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  • The SuperYacht Book
  • Sail
  • Wooden Boats
  • Ultimate Classic Yachts
  • Boat
  • Legendary Sailboats
  • Ranger to Rainbow. The J Class Yachts
  • The Anatomy of Sail
  • Tall Ships Today
  • Classic Sailing Yachts
  • Yacht Bible
  • Yachting - A Visual Celebration of Sailing Past and Present
  • Sail - A Photographic Celebration of Sail Power
  • Eileen Ramsay - Queen of Yachting Photography
  • Sailing
  • Outrageous Yachts
  • The World's Best Sailboats Vol I & II
  • Senses - A Circumnavigation in Style
  • Catamarans - Tomorrow's Superyachts
  • The Book of Wooden Boats Vol III

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    by Ed. Tony Harris. Hardback, 2.5kg, 258mm x 325mm, 286 pages, Colour Photographs. Published 2016

    What is luxury? Some people might say “Lamborghini,” while others might think of non-material things and place the greatest value on “time for myself” or “freedom.” The Superyacht Builders Association shipyards create custom-built superyachts that will satisfy members of both groups. While on board these magnificent floating residences, you can enjoy every kind of luxury imaginable, including a spa, a gym, haute cuisine, and flawless personal service. After a few days aboard ‘Symphony’ or ’11.11,’ you’d be hard pressed not to find complete inner peace!

    In The Superyachts Book, Tony Harris, one of the most knowledgeable observers of the scene, provides stunning photos and informative descriptions of the flagships of 20 top shipyards.

    Ah, the luxury...

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    byTimothy Jeffery. Hardback, 1.22kg, 210mm x 250mm, 288 pages, Colour Photographs. Published 2016

    Sail is a unique celebration of the sailors, races and boats of the international ocean-racing world.

    Whether it is to test the high seas on around-the-world events in the glory of 49er yachts, to cut through choppy coastal waters on a Lazer racing for Olympic Gold or to set team against team in the great cup challenges, Sail is a celebration of the adventure and skill of one of mankind's oldest sports. Including chapters on the greatest races and their class divisions and the incredible and inspirational stories of the world's greatest sailors - from Ellen MacArthur to Seve Jarvin, Tony Bullimore to Vinny Lauwers - homage is paid to those who have mastered their boats and set out to conquer the seas. Sail also includes detailed technical analysis and intricate illustrations on each classification of racing boat, explained by the experts in their field, to give a complete account of the world of sailing competition.

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    byAndreas af Malmborg. Hardback, 1.01kg, 255mm x 235mm, 150 pages, Colour Photographs. Published 2015

    There is something beautiful and nostalgic about wooden boats. These exquisite, polished works of art give us a glimpse into the past, a time when technology wasn’t so advanced, a time when everything was crafted by hand. These magnificent vessels deserve our attention and our utmost respect.

    More a coffetable book than a practical, (although there is some maintenance and restoration hints included at the back of the book). Readers will follow the author on his adventures, sail along as he sails along calm waters in the summer, and watch as he restores each boat with the utmost patience. Boat owners will learn various creative and crafty preservation and boat care tips and tricks and are sure to walk away with plenty of new- found knowledge. And admire some beautiful exquisite works of art along the way.!

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    by Nic Compton. Hardback, 0.41kg, 240mm x 315mm, 160 pages, Colour Photographs. Published 2015

    A stunning collection of the most beautiful classic yachts afloat, including a clinker yawl hand-built on a Tasmanian beach, a sunken rescue boat raised from 500m underwater and lovingly restored, and several record-breaking race champions.

    Former Classic Boat editor Nic Compton has spent over 20 years sailing and photographing classic yachts, and this is the culmination of his decades-long passion - a stunning collection showcasing the 20 most beautiful and fascinating classic boats still sailing today.

