Boat Building. Page five.

See also Boat and Yacht Designing
and Kayaking and Canoeing.

  • The Working Guide to Traditional Small-boat Sails
  • Boat Joinery & Cabinetmaking Simplified
  • Yacht Interior Construction
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    By David L. Nichols. Paperback, 215mm x 279mm, 96 pages, colour photographs, plans and drawings.
    The golden age of sail is long past, sadly, and much of its lore is nearly extinct. Sailboats now almost uniformly use the Bermudan sloop rig - a triangular jib and a triangular mainsail. But that rig evolved mainly to meet esoteric yachtracing measurement rules. It is not necessarily the most efficient or effective rig. This book lets sailors rediscover the practical advantages - and the aesthetic delights - of such configurations as the sprit sail, the gaff sail, the lug sail, and the gunter rig. It also includes valuable information on marlinspike work like rope-whipping and eye-splicing; and tips on converting your modern sailboat to a traditional rig.

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    By Fred P. Bingham. Paperback, 0.52kg, 185mm x 230mm, 285 pages, monochrome drawings.
    This book has taken the place of Practical Yacht Joinery and covers the Woodworker's Basic Hand Tools to Building the Yacht Interior with many more chapters in between. Two chapters that stand out are "Niceties and Necessities Below Decks," and "Nineteen Useful Joints and How to Make Them." The drawings are easy to understand and there are plenty of them. There is so much in this book it will surely appeal to the beginner and those who have been tinkering for years.

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    By Edward Mitchell. Paperback, 0.29kg, 210mm x 148mm, 170 pages, monochrome drawings and plans.
    This is a very simple but very useful book for anyone who needs to construct a yacht or launch interior but is not sure how to go about it. There is full information on the design, construction and fitting of interior cabinets. The book is written primarily for folk fitting out a fiberglass hull but the techniques detailed are equally applicable to any type of hull construction.

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    Boat Building page five.

    See also Boat and Yacht Designing
    and Kayaking and Canoeing.

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