• Cruising the Inland Waterways of France & Belgium
  • Inland Waterways of the Netherlands
  • RYA Inland Waterways Handbook
  • European Waterways Regulations, 2nd edition
  • The Canal Du Midi
  • Canals of Britain
  • The Canal Guide
  • Waterways - Past & Present
  • British River Navigations
  • The European Waterways
  • Through the French Canals
  • The Inland Waterways Manual, 3rd Edition
  • Inland Waterways of France. 8th Edition
  • Map of the Inland Waterways of France
  • Urban Waterways
  • London's Waterways

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    Ed.by Margaret Harwood, Brenda Davidson and Roger Edgar. Paperback, 0.39kg, 185 pages, 190mm x 245mm, Black & White illustrations. 20th Edition. Published 2017.
    Providing the most up-to-date information available and covers almost 10,000 kilometres of interconnectied navigable rivers and canals. Produced as a supplement to the commercial maps and charts, which are not reprinted that often.

    From the wide open plains in the North, via majestic rivers, deep valleys and mountain ranges, the canals and waterways offer inland routes from the seas of Northern Europe to the Mediterranean. For gentle crusing the network provides a choice of scenic circular routes, via peaceful countryside, areas steeped in history and moorings in the heart of great cities.

    This 20th edition has been thoroughly revised and updated, containing a wealth of practical information to help you plan the trip - licences, equipment, supplies and lock operation. Specific information on Ports and facilities, repairers and transport with telephone numbers and websites, plus a comprehensive listing of sources of further information.

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    By Louise Busby and David Broad. Paperback, 1.13 kgs, 210mm x 297mm, 296 pages, colour maps and photos. 2nd edition Published 2016
    With 6,000km of navigable waterways, the Netherlands offers one of the most extensive yet compact cruising grounds in Europe. This book is a user's guide to the whole network, covering all the mast-up routes and excluding only those waterways which offer less than 3.5m bridge height.
    Navigational details are provided for each waterway; comprising dimensions and obstacles to be expected, including service arrangements for bridges and locks. This is followed by details of over 300 stopping places across all twelve provinces; some which are large or popular harbours, and others which are well off the beaten track. Comments on the significant features are expanded for nearly 100 'principal venues' where more details on things to do and see are provided, as well as information on practical facilities ashore and the authors' selective and subjective restaurant tips!
    The book is designed to be of interest to all crew members, not just the skipper or navigator, to establish not only how to approach a place but also what to do or see, and whether it will be of interest on arrival. Easy to browse, the book's illustrations have been selected to give a flavour of this water-loving country as well as to prepare the visiting yachtsman, whether under power or sail.

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    By Andrew Newman. Paperback, 0.3kg, 90 pages, 170mm x 245mm, full colour photos and illustrations. Published 2010.
    RYA Inland Waterways Handbook accompanies the RYA Inland Waterways Helmsmanís Course and chapters include types of boat; rope handling; rules of the road; steerable power; turning; reversing, and propeller and wind effect.
    Revised and updated to keep abreast of any changes in the inland waterways regulations.
    Written and updated by Andrew Newman, Principal of a RYA Training Centre which runs courses applicable to the inland waterways and the types of boats used thereon.

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    By RYA. Paperback, 0.16kg, 148mm x 210mm, 68 pages, colour maps and photos. This 2nd edition published in 2012.
    The CEVNI (Code Europeen des Voies de la Navigation Interieure) is the Code governing navigation on all interconnected European inland waterways. Devised in 1985 by the United Nations, the CEVNI Code enables boatmen of all nationalities to communicate, and to understand what is going on without the need to speak each other's language.
    This new edition has been fully updated and is essential reading for anyone taking the CEVNI qualification. The exciting new colourful format, with user-friendly text and illustrations enables the reader to find information quickly - a perfect learning tool and reference.

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    THE CANAL DU MIDI A Cruiser's Guide
    By Bernd-Wilfried Kiessler. Pbk, 120mm x 220mm, 144 pages, full colour photographs and maps.
    The Canal du Midi is probably the most popular canal in France. And no wonder - it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the greatest engineering achievements of the modern age, and boasts 220 miles of gorgeous countryside and stunning architecture. From picturesque villages to soaring aquaducts, characteristic oval locks and beautiful landscapes, the canal also links the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean, saving boaters the long and arduous trip around Portugal and Spain.

    This handy-sized guidebook has all the technical information that boaters need to navigate the canal, and gives a flavour of the history, places of interest, delightful mooring places to relax in and ineteresting backwaters to explore.

  • It covers the entire Canal du Midi including the adjacent rivers and canals.
  • Detailed maps show towns, villages, locks, bridges and marinas.
  • Useful cruising tips and advice.
  • Enticing colour photographs portray attractive waterside vistas, local wildlife and fascinating canal architecture.