    They include:

  • Bona Fide - the original fin-keeler that was 70 years ahead of her time
  • Inward Bound - a 35ft cutter built in Argentina using salvaged timber from the General Belgrano
  • Madoc - a 24ft clinker yawl built on a Tasmanian beach by hand
  • Partridge - an 1885 cutter that took 18 years to restore
  • Solway Maid - the last surviving William Fife yacht

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    bySimon Griffiths. Hardback, 0.72kg, 185mm x 235mm, 206 pages, Colour Photographs. Published 2015
    The Boat — a vessel for escape, adventure, trade and travel. This mode of transport is one of infinite variety and inspires serious passion, whether made of workmanlike bolted steel, sleek modern fibreglass or lovingly hand-burnished timber.

    Photographer Simon Griffiths has paced docksides and jetties all over Australia to bring us this stunning salute to the character and craftsmanship of all sorts of boats and boatbuilders — from old whaling boats to elegant yachts, from fishing dinghies to paddle steamers, rowboats and ferries.

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    Foreward byKenneth Beken. Hardback, 2.4kg, 280mm x 395mm, 208 pages, Sepia Photographs. Published 2014
    Since 1883, four generations of the Beken family have dedicated themselves to marine photography, creating the most artistic images of sailboats ever shot and even receiving a Royal Warrant of Excellence. This extraordinary selection of work from the Beken Marine Photography Archive traces the evolution of their unsurpassable style.

    For every rare and legendary picture, and every yacht, there's a captivating accompanying story.

    NZ$150.00 + delivery.

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    By David Pitman. Softcover, 0.65, 210mm x 298mm, 127 pages, full colour photographs.
    A detailed account of the development of the J Class yachts, primarily from 1996 when author, David Pitman, first became involved with the rebuild of Velsheda. He was Secretary of the class for more than 12 years and primarily responsible for the rebirth of the Class, from the launch of a new Ranger in 2002, then Hanuman, Lionheart and finally Rainbow in 2012. It is packed with many technical and sailing images of these iconic yachts.

    Other J Yachts, including SVEA are now under construction or in design stage. This book also details an account of the build process, the technical development of the yachts, the crewing and the Class Association.

    This volume follows on from, and contiues the detail covered in the book "Enterprise to Endeavour" which was written by Ian Dear.

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    By Nic Compton. Hardback, 1.26kg, 250mm x 310mm, 192 pages, Colour photographs.

    An encyclopedic compendium of every element of a yacht, this book takes apart the sailing boat to explore every part of it in depth. Gloriously illustrated with great photography and explanatory diagrams, each page is packed with fascinating detail. Looking first at the history of yachting and boatbuilding techniques, the book explains the lineage and characteristics of the sailing boat parts that are focused on in more detail later in the book. All the main features of contemporary vessels - ranging from keels and masts to portholes and binnacles - are then analysed, with explanations of how they came to be the size, shape and material that they are, what they have in common, why they differ, all spiced with relevant historical anecdotes.

    Chapters cover:

  • The hull and deck
  • The rig
  • Deck structures
  • Fittings and equipment
  • Below decks
  • Mechanics and electronics

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    By Nigel Rowe, Ron Dadswell, Colin Mudie and Michael Rauworth. Hardback, 1.60kg, 235mm x 318mm, 224 pages, full colour photographs.

    The spectacular sight of a tall Ship under sail or in a port, recalls a bygone age of adventure, romance and National heritage. This book is a celebration of Tall Ships today, it shines a spotlight on the world's most interesting and glamorous ships, the excitement and drama of sailing and racing, and the evolution in Tall Ship design and technology.

    The book is broken down into four chapters:

  • Origins and Evolution The fascinating perspective on the development of tall Ship design, technology and navigation, as well as their role in international trade and conflict.
  • The Tall Ships A celebration of more than 100 of the most interesting and famous Tall Ships sailing today, with stunning photographs, key statistics, and brief history.
  • The Tall Ship Experience. The adventure of sailing on board. The life changing experience for people of all ages and valuable training for cadets preparing for a career at sea.
  • Racing on Tall Ships. Competition at sea, and ashore. A close up look at the most spectacular gathering of Tall Ships for millions of spectators.

