outlines development of the models, knowledge indispensable for correct restoration.

    Volume 2 – THE IMAGE: The second volume identifies and illustrates the aesthetic qualities that have contributed to the spread of the Riva trademark throughout the world. These qualities are undoubtedly design, with the consequent sporting and social successes, and diligent advertising and customer service. The Riva image is so intent that it is beyond time, not affected by any fashion. It instils a strong stimulus for restoration. This image has also meant that a complete catalogue is available of the boats produced from 1939 onwards, something rare in pleasure-craft boatyards, especially Italian ones.

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    By John Maxtone-Graham. Hardback, 1.64kg, 260mm x 285mm, monochrome and full colour photographs and illustrations. Published in 2010.
    S.S.France of 1962 was a paradigm of elegance, style and speed. Christened by Madame de Gaulle, she was, at 1035 feet, the world's longest passenger vessel, prefectly attuned to postwar demographics with a select first class and huge tourist class. But the escalating price of fuel - at speed, she devoured a ton a mile - and a truculent crew finally doomed her. Scrapping seemed inevitable but there was a miraculous reprieve. Knut Kloster, instigator of Miami's burgeoning new cruise industry, desperately needed a fifth ship for his flourishing Norwegian Caribbean Line. He bought the moribund vessel as was and, over the winter of 1979/1980 at Bremerhaven, patrician France became populist Norway, an astonishing makeover of a French vessel at a German yard by a Norwegian owner for a largely American clientele.
    Renowned maritime historian John Maxtone-Graham is uniquely qualified to document France/Norway's two consecutive lives. As a dedicated passenger during both, he is dauntingly familiar with her original design and debut no less than every facet of her amazing transformation. Not only knowledgeable and articulate, Maxtone-Graham was also intimately acquainted with owners, captains, crews, and fellow passengers.

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    By Daniel Finamore & Ghslaine Wood. Hardback, 1.14kg, 298mm x 260mm, 288 pages, Colour and B/W photographs. Published 2017..

    The golden age of ocean liners is inextricably linked with the key decorative trends of the 20th century--Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Modernism.

    This lavish visual feast explores the technical, aesthetic, cultural, and political factors that came together to define such an iconic mode of travel, considering all aspects of the ocean liner experience, from the striking marketing images, aspirational booking offices, and landmark headquarters of the major shipping companies to the ships' opulent interiors and triumphs of engineering. The lavish fashions required for a crossing are also explored, along with the evolution of the ships' social and public spaces, as once-rigid class structures and attitudes became relaxed. Closing the book is an exploration of the impact of the ocean liner on the wider art and design world--an icon of modernity that influenced everyone from the Futurists to Le Corbusier.

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    By JOhn Maxtone-Graham. Hardback, 1.8kg, 265 x 288mm, 260 pages, full colour photographs plus gatefold. Published 2007
    Normandie was unquestionably the most beautiful ocean liner ever built. The world's largest at the time, she also became the world's fastest. Her art deco interiors were unrivaled, capacious, elegant and chic, decorated by teams of France's most talented artists. Yet Normandie was plagued with frustrations - never attracting more passengers than the competition and tragically ending her days in flames at New York's Pier 88.

    Clebrated maritime historian John Maxtone-Graham confesses to a hypnotic fascination with Normandie. In this comprehensive volume, enriched by 277 photgraphs and illustrations, he documents every aspect of the vessel's decorative antecedents, design, construction and service. Always articulate, entertaining and devastatingly well informed, John Maxtone-Graham has created the definitive Normandie panegyric, a fascinating, and at times heartbreaking, account of this fabled liner

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    THE CAPTAIN'S TABLE - Life and Dining on the Great Ocean Liners
    By Sarah Edington. Hardback, 0.66kg, 195mm x 254mm, 144 pages, full colour and black & white photographs and illustrations. Published 2011..
    This charming book recalls the heyday of the ocean liner, evoking the elegance of the dining experience on board. Author and chef Sarah Edington recreates some of the classic dishes that appeared on the menus of such iconic ships as Titanic, Lusitania and Queen Mary. Her recipes cover a range of lunch and dinner courses, from soups to puddings, including Creme Vichyssoise, Navarin of Lamb Printanier and Trifle a l'Ecossaise. The book is beautifully illustrated with original elegant menu cards from the archives of the national maritime Museum, as well as contemporary photographs that capture the glamour and excitement of an ocean voyage.

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