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Shipwrecks and Maritime Disasters

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  • TitleCover ImageAuthorConditionPrice - click to buy
    The Proving GroundG Bruce Knecht Good Condition, Softback 2001 NZ$25.00
    Wilful Murder. The Sinking of the LusitaniaDiana Preston Fair Condition, Paperback 2003 NZ$15.00
    Niagra's GoldJeff Maynard Fair Condition, Paperback 1996 NZ$20.00
    Ciollision CourseAlvin Moscow Fair Condition, Hardback 1959 NZ$15.00
    The Lusitania CaseEd. W. H. Tantum Good Condition, with dustjacket. Hardback 1972 NZ$15.00
    Black Tide RisingDavid Fairhall Good Condition, with dustjacket. Hardback 1980 NZ$25.00
    Hell & High WaterThomas Thompson Fair Condition. Hardback 1975 NZ$20.00
    MaydayNicholas Faith Very Good Condition, Hardback 1998 NZ$10.00
    The Strange Fate of the Morro CastleGordon Thomas Fair Condition, Hardback 1973 NZ$15.00
    Lost Treasure Ships of the 20th CenturyNigel Pickford Excellent Condition, Hardback 1999 NZ$25.00
    Shipwreck on Middleton ReefBill Belcher Good Condition, Hardback 1979 NZ$30.00
    Ships, sharks and Pirate GoldGraeme Wise Excellent Condition, Softback 1997 NZ$30.00
    Full Fathom FiveFrank H Shaw Fair Condition, Hardback, no dustjacket. 1930 NZ$5.00
    The Maiden VoyageGeoffrey Marcus Good Condition, Paperback. 1988 NZ$10.00
    BataviaPeter Fitsimons Good Condition, Softback. 2011 NZ$25.00
    The Wreck of the HMS OrpheusRoy M Hetherington Good Condition. Hardback 1975 NZ$28.00
    Left For Dead Nick ward Good Condition, Softback 2007 NZ$15.00
    Lost At SeaA A Hoehling Good Condition, Paperback. 1984 NZ$20.00
    Beyond Endurance. The Sinking of the Berge IstraDoddy Hay Good Condition, Paperback. 1989 NZ$20.00
    Rescue in the Southern OceanTony Bullimore Fair Condition, Paperback. 1997 NZ$20.00
    Shipwrecks: 1836-1914Margaret E MacKenzie Good Condition, Hardback 1964 NZ$15.00
    The Mikhail Lermontov EnigmaMichael Guerin Excellent Condition, Softback 1998 NZ$40.00
    ShipWreckDave Horner Good Condition, Softback 2002 NZ$10.00
    ShipWrecksEvan McHugh Good Condition, Softback 2003 NZ$25.00
    In the Heart of the Sea Nathaniel Philbrick Excellent Condition, Paperback 2001 NZ$15.00
    Mayday Nicholas Faith Excellent Condition, Hardback 1998 NZ$10.00
    Black Wave John and Jean Silverwood Very Good Condition, Hardback 2008 NZ$25.00
    Saved William Hoffer Fair Condition, Paperback 1981 NZ$10.00