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Classic Sail, Square Rig and Steam

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  • TitleCover ImageAuthorConditionPrice - click to buy
    Clipper Ship Era Arthur H. ClarkExcellent Condition. Hardback 1910. NZ$25.00
    Clipper Ships and their Makers Alexander LaingExcellent Condition with dustjacket. Hardback 1966. NZ$15.00
    Provident and the Story of the Brixham Smacks John CorinGood Condition. Paperback 1980. NZ$20.00
    The Last of a Glorious Era Ronald PearseGood Condition, with dustjacket. Hardback 1969. NZ$15.00
    Norske Seilskuter Fredhois ForlagGood Condition. Hardback 1933. NZ$20.00
    Steamers on the River William TorranceExcellent Condition, with dustjacket. Hardback 1986. NZ$50.00
    Days of the Steamboat William H. EwenFair Condition. Softcover 1988. NZ$2.00
    Personality Ships of British Columbia Ruth GreeneExcellent Condition, with dustjacket. Hardback 1969. NZ$15.00
    The Last Tall Ships Georg KahreGood Condition. Hardback 1977. NZ$20.00
    The Windjammers Time LifeExcellent Condition. Hardback 1978. NZ$20.00
    The Sailing Ship Ed Rosemary MudieExcellent Condition, Hardback 1984. NZ$5.00
    Kicking Canvas Capt. A BesticFair Condition, with dustjacket Hardback 1957. NZ$20.00
    Great Sailing Ships Otmar SchauffelenFair Condition, no dustjacket Hardback 1969. NZ$35.00
    The Saga of the Delta Queen Frederick WayGood Condition, Softcover. 1951. NZ$10.00
    Seventeenth Century Rigging R Anderson Fair Condition, Hardback 1955. NZ$25.00
    The Sailing Ship. Six Thousand Years of History R AndersonExcellent Condition, Hardback 1963. NZ$20.00
    Last Days of Mast & Sail Alan Moore Goos Condition, Hardback 1970 NZ$50.00
    The Merchant Sailing Ship Basil GreenhillGood Condition, Hardback 1970. NZ$28.00
    The China Clippers Basil LubbockFair Condition, Hardback 1916. NZ$30.00
    Sail Change Roger MorrisExcellent Condition, Hardback 1981. NZ$15.00