    With unique access to the very best photography and up-to-date information, this stunning book showcases just why Tall Ships continue to inspire and captivate people all over the world.

    Tall Ships Today is supported, and endorsed by Sail Training International, a non-profit organisation with a world-wide membership of National organisations. It is the International voice of Sail Training and the world's only organiser of International Tall Ships races. It was nominated for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

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    By Jill Bobrow. Hardback, 2.16kg, 275mm x 310mm, 272 pages, full colour photographs.
    How do you define the term 'Classic'? Through a selection of noteworthy vessels, this book attempts to explore the factors to be considered, that makes a 'Classic' yacht. The Yachts chosen in this beautiful book represent different categories of watercraft, from the majestic cutters, to the elegant J-Class sloops, to the floating masterpieces designed by William Fife and Nathanael Herreshoff all the way to the new modern-day classics...

    Each chapter covers a particular craft and provides an in-depth analysis of its history, design, construction and nautical characteristics The final chapter is dedicated to yacht regattas, which provide the best opportunity to admire these marvellous vessels as they sail together. Accompanied by fabulous photographs, Classic Sailing Yachts is a book that should grace coffeetables in every galley.

    Jill Bobrow is a magazine editor and author of many yachting and boating books which , in themselves, are now regarded as 'classic'

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    By Patrice Farameh, Editor. Hardback, 1.33kg, 220mm x 180mm, 384 pages, colour photographs. Published 2009
    Surely one of the most seductive images in the collective imagination is a white sail crossing the blue line of the horizon, heading towards some emptiness of space and time. The Mini Yacht Bible is the ultimate photobook for those who know how to appreciate the beauty of sailing. This exquisite collection of photographs shares with you a feeling of limitless freedom that can only be experienced in the open sea.

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    YACHTING - A Visual Celebration of Sailing Past and Present.
    By Olivier Le Carrer. Hardback, 1.5kg, 267mm x 292mm, 192 pages, full colour photographs. Published 2013.
    What makes yachting so very special? Sailing journalist Olivier Le Carrer takes us on a journey to the iconic places of the yachting world, from Cowes to Auckland, in order to find out. Covering everything from clothing and accessories to important personalities and the sport's portrayal in art and film, he explores the very essence of yachting. Racing, of course, plays an important role and stunning photograhy follows the history of the America's Cup, imposing J Class yachts and the single-handed Transat. Although yachts are simply pleasure boats, regardless of size, they continue to play an important part in the lives of many people. This book pays homage to their beauty and to the seamanship required to sail them well.

    This book encapsulates what it is to sail: the sport, the seamanship, the lifestyle and the culture. It explores why we love it, yearn for it, live and breathe this timeless leisure pastime.

    . Chapters inlcude:

  • The Essence of Yachting - A beautiful discomfort.
  • Myths - The legends of the sea.
  • Iconic Places - At the four corners of the earth.
  • Art, History and Society - Reflections.
  • Schools of Yachting - Each to their own.

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    By Adlard Coles Nautical. Paperback, 1.61kg, 215mm x 310mm, full colour photographs.
    Sail is an exuberant celebration of sailing in all its multifaceted glory. Many of the world's most outstanding photographers from Beken of Cowes, Carlo Borlenghi and Gilles Martin-Rager to Rick Tomlinson, Franco Pace and Stanley Rosenfled, present their spectacular tribute to this exciting world in an impressive gallery of amazing action imags.
    Sail showcases the sweeping lines and the glamorous settings of yachts of all sizes and types: cruising and racing beauties, legendary yachts from this century and the last, mono and multihulls, round the world thoroughbreds and outstanding winners from the ultimate in yacht racing - The America's Cup.
    Now available for the first time ever in paperback, boats which have made their mark on sailing history are immortalised in this outstanding gallery of extraordinary photos from the world's best photographers.
    Sail is a wonderful tribute to sailing, which will be treasured by all who love beautiful images, the glamorous lifestyle and the very best in action photography.

