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  • Sea Kayak Home Study Pack
  • A Winter's Paddle
  • Fiordland and Beyond
  • Obscured by Waves
  • The Complete Sea Kayaker's Handbook
  • Dreamtime Voyage
  • Sea Kayaking Illustrated
  • Ultimate Canoe & Kayak Adventures
  • Southern Exposure

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    By Coastguard Boating Education. 0.52kg, Sea Kayak Manual, Study Guide, and Assessment Pack. 2015.
    The Home study course is ideal for people who cannot attend a Coastguard Boating Education Sea Kayak course due to a restricted schedule or geographical location.

    The pack contains:

  • Instructions and Study Guide
  • Sea Kayak handbook
  • Sea Kayak Assessment
  • Prepaid Envelope to return completed assessment.

    The Home Study course is valid for one year from date of enrolment. All studies and assessments must be completed within that 12 month timeframe. You may apply for a course extension by applying to Coastguard Boating Education.

    NZ$45.00 + Delivery.

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    By Tara Mulvany. Paperback, 0.19kg, 152mm x 235m, 143 pages, full colour photographs. Published 2014.

    A Winter's Paddle is the story of a journey around the coast of New Zealandís South Island during winter. Inspired by a three-month sea kayak journey through Fiordland, 23-year-old Tara Mulvany set off from Milford Sound in May 2012 with her boyfriend, Sim Grigg, on a mission to circumnavigate the South Island by sea kayak. Embarking on an adventure never before attempted in winter, they faced countless storms with gale-force winds and pounding surf, which trapped them on land for days at a time. But after these violent weather systems passed, they experienced the magic of golden sunsets and glowing sunrises on calm seas, and had many encounters with marine life. Surf landings in the dark, capsizes, and even losing each other for several days on a remote stretch of the West Coast added to the difficulties, and halfway into their journey their relationship reached a melting point. Tara was faced with a difficult decision: to either call it an end, or to keep going. She chose to continue alone. Two months later she paddled back into Milford Sound, finally completing the circumnavigation in October 2012. She became the youngest person to sea kayak around the South Island, and the first to have done it in winter. Told through the eyes of the young kiwi adventurer, this is a gripping account of her journey and the challenges faced along the way. Ultimately, A Winter's Paddle is a story of unwavering determination on a great adventure that is sure to inspire readers young and old.

    NZ$35.00 + Delivery.

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    By Max Grant. Paperback, 0.52kg, 210mm x 293m, 144 pages, full colour photographs and monochrome maps. Published 2013.
    This book tells of the incredible journey of 81 days, undertaken by a Father and Daughter to kayak around the South Island of New Zealand. On 29th April 2007 Melanie and her father Max set out from Jackson Bay, not knowing that they were embarking on a trip that would take them around the complete coastline of the South Island.
    This story tells of their fears, their doubts, and the joys that were all part of the journey. The places they visited and the people they met along the way, makes for a fascinating read - a journey deeper and more involved than simply paddling a kayak 2,750 kilometres around New Zealandís most rugged coastline.

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    By Paul Caffyn. Paperback, 0.81kg, 210mm x 297m, 176 pages, black and white photographs and illustrations. Published 2005.
    In late December 1977, Paul Caffyn and Max Reynolds set out from Te Waewae Bay to paddle around Fiordland. This south-west corner of New Zealand has a reputation for unpredictable weather, big seas and lots of sandflies. Surviving capsizes in surf at night, some huge swell days, not to mention the sandflies, they arrived at Jackson Bay 27 days later, both adament they never wanted to sit in kayaks, ever again. The first half of the book describes this trip, the magnificent fiords, the crayfishermen at work and play, the lighthouse keepers and the humorous antics of the paddler's support crew.
    With Max unable to join him, Paul retured to Jackson Bay and set off solo to continue paddling around the South Island. With a shore-based support crew following, including the ship dog Ben, Paul completed the first 1,550 mile kayak South Island circumnavigation back at Te Waewae Bay in late April 1978. The second half of the book describes this remarkable solo trip, highlighted by encounters with huge surf landings on West Coast beaches, sharks, killer whales and strong tide races. The story is a blend of narrative, early maritime history, insights into the life of lighthouse keepers and friendly coastal dwellers who took Paul into their homes and hearts, and some absolutely terrible puns.

