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    Boats & Blokes George BrasellGood Condition. Paperback. 1991. NZ$25.00
    Spirit of Adventure Tessa Duder et al.Good Condition. Hardback. 1985. NZ$35.00
    A Happy Feat Gareth MorganGood Condition. Softback. 2011. NZ$25.00
    Sleeping Dolphins Joy CowleyGood Condition. Paperback. 1999. NZ$25.00
    New Zealand and the Antarctic L B QuartermainFair Condition. Hardback 1971. NZ$25.00
    Masters Or Servants Gavin McLeanGood Condition, with dustjacket. Hardback 1990. NZ$15.00
    Practical Guide to Weather Forecasting in New Zealand Alex a NealeExcellent Condition. Softback 1993. NZ$45.00
    Coastal Radio and Weather for New Zealand Fishermen NZFCFGood Condition. Softback 1991. NZ$15.00
    KZ7 Alan SeftonFair Condition. Hardback. 1987 NZ$10.00
    Ranger Sandra GorterExcellent Condition. Softback. 2006 NZ$40.00
    The Totorore Voyage Gerry ClarkGood Condition. Softback 2000. NZ$30.00
    Steamers in the South Ronald ParsonsFair Condition. Hardback 1979. NZ$40.00
    Pippa Blake. Journey Pippa BlakeFair Condition. Hardback 2011. NZ$12.00
    A Winter's Paddle Tara Mulvany Good Condition. Softback 2014. NZ$20.00
    Lieutenant Stephen Polkinghorn. DSC. RNR. Peter OldhamGood Condition. Paperback 1984. NZ$5.00
    New Zealand Sea Anglers Guide Raymond DoogueFair Condition. Hardback 1982. NZ$15.00
    Passenger Ships of Australia & New Zealand. Vol 1 1876-1912 Peter PlowmanExcellent Condition, with dustjacket. Hardback 1981. NZ$40.00
    ANZ Sailing & Boating Jeff ToghillExcellent Condition, with dustjacket. Hardback 1983. NZ$10.00
    New Zealanders and the Sea D BatemanExcellent Condition, with dustjacket. Hardback 2009. NZ$35.00
    Strikebound Ted CaldwellExcellent Condition. Softback 1994. NZ$25.00
    Letters from the Bay of Islands Caroline Fitzgerald Good Condition. Softback 2004 NZ$25.00
    First Crossings Kevin Biggar & Jamie FitzgeraldExcellent Condition. Softback 2013 NZ$25.00
    Day Walks In New Zealand Shaun BennetExcellent Condition. Softback 2007 NZ$25.00
    Kiwi Afloat Doris CoppellExcellent Condition. Softback 2005 NZ$15.00
    A Park for All Seasons. Abel Tasman Andy DennisGood Condition. Softback 1985 NZ$20.00
    Sea Fishing Tony OrmanExcellent Condition. Softback NZ$5.00
    Ship On Shore Jane FosterExcellent Condition, with dustjacket. Hardback 1981. NZ$30.00
    Sail the Spirit Iain SharpExcellent Condition, with dustjacket. Hardback 1994. NZ$25.00
    New Zealand Disasters Eugene GraylandFair Condition. Paperback 1957. NZ$15.00
    The Emerald Highway Leah NewboldGood Condition. Softback 1999. NZ$20.00
    Fishing the Hauraki Gulf Bruce DuncanFair Condition. Softback 2002. NZ$20.00
    The Wreck Book Steve Locker-LampsonGood Condition. Softback 1994. NZ$20.00
    Winkelmann's Waitemata Robin Elliot & Harold KiddGood Condition. Softback 1998. NZ$25.00
    Coastal Fishes of New Zealand Malcolm FrancisGood Condition. Softback 1998. NZ$20.00
    Sir Peter Blake. A Pictorial Tribute Good Condition, Softback 2001. NZ$12.00
    Sailing Away - NZ Women in Sailing 1920-1990 Jann IornsGood Condition. Paperback 1991. NZ$25.00
    Crew Culture Neil Atkinson Excellent Condition. Softcover 2001. NZ$10.00
    Sir Peter Blake - An Amazing Life Alan Sefton Fair Condition. Hardcover 2004. NZ$25.00
    Oceans Alone Rebecca Hayter Fair Condition. Softcover 2004. NZ$20.00
    Milford Trails W Anderson Fair Condition. Hardback 1971. NZ$25.00
    DB Yachting Annual Alan Sefton. Ed. Fair Condition. Hardback 1978. NZ$15.00
