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    TitleCover ImageAuthorConditionPrice - click to buy
    America's Cup '95. Official Record Bill Center Good Condition. Hardback 1995 NZ$10.00
    The Complete Sailing Handbook Roland Denk Good Condition. Hardback 1979 NZ$15.00
    In The Spirit of Tradition Jill Bobrow & Diana Jinkins Very Good Condition. Hardback 1997 NZ$45.00
    Yachting. How to sail and Manage a Small Modern yacht. Arthur E Bullen Poor - Fair Condition. Hardback 1946 NZ$30.00
    The Triumph of Australia IIBruce StannardGood Condition, with dustjacket. Hardback 1983 NZ$25.00
    Advanced Racing Tactics Stuart H WalkerGood Condition, Softback 1981 NZ$35.00
    The Cruising Multihull Chris White Excellent Condition. Hardback 1990 NZ$30.00
    Boat Tuning For Speed Fred Imhoff Fair Condition. Hardback 1975 NZ$15.00
    Story of the America's Cup. 1851-1995 Tim Thompson Good Condition. Hardback 1995 NZ$15.00
    Comeback. My race for the America's Cup Dennis Connor Good Condition. Hardback 1987 NZ$20.00
    Ocean Conquest Bob Fisher Good Condition. Hardback 1993 NZ$20.00
    World Class sailing Gary Robson Good Condition. Hardback 1988 NZ$10.00
    Further Offshore John Illingworth Fair Condition. Hardback 1972 NZ$10.00
    Under SailTony Meisal Fair Condition, Hardback 1982 NZ$15.00
    The Billionaire and the MechanicJulian Guthrie Excellent Condition, Hardback 2013 NZ$30.00
    Challenge. Lone sailors of the AtlanticGerald Asaria Fair Condition. Hardback 1979 NZ$10.00
    The Ultimate ChallengeBarry Pickthall Good Condition. Hardback 1983 NZ$15.00
    How Sailboats Win or Lose RacesWilliam Allen Smith. Fair Condition. Hardback 1973 NZ$25.00
    Ocean Racing & Offshore YachtsPeter Johnson. Fair Condition. Hardback 1970 NZ$25.00
    The Racing EdgeTed Turner. Fair Condition. Hardback 1970 NZ$15.00
    The Cruising MultihullChris White Excellent Condition. Softback 1997 NZ$30.00
    It's Your Boat TooSuzanne Giesemann Good Condition. Softback 2006 NZ$25.00
    The Offshore yachtTim Thornton. Good Condition. Hardback 1984 NZ$30.00
    12- Metre. The New BreedRik Dovey Fair Condition. Hardback 1986 NZ$15.00
    Off WatchEd. James Skellorn Good Condition. Hardback 1979 NZ$25.00
    The Cruising MultihullChris White Excellent Condition. Softback 1997 NZ$30.00
    The RaceTim Zimmerman Good Condition. Hardback 2002 NZ$25.00
    Winners Guide to Optimist SailingGary Jobson Fair Condition. Softback 1997 NZ$20.00
    Best of Sail TrimEd Charles Mason Good Condition. Hardback 1975 NZ$25.00
    Around the Big Blue Marble Nigel RoweGood Condition. Hardback, 1995 NZ$15.00
    12 Metre ImagesEd. Bob Fisher Fair Condition, with dustjacket. Hardback 1986 NZ$15.00
    SailsJeremy Howard-Williams Good Condition. Hardback 1967 NZ$20.00
    UFFA Fox book of SailingEd. John Mills Fair Condition, torn dustjacket. Hardback 1963 NZ$25.00
    The World of Yachting 1979-80Editions des Messines Fair Condition, torn dustjacket. Hardback 1980 NZ$10.00
    The Luxury YachtsTime LifeGood Condition, Hardback NZ$15.00
    The ContendersPeter Campbell Fair Condition Hardback 1986 NZ$15.00
    The World of Yachting 1979-80Editions des Messines Fair Condition, torn dustjacket. Hardback 1980 NZ$10.00
    OffshoreJ. H. Illingworth Poor Condition. Magazine/ Programme 2000 NZ$20.00
    The America's Cup 1987Bob Fisher & Bob Ross Fair Condition, with dustjacket. Hardback 1987 NZ$10.00
    RYA Sail Trim HandbookRYA / Rob Gibson Excellent Condition. Softback 2011 NZ$35.00
    Blue Book of SailingAdam Cort Excellent Condition. Softback 2009 NZ$25.00
    Complete Book of SailingPeter Cook Fair / Good Condition. Harback 1977 NZ$20.00
    Multihull SeamanshipMichael Mcullen Fair Condition, with Dustjacket. Hardback 1976 NZ$25.00
    Under SailMorris Rosenfeld Fair Condition. Hardback 1958 NZ$15.00
    Champagne Mumm book of Ocean racingIan Dear Fair Condition. Hardback 1985 NZ$12.00
    Great yachtsPhilip McCutchan Fair Condition. Hardback 1979 NZ$10.00
    Sailing Dinghies. Types and ClassesJohn Fisher Fair Condition. Softback 1958 NZ$20.00
    Sailing Yachts. Types and ClassesD Phillips-Birt Fair Condition. Softback 1959 NZ$20.00
    Yachting World Annual 1970Ed. Guy Cole Fair Condition. Hardback 1970 NZ$15.00
    Yachting World Annual 1972Ed. Guy Cole Fair Condition. Hardback 1972 NZ$15.00
    Faster SailingRobert Bavier Jr Fair Condition. Hardback 1956 NZ$20.00
    Exposed. The Dark Side of the America's CupAlan Sefton Fair Condition. Softback 2017 NZ$15.00
    Ben LexcenBruce Stannard Very Good Condition, Hardback 1984 NZ$25.00
    The Cruising MultihullChris White Fair Condition, Hardback 1990 NZ$20.00
    The ChallengeChay Blyth Good Condition, Hardback 1993 NZ$15.00
    Ocean Warriors Rob Mundle Good Condition, Softback 2002 NZ$25.00
    Sailing With Penny Whiting Penny WhitingExcellent Condition, Softback 2002 NZ$25.00
    More Sail TrimSail Magazine Good Condition, Hardback 1979 NZ$25.00
    Sailing Year 1987-88 Good Condition, Hardback 1988 NZ$20.00
    The Story of the America's Cup 1851-2007 Rayner & Thompson Fair Condition, Hardback (No Dustjacket) 2007 NZ$15.00
    Uphill All the Way Alan Sears Good Condition, Softback 1998 NZ$15.00
    The Offshore Racer Theodore A Jones Good Condition, Hardback 1973 NZ$25.00
    The Way of a Yacht Alan Hollingsworth Good Condition, Hardback 1974 NZ$10.00
    Race Your Boat Right Arthur Knapp Jr Poor Condition, Softcover 1963 NZ$5.00
    The Great Days of Yachting Ian Dear Good Condition, Hardback 1988 NZ$15.00
    Great Yachts Lord Feversham Fair Condition, Hardback, no dustjacket 1970 NZ$10.00
    Cape Horn to PortErroll Bruce Good Condition. Hardback, 1978 NZ$20.00