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    By Shelley Johnson. Paperback, 0.58kg, 185mm x 234mm, 338 pages, black and white photographs and illustrations. Published 2011.
    Author Shelley Johnson's passion for kayaking and her ability to share that passion has been honed by years of guiding trips and teaching courses throughtout the United States and Canada. Now you can benefit from her hard-won and time-tested experiences and learn everything from basic paddling strokes and rolling techniques to advanced navigation and trip logistics. The author's practical advice and clear explanations ring true because she knows they work- she and her students have tested them all for you. Included in this new edition is much-needed information about buying used sea kayaks, as well as detailed tips for stretching to prevent fatigue and injury, allowing longer, more enjoyable days on the water. With this award-winning how-to guide, Shelley gets you out there sea kayaking safely and happily for years, whether on your backyard pond or across salty harbours.

    NZ$34.00 + Delivery.

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    By Paul Caffyn. Paperback, 0.99kg, 210mm x 294mm, 186 pages, full colour and black and white photographs.
    This book is Paul Caffyn's story of one of the most remarkable journeys ever undertaken by kayak - the first kayak circumnavigation of Australia, a 9,420 mile epic.
    It is an inspirational tale of one man's dogged determination to fulfill his impossible dream against all odds, including tropical cyclones, raging surf, sharks, crocodiles, sea snakes and long sections of sheer limestone cliffs.
    The narrative is a blend of early maritime history, exciting dramatic moments, descriptions of the harshness and beauty of the vast Australian landscape, interaction with the coastal dwellers at work and play, and humorous interludes with his New Zealand support crew.
    Paul's dreamtime voyage was also a journey of self discovery. For four months in Northern Australia, he paddled solo with no chance of rescue in the event of a single mistake. Particularly in the Kimberleys, Paul journeyed into the twilight zone of his own dreaming. The gruelling overnight stints along the three sets of cliffs provide compelling reading.
    The Dreamtime Voyage will inspire all those people who dream about adventuring to begin setting their own dreams into reality.

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    By John Robison. Paperback, 0.41kg, 186mm x 233mm, 234 pages, black & white drawings.
    Are you a visual learner? Short on time? Do you like a little entertainment with your instruction? Then Sea Kayaking Illustrated is for you. It combines concise, easy-to-understand instruction with lively, information-packed, often hilarious illustrations to show you how to improve your kayaking skills.

    Developed by a certified instructor, this complete program in seakayaking takes you on a visual tour of everything this accessible sport has to offer.

  • Paddling in wind and waves - in other words, sea kayaking.
  • Gear - every kayaker's favourite topic.
  • Rescue techniques - if you haven't flipped yet, just wait.
  • Carrying kayaks - learn the intricacies of ropes, straps and racks.
  • Surf's up - tips for wave dodgers and seasoned shredders.
  • River touring - no salt water needed.
  • Kayak camping - how to Leave No Trace in style.
  • Coping with critters - from sea lions to sharks.
  • And much more - yes, there really is much more.

    NZ$35.00 + delivery.

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    ULTIMATE CANOE & KAYAK ADVENTURES. 100 Extraordinary Paddling Experiences
    By Buchanan, Smith and Weir. Paperback, 0.75kg, 196mm x 256mm, 208 pages, full colour photographs. published 2012.
    This stunningly illustrated book has something for everyone from whitewater adrenaline junkie to extreme sea kayaker.

    The adventures cover every sort of paddling from mountain chasms, gentle rivers and lakes, crashing surf, dramatic coasts and the oceans beyond them.

    Paddle from the frozen wastes of Alaska to the tropical rivers of South America. Explore the rivers and seas of Europe and visit the stunning waters of the Far East and Australasia.

    Striking full page photographs are matched with lively text that brings the 100 adventures to life. There's extra information telling you how, where and when to try each one for yourself.

    NZ$69.90 + delivery.

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    By Chris Duff. Paperback, 0.48kg, 150mm x 228mm, 264 pages, full colour photographs.
    Experience the full power and beauty of the wild seas off the largely uninhabited coast of New Zealand's South Island. Southern Exposure is the firsthand account of how Chris Duff accomplished what only one man had done before. Not just a tale of physical endurance and determination, this epic sea kayaking adventure reveals the philosophical and psychological life of a man who has chosen the sea as his spiritual master. It's stunning photos and vivid descriptions of Duff's setbacks and triumphs will captivate the armchair adventurer as well as the seasoned ocean traveler.

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