    This invaluable little book will accompany sailors and motorboaters all the way, enabling them to make the most of their journey down one of the most famous and beautiful canals in the world,

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    CANALS OF BRITAIN. A Comprehensive Guide
    By Stuart Fisher. Softback, 1.38 kgs, 210mm x 300mm, 336 pages, full colour photographs and maps. Published in 2017. 3rd Edition.
    Canals of Britain is the most comprehensive and absorbing survey of the entire canal network of the British Isles ever produced. Absorbing and illuminating in equal measure, it provides a fascinating insight into the linked up waterways as well as the isolated cuts and quiet waters which may not be fully navigable by larger craft and vessels..

    Stuart Fisher looks at every aspect of the canals--their construction, rich history, stunning scenery, heritage, incredible engineering, impressive architecture, and even their associated folklore, wildlife, and art. Enticing photographs give a flavor of each location, and places of interest close to the canals are included.

    This third edition is updated and expanded, featuring stunning new images and describing the ways the canals of Britain continue to change and evolve. Packed with maps and text, this is an inspiring and practical guide for boaters, walkers, bikers and holidaymakers, as well as ardent canal affecionados.

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    THE CANAL GUIDE. Britain's 50 Best Canals.
    By Stuart Fisher. Pbk, 0.79 kgs, 164mm x 234mm, 336 pages, full colour photographs and maps. Published in 2015.
    Britainís canal network is like no other in the world Ė it led the way for the Industrial Revolution, and today provides a wealth of waterside routes for boaters, walkers and cyclists to explore.

    Picking out Britainís 50 most fascinating and attractive canals, this book brings to life their history, wildlife, folklore, pubs and attractions. Through the beautiful cities of London, Bath and Chester to remote Scottish harbours, traversing stunning countryside, wild moorland and national parks, and exploring some of the most extraordinary feats of Victorian engineering, this is a unique overview of the best Britainís waterways have to offer.

    Each canalís description is accompanied by a map, colour photographs, a lively introduction drawing out its most interesting aspects, and a useful info box highlighting features to watch out for, handy website and Ordnance Survey map references.

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    WATERWAYS. Past & Present
    By Derek Pratt. Paperback with flaps, 0.85 kgs, 252mm x 250mm, 160 pages, full colour photographs. Published 2015
    This is a beautiful visual record of Britainís rich and varied waterways heritage. Derek Prattís eye-catching photos take us on a journey through a half-century of change, in which Britainís inland waterways were transformed from a commercial transport system into a network of restored and much-loved pleasure cruising byways. The atmospheric black and white images of yesteryear provide a telling contrast with the vibrant colour in the pictures of todayís waterways.

    This second edition has been fully updated with new photos and text. From quintessentially English rivers meandering gently through picturesque countryside to the trans-Pennine canals built to connect the industrial centres of the North to their great trading ports, from Londonís busy canals to those of the Black Country, East Anglia, Shakespeareís Avon and the canals of Wales and Scotland Ė all are captured in this celebration of our waterways, whose architectural glory and natural beauty inspire many thousands of visitors to go boating, fishing or simply take an enjoyable walk along a towpath.

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    By Stuart Fisher. Pbk, 210mm x 297mm, 255 pages, full colour photographs and maps. Published in 2013.
    This fascinating guide to Britain's river navigations explores routes known and unknown, from world-famous rivers like the Thames and the Severn, to hidden backwaters like the Wharf, the Wissey and the Lark. Along the way, this absorbing survey discovers the world's largest castle, hills that are actually below sea level, mansions, palaces, rural idylls and hubs of modern industry.

    For everyone who appreciates Britain' waterways - boaters, walkers, cyclists and historians - this is an attractive, inspiring, but ultimately a practical guide to the waterways.
    Stuart Fisher is the editor of Canoeist Magazine and has written monthly guides to the canals and waterways of Britain for many years, always researched from the water, sometimes by kayak to reach abandoned or isolated places.

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    By Marion Martin. Pbk, 155mm x 235mm, 181 pages, monochrome photographs, line drawings and plans.
    Anyone who admits to a sense of confusion when confronted with the bewildering array of European waterway signs, symbols, rules and regulations will find this book a godsend. Marian Martin has set out to de-mystify this new world for the visitor, thereby elimintaing the problems arising from the unfamiliar or from being unprepared.
    The book covers a great deal of specific and general information relating to using canals of Britain and the rest of Europe. It can be regarded as an essential on-board handbook for anyone planning to cruise continental and UK waterways.
    This second edition includes chapters for Americans considering cruising the European Waterways and for Mediterranean bound sailors.

