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Boat Building

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10 Wooden Boats You Can Build (Wooden Boat)Wooden Boat Magazine$NZ66.50
Boat Building Techniques IllustratedRichard Birmingham$NZ75.00
Boat Data Book, The 7th EditionIan Nicholson$NZ60.00
Boatbuilder's Apprentice, TheGreg Roessel$NZ87.00
Boatbuilding ManualRobert M Stewart, revised by Carl Cramer$NZ63.00
Boatbuilding With Aluminum 2nd EditionStephen F Pollard$NZ77.00
Boatbuilding With PlywoodGlenn L. Witt$NZ120.00
Buehler's Backyard Boatbuilding for the 21st CenturyGeorge Buehler$NZ60.00
Building a Fiberglass BoatArthur Edmunds$NZ61.50
Building CatherineRichard Kolin$NZ50.00
Building Classic Small Craft PbkJohn Gardner$NZ55.00
Building Small BoatsGreg Rossel$NZ105.00
Building the Herreshoff DinghyBarry Thomas$NZ35.00
Building The Nutshell PramM Bray$NZ28.00
Building the Uqbar Dinghy- with the Stitch-and-Glue TechniqueRedjeb Jordania$NZ35.00
Clinker BoatbuildingJohn Leather$NZ45.00
Clinker Plywood Boatbuilding ManualIan Oughtred$NZ75.00
Details of Classic Boat Construction: The HullLarry Pardey$NZ102.00
Devlin's BoatbuildingSamuel Devlin$NZ61.00
Dory Book, TheJohn Gardner$NZ85.00
Epoxy BasicsRussell Brown$NZ45.00
Fiberglass Boatbuilding for AmateursKen Hankinson$NZ120.00
Fibreglass Boats, 5th EditionHugo Du Plessis$NZ60.00
Forty Wooden BoatsEditors of Wooden Boat Magazine$NZ35.00
Frame, Stem and Keel Repair (Wooden Boat)Peter Spectre$NZ52.00
Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction, TheThe Gougeon Brothers$NZ140.00
How to Build a Wooden BoatDavid C "Bud" McIntosh$NZ95.00
How to Build Boat TrailersGlen L. Witt$NZ45.00
How To Build Glued-Lapstrake Wooden BoatsJohn Brooks & Ruth Ann Hill$NZ117.50
How To Build The Catspaw DinghyWooden Boat Magazine$NZ24.00
How To Build the Gloucester Light DoryHarold "Dynamite" Payson$NZ25.00
How To Build The haven 12 1/2 FooterMaynard Bray$NZ35.00
How to Build the Shellback DinghyEric Dow$NZ50.00
How to Fiberglass Boats, 2nd editionKen Hankinson$NZ51.50
Iain Oughtred - A Life in Wooden BoatsNick Compton$NZ60.00
Illustrated Custom BoatbuildingBruce Roberts-Goodson$NZ85.00
Instant Boatbuilding with Dynamite PaysonHarold Payson$NZ42.00
Lofting a BoatRoger Kopanycia$NZ45.00
Making of Tom Cat, TheWilliam Garden$NZ45.00
Marine Reinforced Plastics ConstructionJohn A. Wills$NZ97.00
Marisol Skiff, TheGifford Jackson$NZ55.00
New Cold-molded Boatbuilding, TheRuel B Parker$NZ56.00
New Plywood BoatsThomas Firth Jones$NZ53.50
Painting and Varnishing (Wooden Boat)Peter Spectre$NZ60.00
Planking & Fastening (Wooden Boat)Peter Spectre$NZ55.00
Real-Time BoatbuildingBianc & Gordon Barnes$NZ70.00
Something About NavigatorRobert Ditterich$NZ50.00
Traditional Boatbuilding Made Easy - Building HeidiRichard Kolin$NZ45.00
Ultrasimple Boatbuilding 17 Plywood Boats Anyone Can BuildGavin Atkin$NZ39.00
Wooden BoatbuildingJean-Francois Garry$NZ40.00