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    EILEEN RAMSAY - Queen of Yachting Photography
    By Barry Pickthall. Hardback, 0.93kg, 258mm x 258mm, full colour and black & white photographs, published 2012.
    Eileen Ramsay was at the centre of a unique period in yachting history, and this wonderful book, featuring her classic photography, celebrates an extraordinary woman and her extraordinary subjects.

    Eileen's heyday was between 1957 and 1970 - a time when eccentrics ruled, records were there for the setting, and women weren't often to be found behind the lens. But Eileen established herself as one of the greatest yachting photographers of her time, taking famous portraits of icons such as Francis Chichester and Eric Tabarly, Olympians including Rodney Pattison and Keith Musto, and historic pictures from the first OSTAR. She was the only photographer Chichester allowed on his Gipsy Moth yachts, and managed to photograph the notorious charmers Uffa Fox and Max Aitken, whilst staving off their amorous advances.

    Her unique archive records the explosive growth in dinghy and offshore sailing during post-war years, and includes pictures of the first Enterprises, Mirrors, Ospreys, Optimists and the first America's Cup 12 metres Sceptre and Evaine.
    Including tributes from her famous subjects, this is a spectacular celebration of a pioneering photographer and a fascinating time in yachting history.

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    By Onno van der Wal. Hardback, 3.3kg, 295mm x 360mm, full colour photographs, 5 gatefolds. Published 2013.
    From the eye of a world class-sailor through the lens of a world-class photographer, this grand scale book takes the reader on a voyage around the world, capturing the joy, excitement, and serenity of sailing.
    As a professional sailor, Onno van der Wal has skippered boats of many kinds, raced yachts in every climate, and crossed the Atlantic more than ten times. When Olympus Cameras gave him a camera with which to document his Dutch team's Whitbread Around the World races in 1981, he discovered his second passion - photography.

    Over a life time devoted to sailing, van der Wal has accrued an unparalleled archive of the most evocative and beautiful photography of the sport in all its varied forms - from classic yacht-racing around his home in Newport, Rhode Island, to beautiful schoooners drifting outside St. Tropez, and from peaceful expeditions through the silent Antarctic to intense Grand Prix races around the coast of Australia. No other photographer has the experience to shoot so well on board a speeding yacht, or the confidence to scale a mast for the right panoramic view; and no other sailor has captured on film the extremes of excitement, competition, peace and mystery the sport affords.
    This lavishly illustrated volume - with nearly 200 colour photographs and five gatefolds of glorious panoramic images - is a celebration of the nautical lifestyle, and a love letter to a pursuit that is so much more than a pastime for all those lucky enough ever to enjoy it.

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    By Jill Bobrow, Kenny Wooton and Dana Jinkins. Hardback, 1.86kg, 235 x 310mm, 232 pages, full colour photographs.
    There is nothing more expensive or exclusive than a megayacht - private jets and opulent holiday villas are small luxuries by comparison - and owning one is the ultimate status symbol. In the 1950s and 60s, yachts such as Aristotle Onassis' 325ft Christina were an extravagant indulgence - playground for the rich and famous, for heads of state and royalty. Today, fabulous yachts continue to be the definitive way for tycoons, royalty and superstars to display their wealth, power and good taste - and they just keep getting bigger. They are truely outrageous.
    This stunning book showcases 20 of these yachts, touring each magnificent vessel from stem to stern, and providing fascinating information about its builder, designer and owner. Ranging in size from a relatively modest 138 feet to an incredible 424 feet, we get a privileged glimpse inside the newly re-built Christina O, the 424ft Rising Sun, owned by software mogul Larry Ellison, Roman Abramovich's Pelorus, Tom Perkins' ground-breaking Maltese Falcon, Octopus owned by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, and Mirabella V, Predator, Alfa Nero and Sea Force One.
    Outrageous Yachts is an incredible and irresistable treasure trove for anyone who owns a yacht or dreams of sailing on one.

