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Boatmaster - suggested materials for the course.

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Coastguard Boating Education Boatmaster Materials described on this page:

  1. Flashcards
  2. Work Book for Boat Masters
  3. The Economy Boatmaster Kit
  4. Boatmaster Exercises (including supplementary text)
  5. Boatmaster Home Study Pack

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For chart plotting see

Nautical Flashcards.
FLASHCARDS. 2015 Edition.
84 double-sided cards depicting nautical situations, (solutions on the reverse). The cards cover the Rules of the Road, including those for the use of radar, IALA buoyage for New Zealand, Distress Signals, Lights, Day Shapes and Buoys and Beacons.
Professionally prepared graphics,jointly published by Coastguard Boating Education and Captain Teach Press (Boat Books Ltd).

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See also the Hydrographic page.

Class tutors generally use a current chart of the locality for practice in plotting, chart symbol identification and passage planning. It makes sense to start off your Boatmaster course with an accurate, up-to-date chart of the locality where you are most likely to start your boating.
Please order your chart from the Hydrographic page link

THE WORK BOOK FOR BOATMASTERS, Five Boating Voyages set at Boatmaster Standard.
By Lynne Richardson and Tim Ridge. Card-back, 300 mm X 210 mm (A4), 50 pages, monochrome tables, charts and drawings.
This has been written for students, and also has a market with boaties seeking to improve or revise their nautical know-how outside the classroom. It consists of five "voyages", in different parts of New Zealand. Difficulty progresses from a simple day outing in Wellington Harbour for voyage one, to a complex seven days yachting in the Bay of Islands in voyage 5.
A weather map, tides, an A3 chartlet, and boat and people details are given for each voyage. Answers are provided and a score chart.

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In one ecomony package are:

  • The course textbook Safety in Small Craft;
  • The Boat Code Kit, including Rules of the Road at Sea and Nautical Flashcards, produced in New Zealand for Boatmaster students;
  • 2B pencil, eraser and sharpener;
  • The Work Book for Boat Masters, containing 5 exercises that cover the whole syllabus;
  • NZ Hydrographic chart of choice;
  • RYA Handy Plotter, including the distance measuring scale.
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    Special kit price of NZ155.00 + delivery.

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    BOATMASTER EXERCISES Including supplementary text.
    By Coastguard Boating Education. paperback, 210 mm X 300 mm (A4), 100 pages, full colour illustrations.
    This is a comprehensive classroom manual designed to be used with the course texts - Safety in Small Craft and Rules of the Road at Sea.
    It is divided into chapters, each for a topic in the course syllabus, having supplementary explanations and a bank of questions. In particular the chartwork is fully explained since this was apparently felt to be covered inadequately in the course text books. The Coastguard Boatmaster mock assessment is supplied at the back of the book. NZ$30.00 + Delivery

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    By Coastguard Boating Education.
    The comprehensive Boatmaster course includes chartwork and navigation techniques, a thorough understanding of all rules, distress signals and emergency procedures, plus knots and rope work.

    Covered over 30 hours as a series of evenings, weekend sessions or as a block course. Also available as a distance learning programme.

    The Home study pack includes the following resources: Boatmaster Exercises (including Supplementary Text) book, Safety in Small Craft, Rules of the Road at Sea, Nautical Flash Cards, RYA Handy Plotter, Practice chart and rope. Price includes the exam fee.

    NZ$335.00 + Delivery

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