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  • By The Sea
  • Rock the Boat
  • Big Pacific
  • Atlas of Cursed Places
  • 50 Romantic Havens in the Mediterranean
  • Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands
  • Pacific Journeys
  • The New Panama Canal
  • Fifty Places to Sail Before You Die
  • Water Light Time
  • Photography at Sea

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    By Dr Deborah Cracknell. Hardback , 0.53kg, 155mm x 215mm, 192 pages, colour Photographs. Published in 2019.

    In this stunning book, intuition and instinct meet modern science as the therapeutic benefits of being in, on or by the sea are explained and explored, and how, if we look after the oceans they will, in turn, look after us.

    Despite the widespread intuitive feeling that being by the water makes us happier and healthier, there hasn’t been much scientific evidence to quantify this connection. Until now. Environmental psychology is the study of how the natural environment makes us feel, think and behave, and scientists in this area are discovering the tangible benefits of breathing in the fresh sea air.

    Reasons to spend time by the sea:

  • Just looking at the sea can promote reductions in heart rate and improvements in mood.
  • The negative ions in sea air accelerate your ability to absorb oxygen, and balance your seratonin levels.
  • The bracing climate is especially beneficial to the respiratory organs and the skin, and also improves circulation and strengthens the body’s defences.
  • Spending time by the sea promotes better mental health.
  • When you are by the sea you are more likely to exercise.

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    By Gestalten. Hardback, 1.39kg, 220 x 265mm, 272 pages, colour Photographs. Published 2017.
    A Celebration of life afloat.

    For those who crave open skies and endless horizons, relocating to a home on the water inspires a new sense of freedom. Moveable homes with endless opportunities for exploration and changes of scenery.

    Whether it be historic Narrow boats with shabby chic interiors or a barge transformed into a family home, thses vessels represent the best in waterborne cabin culture.

    From the romantic lakes of Kashmir to the Bay of Venice, houseboats claim their space atop the water worldwide. A buoyant boutique hotel awaits guests in London. A floating sauna promises relaxation for friends upon the Pielisjoki River. DIY timber rafts evoke pride of craftsmanship whilst inspiring feelings of adventure. These charismatic structures provide refuge from being landlocked and a promise to satisfy curious natures.

    Rock The Boat profiles the imaginative inhabitants and designers behind these houseboats; and inspiration to anyone interested in a touch of escape or even a permanent change of address. The ingenuity knows no bounds...

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    By Rebecca Tansley. Hardback , 1.13kg, 300 x 245mm, 239 pages, colour Photographs. Published in 2017.

    The Pacific Ocean covers one-third of Earth’s surface — greater than all of the planet’s landmasses combined. It contains half of the world’s water, hides its deepest places, and is home to some of the most dazzling creatures known to science. Illustrated in full colour throughout, Big Pacific blends a wealth of stunning images from NHNZ's groundbreaking natural history TV series of the same name with spellbinding storytelling to take you into a realm teeming with exotic life yet rarely witnessed up close — until now. Provides an unparalleled look at a diverse range of species, locations, and natural phenomena, Big Pacific is truly an epic excursion to one of the world’s last great frontiers.

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    By Olivier Le Carrer. Hardback, 0.79kgs, 195 x 268mm, 142 pages, Colour Reproductions and Illustrations. Published 2015.

    A fascinating history and armchair journey to the world's most dangerous and frightful places, complete with vintage maps and period illustrations in a handsome volume.

    This alluring read includes 40 locations that are rife with disaster, chaos, paranormal activity, and death. The places gathered here include the dangerous Strait of Messina, home of the mythical sea monsters Scylla and Charybdis; the coal town of Jharia, where the ground burns constantly with fire; Kasanka National Park in Zambia, where 8 million migrating bats darken the skies; the Nevada Triangle in the Sierra Nevada mountains, where hundreds of aircraft have disappeared; and Aokigahara Forest near Mount Fuji in Japan, the world's second most popular suicide location following the Golden Gate Bridge.

    Olivier Le Carrer is a journalist and passionate sailor. He has spent the last 30 years exploring the shores of the planet. He has written several books on cartography and navigation.

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    By Rob & Rosemary Peterswald. Hardback, 1.64kg, 295 x 295mm, 198 pages, colour Photographs. Published in 2016.
    Exploring 46,000km of coastline and 3,000 Islands.

    The Mediterranean Sea is one of the World's greatest treasures. With a coastline of around 46,000 km and containing approximately 3000 Islands, exploring by small yacht, where time is not of the essence, is a rewarding and uplifting experience. Beauty as diverse as the people, soaring Mountains, sandy deserts, bustling Ports, lonely coves, lush Islands and wind blasted rocks..not to mention the cuisine!