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    By David Jefferson, Pbk, 0.62 kgs, 148mm x 210mm, 320 pages, full colour photographs, line drawings and plans.
    Through the French Canals has probably tempted more people to explore the beautiful waterways of France than any other publication. Now in its 13th edition, this essential guide includes comprehensive and practical information on local facilities, distances, heights and depths, interspersed with inspiring photographs from over fifty routes. It is a 'must' for anyone planning a cruise on the French waterways or on passage from the English Channel or Atlantic to the Mediterranean.
  • Over 50 routes fully described and illustrated, with positions of locks, towns and villages.
  • Details of fuel availability.
  • Current VNF licence fees.
  • Through routes from the English Channel and Atlantic to the Mediterranean plus distances.
  • Suitable boats for the canals.
  • Dimensions of locks, with revised operating times.
  • Bridge heights and canal depths.
  • Waterway signals.
  • Cost of living, shopping and stores, now including wines of the region.
  • Over 900haltes and ports de plaisance.
  • Port plans for Paris, Dunkerque and Strasbourg.
  • French vocabularies.

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    By Emrhys Barrel. Pbk, 156mm x 234mm, 214 pages, full colour photographs and drawings.
    There are more than 4000 miles of navigable waterways in Great Britian, with more in Ireland and Europe. Peaceful canals, bustling rivers, glorious lakes - there is something for everyone.
    Whatever your means, whatever your needs, it has never been easier to get afloat - whether just for an hour, a day, or a more ambitious cruise. This book will tell you all you need to know about how to do it - which boat to choose, whether to hire or buy, how much it will cost, and where you can go. Boat handling and manoeuvring are covered in detail, along with maintenance and repair. And there is a section on trailer boating for those who want to keep their boat at home.
    This is the only book you will need to take your first steps afloat, and it is the one you will keep by you throughout your boating years.
    Includes: NZ$45.00 + Delivery.

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    By David Edwards-May. Hbk, 1.30kg, 215mm x 302mm, 252 pages, colour photographs and drawings.
    Inland Waterways of France has been the standard reference on the French canals and rivers for nearly fifty years. The original author, E.E.Benest, established the familiar presentation in which a description of each waterway was supported by a table of distances.
    For this latest edition, David Edwards-May has investigated the many developments that have taken place during the last ten years, to add to his detailed overview of the extraordinarily diverse system of navigable rivers and canals.

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    Compiled By David Edwards-May. Scale 1:1 500 000.
    Showing the main waterways of Belgium, the Netherlands and the Rhine
  • Major canals and rivers by class
  • Distances
  • Dimensions
  • Locks and tunnels
  • Boat harbours and their phone numbers.

    NZ$40.00 + delivery.

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    URBAN WATERWAYS - A Journey Along the Waterways of England's Towns and Cities.
    By Derek Pratt. Hardback, 0.97kg, 258mm x 258mm, 160 pages, full colour photographs, published 2012.
    Before paved roads and railways, the industrial centres of England were connected to the ports by a network of rivers and canals. Many of these urban waterways fell into disuse during the first half of the twentieth century because of competition from faster forms of transport but in the last fifty years they have undergone a complete revival. Today, thanks to pleasure boaters, some of these routes are busier now than they were in their commercial heyday.
    In this book photographer Derek Pratt explores most of the major cities and towns linked by the waterways, capturing their essence with images that are always evocative and often surprisingly beautiful. From the industrial arteries of Manchester and Birmingham to the leisure hotspots of London, Derek showcases the huge variety of life along England's urban waterways.
    With fascinating text and quirky captions, this unqiue book informs and entertains in equal measure, and proves that today's urban waterways are no longer rubbish-filled canals carving their way through concrete jungles, but a much-ignored feature of England's landscape that warrants greater appreciation.

    NZ$50.00 + delivery
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    By Derek Pratt. Hardback, 0.98kg, 260mm x 256mm, 160 pages, full colour photos.
    London boasts not only one of the most famous and awe-inspiring rivers of the world, but is also home to beautiful canals such as the Grand Union and Regent's canal. Derek Pratt's evocative photographs magically open up the huge variety of london's waterways for the reader - from the grand vistas of Canary wharf and Hamptom Court to the bustling Camden lock and on to the charming, meandering River Brent and the waters around Waltham Abbey - and his quirky captions give surprising insights into familiar places.

    London's Waterways showcases just why these rivers and canals are so celebrated, but it also delves deeper - beyond the iconic landscapes to the lesser-known and, in some cases, completely hidden waterways. Opening up a relatively unexplored aspect of the city, this visually powerful book uncovers places even Londoners might not know about.

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