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    ByFerenc Mate. Hardback, 235mm x 305mm, Vol I has 280 pages, 1.64kg and Vol II 296 pages, 1.72kg. Prints in full colour.
    Another surpurb book from this well known author with 535 colour photographs and 218 illustrations. Twenty designs feature, and they include Alden Yachts, the well known Halberg-Rassy, Island Packet, Pacific Seacraft, Oyster Marine and Hinkcley Yachts, of course the others are all well known designs also but this will give you and idea of the type of designs featured.
    The photographs are exquisite showing details of the joinery, and interior shots of the hulls as they are being built, you really can see the quality you would be getting.
    There are many cruising designs, however its nice to see the J/Boats featured showing a very modern look. Multihulls are also featured.

    NZ$150.00 for each volume + Delivery.

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    By Max Cumming. Hardback, 2.95kg, 375mm x 290mm, collector's edition, cloth-bound in slipcase, 200 pages, full colour photographs. Published 2009.
    A large and luxurious book describing a luxurious circumnavigation of the globe in a large and superbly equipped motor yacht.
    This is truly sailing in style. The yacht ‘Senses’ is owned, necessarily, by a very wealthy man. Indeed, Douglas Myers is one of New Zealand’s richest. This, though, does not mean he is unadventurous or incapable of having fun.
    His work boat-like yacht was ideal for the voyage and ensured its success for all involved. Its helicopter and impressive array of practical and useful tenders enhanced the whole venture.
    The first class photographs and the minimal well-chosen words of the first officer of ‘Senses’ describe the adventure brilliantly.
    A dream voyage of the super-rich that has been very effectively shared with all those lucky enough to read this splendid book.

    Was NZ$160.00 + delivery
    Now NZ$120.00 + delivery

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    By Gregor Tarjan. Hardback, 1.52kg, 221mm x 286mm, 280 pages, colour photographs.
    Buying a luxury multihull is a major decision and a significant investment. "Catamarans, Tomorrow's Superyachts" is the very first book world-wide on this fascinating topic and is designed specifically to assist, educate and provide excellent insights for anyone considering purchasing or chartering a luxury catamaran. It features interviews with leading designers and invaluable information about the fascinating world of supercats. Whether you simply dream of owning or want to know more about them - this book will provide helpful information about these technological wonders of our time. The author's previously published books "Catamarans" and "Catamarans, the Complete Guide for Cruising Sailors" are now in their 3rd edition and have become classic reference works. Gregor Tarjan has been contributing to leading lifestyle and yachting titles, his technical and seamanship articles have been published in numerous international magazines and he is also co-author of the "Sailor's Multihull Guide".

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    By Benjamin Mendlowitz & Maynard Bray, Hardcover, 1.38kg, 287mm x 287mm, 191 pages, full colour photographs.
    Benjamin Mendlowitz has spent more than three decades traveling around the world in pursuit of beautiful wooden boats. His luminous image have graced the pages of many magazines, his famous Calendar of Wooden Boats, and numerous books as well. To the shortlist of famous marine photographers, including the Rosenfelds and Beken of Cowes, Mendlowitz's name must be added. No one in his generation does it better.
    This stunning new book presents some of the most photogenic boats featured in the calendar over the last ten years. From magnificent sailing and motor yachts to workboats and one-designs, Mendlowitz and his long-time collaborator, historian Maynard Bray, offer up an irrestible collection for all those who love boats and fine craftmanship.
    Of a previous collaboration by these authors, the late Joseph Gribbins, former editor of Nautical Quarterly wrote, "What we're looking at is some of the finest boat photography in the world. And Maynard Bray - boat-builder, author, maritime preservation expert - provides thoughtful information. It's a great combination - rich photographs and plain facts."

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