    Shoestring Shipping Line Capt. Clough Blair Good Condition. Hardback 1967. NZ$20.00
    Blokes & Boats Bill McCarthy Good Condition. Softback 2000. NZ$15.00
    Reed New Zealand Atlas TerralinkGood Condition. Hardback 2004. NZ$25.00
    The Harbour Board Collection: Wellington WHB Excellent Condition. Softcover 1980. NZ$20.00
    Jack of All trades, Master of None Ian Farquhar Excellent Condition. Softcover 1996. NZ$20.00
    Sail Change: Tall Ships In New Zealand Waters. Roger Morris Very Good Condition. Hardback 1981. NZ$10.00
    Safety in Small Craft Mike Scanlan Good Condition. Softcover 1989. NZ$15.00
    Symbols Abbreviations used on Charts - NZ 201 NZ Hydrographic Office Fair Condition. Softcover 1988. NZ$30.00
    The Kiwi Catch Sam Mossman Excellent Condition. Softcover 2000. NZ$10.00
    Notes From a Skippers Log Book Graham Clifford Good Condition. Softcover 1989. NZ$15.00
    Akarana. The Ports Of Auckland John Rose Good Condition. Hardback 1971. NZ$25.00
    The Complete NZ Fisherman Geoff Thomas Good Condition. Softcover 1997. NZ$15.00
    The Ride Jeremy Burfoot Excellent Condition. Softcover 2007. NZ$25.00
    The Taming of the Crew Michael Brown Good Condition. Softcover 1994. NZ$25.00
    Rocking the Boat Gavin Mclean Excellent Condition. Hardback 2002. NZ$45.00
    Century of Sail Noel Holmes Fair Condition. Hardback 1971. NZ$30.00
    South Sea Vagabonds Johnny Wray Very Good Condition. Hardback 2014. NZ$35.00
    The Mosquito Fleet of Canterbury Colin Amadeo Good Condition. Hardback 2005. NZ$60.00
    Rainbow Warrior Salvage Gerry Wright Excellent Condition. Softback 2010. NZ$15.00
    The Cruise of the Acheron Sheila Natusch Hardback. Good Condition.1978 NZ$40.00
    Making Waves Michael Szabo Softback. Fair Condition. 1985 NZ$15.00
    The Last Great Adventure of Sir Peter Blake Alan Sefton Hardback.Very Good Condition. 2003 NZ$40.00
    Teak and Tide Nigel Costley Good Condition. Hardback 2014. NZ$75.00
    Sir Peter Blake Alan Sefton Good Condition. Paperback 2006. NZ$25.00
    Throw me the Wreck Johnny Steve Locker-Lampson Fair Condition. Softback 1996. NZ$12.00
    New Zealand Surfing Guide mike Bhana Fair Condition. Softback 1996. NZ$12.00
    Ships and Sailormen A A Kirk Good Condition. Hardback 1964. NZ$20.00
    Saltwater In Her Hair Dee Pigneguy Excellent Condition. Softback 2001. NZ$25.00
    William Owen's Hauraki Gulf William owen Good Condition. Softback 1990. NZ$15.00
    captain's Log Gavin Mclean Good Condition. Softback 2001. NZ$20.00
    Seduced by the Sea Tessa Duder Fair Condition. Softback 2002. NZ$15.00
    Travelling to New Zealand Ed. Lydia Wevers Excellent Condition. Hardback 2000. NZ$60.00
    Then and Now. Auckland, Waikato, Bay Of Plenty John McCrystal Good Condition. Softback 2003. NZ$15.00
    Passages Graeme Lay Good Condition. Softback 1993. NZ$25.00
    Out Out! The Life and Death of Sunny Deck Murray V Bindon Good Condition. Softback 2016. NZ$25.00
    The Voyage of the Golden Lotus Brian Clifford Fair Condition. Hardback 1962. NZ$20.00
    Introduction to Sailing Peter Blake Excellent Condition. Softback 1993. NZ$15.00
    Wet Behind the ears Peter Taylor Fair Condition. Softback 2001. NZ$15.00
    Ship On Shore Jane Foster Fair Condition. Hardback 1982. NZ$30.00
    New Zealand's Maritime Heritage David Johnson Good Condition. Hardback 1987. NZ$30.00
    Reed New Zealand Atlas TerralinkGood Condition. Hardback 2004. NZ$25.00
    Blakey DVD DVDGood Condition. DVD 2012. NZ$15.00
    Waitmata Ferry Tales Sally Fodie. Signed Softback. Good Condition. 1991 NZ$12.00