    A big book full of beautiful photographs and an enticing array of recipes, is all you need to inspire you to set off. Join the yacht Sea Dreams on a voyage of wonder and memories.

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    By Judith Schalansky. Paperback, 0.29kg, 116mm x 170mm, 239 pages, colour drawings. Published in 2012.
    Born on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall, the only way Judith Schalansky could travel as a child was through the pages of an atlas. Now she has created her own, which takes us across the oceans of the world to fifty remote islands - from Iwo Jima to Tristan da Cunha and from Easter Island to Disappointment Island. On one page are her perfect maps, on the other unfold cryptic stories from the islands. Rare animals and strange people abound: marooned slaves and lonely scientists, lost explorers and confused lighthouse keepers, mutinous sailors and forgotton castsways. Armchair explorers who undertake these journeys will find themselves in places that exist in reality, but only come to life in the imagination.

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    By Peter Hendrie, Hardback, 1.72kg, 330mm x 233mm, full colour photographs.
    This book takes you on an unforgetable journey through some of the most beautiful islands of the South Pacific.

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    By Rizzoli Books, Hardcover, 1.61kg, 258mm x 295mm, 223 pages, full colour photographs. Published 2017
    A stunning photographic journey, this book tells the emotional story behind the epic construction of the new Panama Canal, a monumental work of technological achievement immersed in tropical splendor.

    Also referred to as the Third Set of Locks Project, the recent expansion of the Panama Canal by a construction consortium led by the Salini Impregilo group is a great feat of engineering, intending to double its capacity by increasing the number and the size of the ships passing through, minimizing the time it takes to cross the continent to just two hours and paving the way for a new era in global trade.

    This highly visual book documents the progression and construction of the canal, retracing its history and important events to reveal in vivid color this colossal human intervention in nature. The words of the authors, along with spectacular photographs by Edoardo Montaina, are accompanied by stunning views of the massive oil tankers, cargo ships, and cruise liners floating between two wings of wild forest.

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    By Chris Santella, Hardcover, 0.84kg, 186mm x 211mm, 223 pages, full colour photographs.
    Landlubbers joke that sailors are ever ready to head off to the ends of the earth, but Chris Santella has learned that some people take this life-changing desire very seriously. In this, the third installment in his immensely successsfull "Fifty Places" series, Santella assembles a crew of championship racers, professional adventurers, and other sailing aficionados and asks them to share their favorite destinations around the globe.
    Interviews include some of the best-known men and women in the sport: Tom Whidden and Gary Jobson, Jeff Johnstone, award-winning sailing writer Lin Pardey, and many others. The amazingly diverse places they've selected range from chubby East Coast ports , to idyllic tropical refuges, to some of the most hair-raisingly treacherous waters on earth.
    Coastlines around the world - even Antarctica and the Arctic - are represented, and the chosen spots include some spectacular inland waters, such as Bras d'Or Lake and the North Channel of Lake Huron. Most of the essays include entertaining yarns about the sailor's experiences at the recommended venues, along with gorgeous make-you-want-to-go-there-now photographs.

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    By David Doubilet. Paperback, 1.62kg, 340mm x 235mm, Reprinted 2010.
    Beneath the world's Waters lie landscapes, species, vegetations and populations as diverse and splendid as those on land, yet they are terrain and kingdoms that have explored by few. This book is an extraordinary look at the work of David Doubilet, a diver, journalist and image-maker, who is widely acclaimed as the world's leading underwater photographer. A mesmerizing and evocative volume, this book looks at a world in which humans are the encumbered intruders. From the waters of North America, this book includes over twenty-five years of Doubilet's work and reveals the exquisite beauty of the sea - its life forms and landscapes - in which spectacular shapes and colours form memorable and remarkale compositions.

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    By Patrick Roach & Fred Barter. Paperback, 0.75kg, 216mm x 276mm, 160 pages, full colour photographs.
    Yachts under full sail, motorboats with huge bow waves, seemingly impossible angles and close encounters - even before you factor in the spray-filled atmosphere, blinding sunlight, fast-moving targets and an unstable platform, photography at sea is a very tricky proposition. But it is an attractive one. The glamour and the excitement can result in spectacular photographs, but it helps to have some expert guidance.
    In this full-colour, gloriously illustrated guide, one of the world's leading yachting photographers show how to get the best shot, capture that dramatic moment and create memorable effects. He explains all the elements photographers afloat will need to bring into play, including:
  • Taking control of the camera: custom settings, filters, lenses and more.
  • Composing the shot
  • Capturing groups, fast action and reflections
  • Zoom, night and low level light photography
  • Taking dramatic creative shots: Up the mast, from the bows, boat to boat
  • Dealing with confined interiors and an unstable platform
  • Experimenting with black and white, sepia and panning shots
    Packed with information, advice and tips, this is a book that will both instruct and inspire.

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