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Ecology & Natural History

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  • TitleCover ImageAuthorConditionPrice - click to buy
    The Night SkySteve Massey Good Condition. Softback 2003. NZ$15.00
    The Devil's TeethSusan CaseyGood Condition. Softback. 2005 NZ$10.00
    Trois Problemes D'Ethnologie MaritimeC Nooteboom Good Condition. Softback. 1952 NZ$25.00
    Dive Sites of Great Barrier Reef & Coral SeaNeville Coleman Good Condition. Softcover. 1996 NZ$15.00
    OceansReaders DigestGood Condition. Hardback 1993. NZ$10.00
    The TasmanNeville Peat Excellent Condition. Softback 2007 NZ$40.00
    Marine Life of Thailand & Southeast AsiaGerald Allen Very Good Condition. Softback 1996 NZ$45.00
    Sea Mammals & Where to Watch ThemWild Australia Guide Excellent Condition. Softback 2008 NZ$25.00
    Marine FishesWild Australia Guide Excellent Condition. Softback 2008 NZ$25.00
    Reef and Beach life of New Zealand Michael Miller Fair Condition. Hardback 1973. NZ$5.00
    Atlas of the Skies Prof. Fabrizio Mazzucconi Hardcover. Good Condition. 2003 NZ$15.00
    Where to Watch Birds in New Zealand Kathy Ombler softcover. Excellent Condition. 2007 NZ$30.00
    Ghosts of Gondwana George Gibbs Hardback. Excellent Condition. 2006 NZ$30.00
    Cayman Diver's Guide Shlomo & Roni Cohen Softback. Good Condition. 1991 NZ$5.00
    Guide to Corals & Fishes of Florida, The Bahamas and the Caribbean Idaz & Jerry Greenberg Softback. Good Condition. 1986 NZ$10.00
    French and Bacon's Nature Trails of Trinidad revised by Dr. Victor Quesnel Softback. Fair Condition. 1992 NZ$10.00
    Fishwatchers Field Guide - waterproof card Seahawk Press Waterproof card. Fair Condition. 1979 NZ$5.00
    Marine Invertebrates of Florida, the Bahamas, Bermuda and the Caribbean - waterproof card Seahawk Press Waterproof card. Good Condition. 1980 NZ$5.00
    Guide to the Fish of the Sea of Cortez - waterproof card Natural World Press Waterproof card. Good Condition. 1992 NZ$5.00
    British Virgin Islands Diving and Snorkeling GuideLinda Sorensen Good Condition. Paperback 1992. NZ$5.00
    Roatan & Honduras' Bay Islands Diving and Snorkeling GuideSharon Collins Good Condition. Paperback 1993. NZ$5.00
    St. Maarten, Saba and St. Eustatius Diving and Snorkeling GuideJerry Schnabel and Susan L. Swygert Good Condition. Paperback 1994. NZ$5.00
    Turks & Caicos Islands Diving and Snorkeling GuideStuart and Susanne Cummings Good Condition. Paperback 1993. NZ$5.00
    Cayman Islands Diving and Snorkeling GuideCarl Roessler Good Condition. Paperback 1993. NZ$5.00
    Cozumel Islands Diving and Snorkeling GuideGeorge S. Lewbel and Larry R. Martin Good Condition. Paperback 1991 NZ$5.00
    Bahamas - Nassau and New Providence Island Diving and Snorkeling GuideSteve Blount and Lisa Walker Good Condition. Paperback 1991 NZ$5.00
    Belize Diving and Snorkeling GuideFranz O. Meyer Good Condition. Paperback 1990 NZ$5.00