    Champions of Sail Richard Becht Hardback. Excellent Condition. 1995 NZ$25.00
    Station Life in New Zealand Lady Barker Hardback. Good Condition. 1991 NZ$15.00
    Peter Montgomery. The Voice of Yachting Bill Francis Softback. Excellent Condition. 2015 NZ$10.00
    As Darker Grows the Night Peter Taylor Hardback. Fair Condition. 1975 NZ$15.00
    Spirit of Youth Ed. Tessa Duder & Kate Thompson Paperback. Excellent Condition. 2003 NZ$10.00
    Voyage of Golden Lotus Brian Clifford Hardback. Fair Condition. 1962 NZ$20.00
    An Intoduction to Sailing Peter Blake Paperback. Excellent Condition 1993 NZ$15.00
    Journeying with Seafarer's in New Zealand Roy Sinclair Softcover. Excellent Condition. 1999 NZ$25.00
    Endless Summer. The Penny Whiting Story Rebecca Hayter Softcover. Fair Condition. 2000 NZ$15.00
    Endeavour Grant Dalton & Glen Sowry Softcover. Good Condition. 1994 NZ$10.00
    Weather-wise Boating Geoff Sivess Softcover. Good Condition. 1991 NZ$15.00
    Hell Or High water Neill Atkinson Softcover. Excellent Condition. 2005 NZ$10.00
    A Yachtsman's Memories of Long Ago Ronald Carter Hardcover. Fair Condition. 1980 NZ$30.00
    Hell Or High water Neill Atkinson Softcover. Excellent Condition. 2005 NZ$10.00
    Lion Peter Blake Hardcover. Good Condition. 1986 NZ$15.00
    Hobson Wharf Logbook Auck. Maritime Museum Hardcover. Good Condition. 1990 NZ$20.00
    Kaikoura. A History of the District J M Sherrard Hardcover. FairCondition. 1966 NZ$50.00
    Tasman Trespasser II Shaun Quincy Softcover. Good Condition. 2010 NZ$10.00
    Russell Coutts Paul Larsen Hardback. Excellent Condition. 1996 NZ$5.00
    Akaroa Gwenda Turner Hardback. with Dustjacket. Good Condition. 1971 NZ$25.00
    Russell Coutts Paul Larsen Hardback. Excellent Condition. 1996 NZ$5.00
    Narrative of a Residence in New Zealand Augustus Earle Hardback. Excellent Condition. 1966 NZ$100.00
    Journeying with Seafarer's in New Zealand Roy Sinclair Softcover. Excellent Condition. 1999 NZ$25.00
    These Antipodes Shirley Maddock Hardcover. Very Good Condition. 1979 NZ$30.00
    Narrative of Voyage to New Zealand J L Nicholas Paperback. Facsimile. Vol II. Fair Condition. Undated NZ$25.00
    Swanhilde Gwen Skinner Hardback. Good Condition. Undated NZ$30.00
    On Active Service. Martyn Thompson Hardcover. Excellent Condition. 1999 NZ$10.00
    Voyage of a Vindi Boy. Warren Karno Paperback. Good Condition. 1999 NZ$10.00
    High Tide. Bernard Rhodes Softback. Good Condition. 2002 NZ$12.00
    New Zealand Divers Handbook. Peter Rippon Paperback. Good Condition. 1981 NZ$10.00
    Discover New Zealand. Lonely Planet Softback. Good Condition. 2014 NZ$25.00
    The Voyage of the Golden Lotus Brian Clifford Hardback. Fair Condition. 1962 NZ$20.00
    Fair Winds and Rough Seas Allan Kirk Hardback. Fair Condition. 1975 NZ$25.00
    Painted Ocean Neil Arrow Hardback. Fair Condition. 1961 NZ$25.00
    Blakes's Odyssey Peter Blake & Alan Sefton Hardback. Fair Condition. 1982 NZ$10.00
    Put him in the Longboat Doug Edwards Softcover. Fair Condition. 1989 NZ$15.00
    New Zealand Ships Illustrated 1988-89 Iain G B Lovie softback. Excellent Condition. 1988 NZ$5.00
    Little Ships of New Zealand Paul Titchener Hardback. Good Condition. 2006 NZ$35.00
    Deeds not Words Captain Barry Thompson Softback.Excellent Condition. 1995 NZ$15.00
    Sailing Away Jann Iorns Softback. Good Condition. 1991 NZ$25.00
    We Were Different Gavin McLean Hardback. Very Good Condition. 2004 NZ$20.00